Advantages of PEB structures in various high-rise buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, airports etc.

In the modern fast-paced world, time is of the essence and all innovations that assist in expediting project execution are welcome. Pre-engineered buildings or PEBs fall under this category. They are perfect for high-rise buildings, hospitals, airports, commercial buildings and more. Let us explore the advantages of PEBs which make them the ideal choice for numerous construction projects.

What are Pre-engineered Buildings?

Pre-engineered buildings are manufactured in a factory in parts and assembled at the construction site. This is called structural engineering. Unlike traditional steel buildings which are constructed from scratch at the site, pre-engineered buildings are tailored to plan at the factory taking into account the specific requirements. They are then transported to the site and fixed using bolted connections.PEB structures are lighter compared to traditional steel buildings since they are made with tubular steel and can be transported easily to the site.

Advantages of Pre-engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings conform to international standards, are cost-effective and help to complete projects on time. They are increasingly being preferred as a modern efficient alternative to traditional steel structures.

Strength and Durability

Steel is a strong and durable building material that can withstand the vagaries of nature. Whether it is extreme heat, rains, storms or earthquakes, steel structures can bear the onslaught quite well. The addition of Galvalume to the steel makes it rust resistant and ensures the longevity of the structure.

Good for the Environment

The use of structural steel for construction is good for the environment as it reduces the cutting down of trees. The use of steel doesn’t cause pollution. It can be recycled infinitely which means there is minimum wastage and no loss of value over a long period of time. Switching to a green construction material is beneficial for the planet at large.

Time Savings

Using PEB structures can reduce the project execution time considerably. Once the building plans are approved, the entire structure can be fabricated in weeks and delivered to the site along with the foundation and anchor bolts ready to be secured into place at the site. This allows the flexibility to come up with entire structures in a short period of time without any compromise on quality.

Cost Savings

Since PEB structures can be erected quickly and are simple to assemble, the labour involved is less compared to traditional steel buildings. Moreover, since the structural steel tubes are lighter, it is cheaper to transport them to the construction site. This combined with time savings ensures that the total project works out much cheaper.

Range of Options

There are a variety of options to choose from once the building design is ready. APL Apollo offers a range of tubular building solutions that can be used to assemble your dream structure quickly and economically while not compromising on the aesthetic elegance of the structure.

APL Apollo is at the forefront of the pre-engineered building revolution. It is constantly coming up with new innovations using the latest structural steel technology to create next-generation building solutions that can save considerable time and costs while changing the building landscape. To know more about APL Apollo and its offerings please visit

Top 8 categories to focus while creating your dream home

After a long day at work, one longs to return to a place they can call home. The decor is one of the numerous factors that contribute to a house being a home. The use of color, furniture arrangement, and how everything is placed together all play a role in shaping the mood of the area. These are the key factors to keep in mind when designing your dream home with beautiful home decor.

Many homes have a color palette that isn’t supported by a thought process. As a result, it does not create a space that one would ideally want to return to. so, Here are some inspirations you can take

  1. Inspiration:
    Discover new home décor ideas and trends with APL Apollo Aalishaan App. Our tubes can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor decoration. You can figure out the best ways to use structural steel tubes for your exterior and interiors.
  2. Browse the Products:
    Learn about the various products created from APL Apollo steel tubes and select the best one for your home needs. There are numerous options available from doors and windows to fences to wardrobes, racks, partitions and more.
  3. Find Local Fabricators:
    This tool assists you in locating the closest fabricator’s steel store nearby you. All you have to do is contact the fabricator and have the blueprints created for your home. You can choose the design you like and get your local fabricator to make it for you. Beautiful Homes with Apollo connect with steel fabricators across the country via the Aalishan app.
  4. Design Library:
    The application includes a design library for a wide range of APL Apollo products. You can get a wide variety of ideas by going through the app which will help you in building your dream home.

Here are some other ideas that can help you build your dream home.

  1. Consider each room to be a clean slate.
    Take notice of the existing elements in your property that might be used as inspiration for house decorating ideas.
    Crown moulding, wooden beams, hardwood floors, built-in bookshelves, and mosaic-tile backsplashes are all architectural characteristics worth highlighting.
    These elements are not only expensive in appearance; they are also costly. Make them as visible as possible—keep them clean and clutter-free, and make them the centre point of the area.
  2. Replace your toss pillows.
    Replace your throw cushions as an easy home design suggestion for our living room. Throw cushions, whether purchased or handmade, are an easy way to embellish and brighten a room.
    Homeowners replace their outdated throw pillows with brighter, fuller cushions—or simply buy sparkling new pillow coverings.
    “You can combine a variety of colors and textures, and mix and match different groupings,”. However, more is not always better.
  3. Display artwork on the walls.
    Hanging unique art pieces on the walls is another simple and inexpensive home décor tip for your living room and bedroom. Framed works, from family photos to DIY art, can make a house feel like a home.
    Before hanging any artwork, homeowners should choose where everything should go and how to hang it properly.
    “Make sure the art you choose is the proper size and scale for the wall you’re decorating, and keep in mind that you don’t need artwork on every vacant wall,” says the designer.
  4. Make your own “built-in” structures.
    The key to having any piece look personalised, from bookshelves to kitchen cabinets, is to have it fit precisely into your home. The simplest method to accomplish this appearance is to extend them from floor to ceiling. A bookshelf that spans an entire wall always appears more expensive than one that stands alone. You can get excellent ideas for these from the Design Library.

The Aalishan App by APL Apollo is available on Android and iOS.
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How to choose the right structural steel tubes for infrastructure projects!

Structural steel tubes are the most common construction materials. They are welded tubes available in different shapes, such as circular, oval, square, and rectangular. Steel tubes are used for welded, bolted, or riveted construction of bridges and buildings.

High-quality steel pipes are durable and sustain natural disasters. It is a type of construction material that can be used for various structural applications. There are different structural tubes present in the market.
To choose the right steel tube for your project, you should know about the structural pipes used for a variety of applications.

Different Types of Structural Pipes:

  • ERW steel pipe: It is typically known as the premium quality pipe. It is mainly used for oil and gas transportation. It is the seamless line pipe manufactured for sign pole, dock, and tunnel construction.
  • Spiral steel pipes are the right fit for road casing, piling, and trenches. Because of its economical and durable structure, this tube offers long-lasting quality.
  • Seamless structural steel tube is a durable product that works best for dock piling, pipe piling, caissons, and bollards.
  • DSAQ carbon steel pipe is a welded pipe. It is welded from the outside and inside. It is also available in different grades. This construction material is useful in the building of road casing, culverts, and more.
  • Fence pipe is a popular structural tube for building fences. It is highly durable and robust. Parking lots and enclosing parks are commonly made from this building material.

After acquiring knowledge of different steel tubes, it is time to choose the right one for your infrastructure project. Structural Steel tube is a popular product among commercial contractors for urban planning. Now, you know that not all structural pipes are the same. They have different grades and can be used for certain applications. It has high versatility and durability, which makes it suitable for large projects.

Criteria For Structural Steel Selection

The right selection of piping is critical for the success of your construction building project. Steel structural tubes can work as a support for construction or add functionality. But it depends on the requirements and construction expectations. Here, we aim to select the right structural tubes for design and construction.

  • Process Design Conditions
  • Pipe Material for Construction
  • Piping Design Loads
  • Insulation & Cladding on Piping
  • Piping General Arrangements
  • Thermal forces, moments & displacement of piping
  • Ease of operation, inspection, and installation
  • Support Function
  • Occasional loads

Summing Up!

Steel tube selection is not a simple job. APLApollo is a leading Indian Structural Steel brand that can help you select the best and most affordable products for your construction. This premium brand is a pioneer in manufacturing structural steel pipes.
Apollo Steel Pipes Company is a one-stop platform for all construction and building materials required. You can click on for more information. One of our experts will be able to assist you to select the perfect structural steel tubes for all your projects.

Things to consider before choosing a fabricator

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Things to consider before choosing a fabricator

Fabricators are the professionals who work with different forms of metal and convert them into final products. They are involved in creation of metal structures by welding, cutting, forming, machining and assembling processes. Metal Fabrication is a value-added process involving the construction of structures and machines from various raw materials. Standard raw materials used include plate metal, fittings, castings, metal tubes, formed and expanded metal, sectional metal and welding wire.  Sometimes this is done by hands but most often this is done by machine that makes the process faster & more precise. Fabricators generally work for construction and manufacturing companies. Metal fabrication projects include everything from handrails to heavy equipment.

6 Things to Consider Before Choosing Metal Fabricators:

Experience & Reputation:

When choosing a fabricator, their skill level and reputation for excellence are extremely important. The metal fabrication work should be legally compliant with standards. Because of the way metal is used, the experience and reputation of metal fabricator must be without question.


The chosen metal fabricator should be aware of quality standards and prepared to deliver quality work that will pass all levels of inspection. Having a certified inspection testing procedure help fabricators in producing high-quality products.

Brand of raw material:

While selecting a fabricator, look for the brand of the raw material being used by them. Branded raw material provides greater ease of fabrication, safety, and convenience to the fabricators.


The most important thing to consider is the availability of the right fabricator. Most metal fabricators specialize in certain areas. It is also important to consider whether or not the fabricator is capable of handling project in-house from start to finish. It’s important to verify that the fabricator you choose has the equipment, materials, skilled staff, and production capacity required to complete the project on time and on budget.

Customer service:

When choosing a fabricator, look for those whose guiding principles include craftsmanship, vision, hard work, and superior service.


Depending on your budget, you will be able to decide which fabricator is the best for your job. Make sure that the pricing of a fabricator is in line with the market.

What is Pre painted galvalume steel?

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What is Pre painted galvalume steel?

Pre-painted galvalume steel is manufactured by colour coating galvalume treated steel substrate. The typical composition of galvalume coating is 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% trace elements. Galvalume coated steel is usually produced in a continuous galvalume line. They are then applied with various layers of organic coatings which can be paints, vinyl, or laminates. Pre painted galvalume steel has superior long term corrosion resistance in most atmospheric conditions. This is achieved through the combination of the sacrificial protection of the zinc and the barrier protection of the aluminium.

Excellent corrosion resistance and lower heat conductivity make Pre-painted galvalume steel, the preferred choice for roofing and cladding applications. They find their usage in a myriad of constructional purposes like Pre Engineered Buildings, Rain Ware, Landscaping, and Recreational Centres. They are also widely accepted in construction of white good appliances & automotive body parts.

Let us see what make Pre painted galvalume steel an ideal choice for use in an array of applications:

Better corrosion resistance: Superior resistance to corrosion means longer service life for buildings, appliances etc.

Heat reflectivity: Pre painted galvalume steel doesn’t allow too much conduction of heat and ensure a safe and cool environment within the building.

Durability: They can also bear high loads without getting damaged. Such steels are durable and assure longevity.

Environmental friendly: These steels are easily recyclable.

Weather resistant: Pre-painted galvalume steel can withstand harsh weathers conditions such as extreme summers, winters or rainfall.

Ease of fabrication: They are easy to form, shape, cut & fasten

Pleasing surface finish: They look attractive and impressive with pleasant surface finish & aesthetics.

All of the above reasons make Pre painted galvalume steel, a value added futuristic building material. India’s 60% of Pre-painted galvalume steel is being used as roofing & cladding sheets. Today, most of the buildings use colour coated roofing sheets in garages, offices, restaurants, parking, warehouses, industrial shed etc. Color coated roofing sheets not only add the aesthetic value to the structure but also offer longer life. APL Apollo RoofTuf provides a world-class solution of metal roofing systems. These roofing sheets are not just strong and beautiful but also excellent resistant to extreme weather conditions.

What are HFIW steel tubes

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What are HFIW steel tubes

HFIW (High Frequency Induction Welding) tubes are manufactured by cold forming of steel coil into desired shape followed by welding using high frequency induced current. A high frequency coil develops current into the tube ahead of the squeeze rolls. The edges are pushed together between squeeze rolls to produce a joint of welding. The welding of the edges forms a small bead inside and outside the tube. These beads are then scarfed from the tube to give a smooth surface finish. Surface heating by induced current and the squeezing action by rollers are the two main principles behind production of high frequency induction welded steel tubes.

HFIW steel tubes do not need any filler material. This makes the process very fast and highly efficient in production. High frequency induction welding allows us to produce variety of shapes of tube with an almost invisible weld joint that is stronger than the parent material and are suitable for critical applications. The ability to manufacture a high quality and critical welded product, offers architects a flexible solution to design the perfect profile shape for their end application. HFIW is commonly used in manufacturing structural steel tube, transportation & mechanical tubes.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of HFIW process to manufacture steel tube:

1) High Efficiency: High frequency induction welding is an efficient welding process to manufacture tubes as it consumes less electricity than other welding processes.

2) Able to weld very thin walled tube: HFIW is suitable for steel tube with a wall thickness as low as 0.15 mm.

3) High welding speed: High-Frequency allows high welding speeds up to few hundred m/min.

4) Produces welds with very narrow heat affected zones: HFIW process is capable of producing focused heat thereby protecting the work piece from damage. The focused heat produces very narrow heat affected zones near weld bead.

5) Superior weld quality: It provides stronger & uniform weld seams which make the steel tube suitable material for structural applications.

6) Easier cleaning processes afterwards: Induction welding offers cleaner work pieces once they’ve been welded than other welding processes.

7) Highly automated: Most of the steps in the HFIW process can be performed automatically which makes the operation streamlined & time-saving.

How does the use of structural steel help in creating the greener environment around us

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How does the use of structural steel help in creating the greener environment around us

Structural steel is a fast, safe and efficient building material. It comes off as the best material for construction owing to its various features like high strength, fire resistance, flexibility, long lasting, offsite manufacturing, reusability and recyclability. These characteristics of structural steel result in many social, economic and environmental benefits to satisfy sustainability’s ‘triple bottom line’.

Here’s what makes structural steel an environment friendly building material:

  1. Structural steels don’t decay or decompose: Steel structures mature with age, rather than deteriorate and decay. The longevity of a building is indispensable to its sustainability. Steel frame do not require any type of special treatments to prevent mold, decay or insect infestation. Steel cannot absorb moisture and therefore cannot host any bacteria that would compromise the health of the home’s habitants.
  2. Reusability of structural steel: Steel structures are intrinsically reusable. Steel-framed buildings can be dismantled, and reused. Any steel which cannot be reused is recycled for further use in construction. Designers & Architects can take responsibility for sustainability by efficient deconstruction of steel building. Research shows that 99% of structural steels are reused or recycled.
  3. Steel is endlessly recyclable: Structural steel can be recycled indefinitely. This referred as multicycling. The multicycling of steel lessens the environmental issues. Over 500 million tonnes of steel are multicycled worldwide each year and that’s a whopping amount. Because of its unmatched magnetic property, it’s easy to remove from waste land. This makes steel the most recycled building material in the world.
  4. Offsite construction: Steel construction is carried out by small group of skilled workers in a accordant manner which is safe and predictable. Reduced time at site means lower costs, quicker returns and fewer disruptions to the local community. Structural steel is manufactured in a factory controlled environment and delivered at site when needed.
  5. Reduces overall energy cost: With advancement in engineering & technology, the energy required to produce raw steel has dropped by 60% since 1960. Off-gases from the furnaces can be totally reused. Electric arc furnaces allow steel production from scrap metal. Producing steel from scrap requires much less energy than producing new steel.
  6. Protect humans & environment: Steel releases no harsh chemicals or toxins and can easily be retrieved from the environment with magnets. It’s not harmful to the humans as well as the environment. Steel is also resistant to natural calamities such as flood, snowstorms, and earthquakes. Use of structural steel also reduces pollution as compared to other building methodology.




Sub – Contractor


M/s. YONGNAM ENGINEERING – Sub – Contractor, for Bengaluru Airport, had a requirement of hollow sections 350 mm X 250 mm X 10 mm from BIAL’s preferred make list suppliers for constructing the Terminal building. The preferred make list suppliers were not able to manufacture the required sizes since they had the capability and capacity constraints. 

YONGNAM ENGINEERING had almost taken a decision to import these sizes from China with a 60 day lead time which would have increased costs. 

The contractor approached APL Apollo Tubes Ltd, for supplying Hollow Sections of size 350 mm X 250 mm X 10 mm. APL APOLLO was able to provide the required sizes and quantity within 7 days of issuing the purchase order. 

This was possible because of DFT (Direct Forming Technology) which is installed only with APL APOLLO in India. This technology helps in giving customized sizes, greater flexibility and minimal lead time. 

Conclusion: APL Apollo has the technology to service Customised Sizes in Minimal Lead Time  


Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Pvt Ltd

Kartarpur Corridor is a very prestigious project, which is a gateway for pilgrims to visit the Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan. The project is under the limelight of different international and national media houses as this project can be a stepping stone towards improving ties between two countries. 

The project is scheduled to be inaugurated as per the defined timeline. The contractors of the project were running behind time with their approved vendors for supplying structural pipes & tubes. However, approved vendors were unable to cater to the demand due to shorter lead time. 

Creative Group & Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Pvt. Ltd approached APL Apollo Tubes and requested to supply the required structural pipes & tubes in a given time frame.

The principals to the project – Land Port Authority of India, a part of the Ministry of Home Affairs, were approached by APL Apollo along with Creative Group & Shapoorji Pallonji & Co, to get the approval along with LOI. A presentation was made by APL Apollo to the concerned authorities which highlighted the manufacturing capabilities along with the credentials of the company.

APL Apollo was given a pre-approval on the 24 July, 2019 & an LOI on the 26 July, 2019 to supply structural pipes. 

APL Apollo started dispatches from 27 July, 2019 and supplied approximately 500 Tons out of the total requirement of 615 Tons within 7days of LOI.

Conclusion: Faster Delivery, Flexibility on Sizes, Proximity of Plant Locations

Tubular Sculpture

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Over the years, APL Apollo has achieved a reputation as one of the lowest cost manufacturers by bringing in the latest technology to make optimum use of resources. 

For this INR 2.5 million project, APL Apollo designed and conducted analyses to achieve the architect’s aesthetic vision for a unique tubular steel sculpture. 

Our Project project team combined analytical and physical modeling, created physical models to enable digital workflows, and automatically generated analytical models. Applications were used to manage bidirectional changes in the 3D models and automate the meshing process. 

The project was completed with accuracy in analysis and design that saved 250 resource hours and reduced design costs by 15%.


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