Apollo Chaukhat

Apollo Chaukhat

Apollo Fabritech provides a range of high strength black hollow section tubes for Apollo Chaukhat, India’s first closed steel door frames, is our ground-breaking creation that is in sync with our vision of providing quality and innovative products to our customers. Apollo’s Chaukhat – India’s first closed steel door and window frames. Made of quality steel, the frames assure you of strength, durability, and quality without compromising on aesthetics.

Single Door Frame – Size: 100X50mm
Double Door Frame – Size: 130X65mm, 75X65mm, 100X70mm
Four Door Frame – Size: 130X80mm
Thickness for all: 1.4mm – 2.5mm

Brand Personality:

Made by Italian technology for the first time in India, Apollo Chaukhat frames are light in weight, Fire-Resistant, Durable, Eco Friendly, cost effective, Made to Precision, and easy to install as they come in customizable sizes.


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