March 20, 2020

Steel is widely used in a variety of things and it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it. Along with being of huge importance in our day to day lives, steel also plays a huge role in the world of sports. Most of the sports equipment would become useless without steel and that explains the importance of the same when it comes to sports. Take a look at how steel is helping in the world of sports, by lending #InnerStrength to the game equipment/arena which matches the #InnerStrength of the athletes.

How is Steel Helping the World of Sports

Cycling: Cycling has emerged to be one of the most popular sports. There are several categories of the same like road bicycle racing, time trialing, cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing, track cycling, BMX, and cycle speedway. It has also been recognized as an Olympic sport. However, the one thing that forms the backbone of this sport is steel. The frame of the bicycle is produced from steel and the same grants it extraordinary strength and minimum weight. Moreover, it is also used for cables, fasteners, brake disks and spokes in the cycles. It takes intense #InnerStrength to participate in this sport and it can only be matched with the #InnerStrength of steel that will make equipment of unparalleled strength.

Basketball: Basketball, a much loved sport around the world, is played indoors. However, it requires a suitable, strong and sustainable building that can house the court as well as the audience. Steel is used in the construction of these courts for a multitude of reasons. Using steel ensures a rapid rate of construction of the buildings without compromising on quality, while being more cost-effective. Also, steel roofs for basketball arenas are a good idea; they can withstand elements better and when painted and coated correctly, they can reduce heating and cooling costs by re-emitting the heat. And last but not the least, steel also ensures minimal maintenance cost, thus resulting in a sturdy and durable court. For the strong players of basketball, it takes a strong arena and that can only be matched by steel.

Rock climbing: An array of equipment is required during rock climbing, which ensures the safety of the climber against falling. The anchors, made of steel, provide them with enough load-bearing capacity and are long-lasting and maintenance-free. The expansion and adhesive bolts too employ the usage of steel and offer an exceptional mechanical resistance. The carabiners are also very important for great strength and are made of steel. This is one sport where two things cannot be broken – the athlete’s spirit and the anchors. While the athletes take care of themselves, steel provides them with a support that never breaks.

4.Ice hockey: Skates form a vital part of the Ice Hockey game and the players depend on a good pair of skates to deliver their best. The main part of the skates is formed with the blades or runners used in them, which in turn are manufactured from steel. Harder types of steel are employed so that they offer high-strength and less wear and tear. This is a game where superior skates work in sync with the player and only steel can match the momentum of the players and deliver exceptional results.

Horse riding: Horse riding has developed into a distinguished and competitive sport. Horse tacks, the accessories that are used to equip the horse with – everything is manufactured from steel. The equipment includes saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, martingales, and breastplates. A horseshoe, that is used to protect a horse hoof from wear and tear, is also made from steel. While the jockey and the horse work in sync; they are bound by equipment made of steel that grants them the strength the sport requires.


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