How to select the right steel doors that match your interior design!

You must have often heard the expression,” You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Your main door is the first impression that you create when you have visitors and it gives them a fair idea of what lies inside. The main door is critical when it comes to safety and security apart from aesthetics and it is essential that you apply your mind before finalising this important aspect of your home. Interior doors are equally important but they need not be as strong as the main door for obvious reasons.

Wood and steel are the main options available for doors. In today’s times when people are becoming more aware of the environment and the need to conserve the same, leading to a conscious shift to steel doors that combine strength and aesthetics while saving trees leading to a win-win proposition for all concerned

Steel doors have an edge over traditional wooden doors because of their strength and durability and with modern cutting-edge technology, they have incorporated an element of aesthetics and elegance to create a piece that can accentuate the beauty of your home.

Broadly you would need three types of doors

Main Door
Interior Doors
Bathroom Doors

You will need to make sure that the doors are aligned with your interior design to enhance the ambience of your home. The location and size of the doors are important considerations that will help you choose the right steel doors for your home.  Remember the main door needs to be extra strong and durable while the interior doors need to be functional. So the strength of the steel gauge can vary depending on the purpose for which you choose it.

Beautiful Homes with APL Apollo have a mobile app called Aalishaan that can help you select the best door designs that can blend perfectly with the interior design of your home. They can offer you an inspiration to select the right designs from their wide range of doors to enhance the beauty of your residence. Apollo Chaukhat and Apollo Wondoor combine to create complete door solutions that combine aesthetics and durability to create timeless pieces that are in synchronization with your layout.

You can use the Aalishaan app to contact the fabricators directly and get them to assemble the doors as per your requirements. The weight calculator will help you estimate the amount of steel required for the doors and work out the cost.

Steel doors with a wooden paint finish are the trending choice for modern homes as they combine elegance with strength and provide a green solution that is environmentally friendly. Being long-lasting and providing recyclability, Apollo steel doors and chaukhat are fast replacing wood as the choice of the modern environment-conscious generation.

Steel doors from APL Apollo have several interesting features –

  • The steel doors are fire resistant.
  • They are cost effective 
  • The steel doors are termite proof
  • Steel doors from APL Apollo are durable
  • They can be fitted easily
  • They are customisable and can be made to precision
  • The steel doors are environmentally friendly and are better than the alternatives available
  • Steel can be recycled n number of times

APL Apollo with its range of modern steel doors that are perfectly suited for the  fast -paced modern culture offers its customers the advantage of the Aalishaan mobile app to make the most of its offerings. Check out for the complete range of classy steel doors that can cater to all your needs.

Newly launched Steel Building Solutions (SBS) by APL Apollo

As part of their endeavour to offer the latest innovations, APL Apollo has recently launched the next-generation steel building solutions that should revolutionize the construction industry. Building materials that are of excellent quality, offer value for money, improve project execution time and remain environmentally friendly would greatly benefit the construction industry. Tubular structural steel construction solutions help the industry to build faster and better.

Tubes are currently used only in 10-15% of the structure to make the truss, bracing, joist, column and facade. The reasons for low utilisation are the lack of availability of larger sizes, limited size range, wastage, large MoQ and the lead time. APL Apollo, with its new range, is set to disrupt the status quo. With sizes ranging from 12x12mm to 500x500mm, and 1000x1000mm to be launched soon, APL Apollo is the largest producer and supplier of structural steel tubes in India with about 55% of the market share.

Over 6000 tons of ERW tubes per day are manufactured at plants of APL Apollo. The tubes are cut into the desired length (of 4-12m) in the CTL Line to minimise wastage and the cut-to-length tubes are transferred to the fabricator’s workshop. The tubes are sandblasted and then connected using connectors. The connected structures are painted and the structure parts are transferred to the construction site. The civil foundation is laid and the anchor bolts are arranged at the site to install tube columns. The entire construction is completed with zero on-site fabrication resulting in quick and efficient project completion with minimum wastage.

Tubular construction solutions are perfect for hospitals,housing, schools,courts,high-rise buildings,hotels,malls,offices,warehouses,cold storage,food parks,factory buildings,process structures,oxygen plants,aviation hangers, data centres and more.

If you compare the steel structure to the standard RCC structure from a cost-benefit analysis point of view, you will find that the steel structure is extremely cost-effective and saves a significant amount of time as well. It takes 8 days per slab for steel structure while it is around 24 days per slab for RCC structure.

If you look at the revenue analysis, tubular steel structures offer 2% additional carpet area with advanced revenue/cash flows and reduced construction time. The superstructure is ready 65% faster offering financial cost savings and early commencement of the project. 

Using an RCC structure will push up the project cost by 5% i.e. around Rs 250-300 per sq.ft. Overall using the steel structure will push project IRR up by 1.5% while offering 2% additional area. 

Moreover, tubular steel solutions are environmentally friendly causing no air pollution and aiding in water conservation. Steel is recyclable, has superior strength, is earthquake resistant and offers extra clear height up to 6%. 

The construction of buildings contributes to 30% of indirect and indirect CO2 emissions.  Structural steel is preferred for buildings because steel can be recycled multiple times.Studies have shown that the replacement of RCC with steel structures can reduce emission by 60%.

The tubular steel solutions offered by APL Apollo are expected to usher in a revolution in the construction industry with far-reaching benefits to all stakeholders and a positive impact on the environment. For information on the products please visit .

How coloured structural steel products are trending

The construction industry is always on the lookout for innovations and colour-coated structural steel sheets have become an important material for building projects. Prepainted steel sheets are being increasingly used in a wide range of applications including industrial roofs, cladding, warehouses, sheds, automobile bodies, solar panels, atriums, malls, and so on. The manufacturing process of colour-coated steel involves using liquid paint to coat the coiled steel. This gives it a strong, uniform colour coating that gives the steel anti-corrosive properties and makes it more durable.

Steel is literally the backbone of a growing economy and it is used in an array of diverse industries. Whether it is a humble safety pin or a surgical instrument or an automobile or a building, steel has a role to play. Over a period of time, due to atmosphere corrosion, steel tends to be affected and requires replacement. Colour-coated steel has a protective coating that helps prevent corrosion and offers a longer life combined with aesthetic looks, recyclability etc. Replacing normal steel with colour-coated steel products in various industries will lead to faster project completion, better looks and lower costs in the long run. The plethora of applications where colour-coated steel offers an attractive replacement option makes it a popular choice.

Colour-coated steel is lightweight and strong making it perfect for industrial use. It offers a variety of alternatives for architects and designers to choose from. Being prepainted saves them a lot of time and costs without compromising on the look and finish. Moreover, it is eco-friendly keeping in mind the challenges of climate change and the problems associated with it.

APL Apollo has recently launched Apollo Navrang the narrow width, high thickness colour coated coils and sheets with an aesthetic appeal that will impress designers. These Galvalume sheets can be put to industrial, commercial or residential use depending on the application.

Navrang has a Hot Dip Non OX Continuous Galvanizing Alu Zinc Line from YOGIJI DIGI  for  galvanized and Alu-Zinc products with a thickness range of 0.3mm-3mm with a 300-750mm width. This line is integrated with 4 Hi Wet Skin Pass Mill and flex tension levelling giving us the best surface finishing results. They can be used for commercial building rooftops, open door frames, PEB sheds, solar panels, automotive bodies, purlins, home appliances, traffic barriers, shutters etc. These colour-coated sheets are available in unique colours like Brick Red, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Off white and more with designer finishes like marble, stone or wood in gloss or matt finish to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The fast-paced development in the country and the associated rise in infrastructure has ensured high demand for steel with the latest innovation techniques. APL Apollo stands at the forefront of the technological revolution in the steel industry. It prides itself on staying ahead of the curve and coming up with cutting-edge innovations that can steer the construction and other diverse industries ahead offering them the best possible structural steel products to work with. Colour-coated structural steel products are a game changer as they combine strength, durability, aesthetics and environmental friendliness to offer modern construction materials that are perfect for the times we live in.
For complete information about the APL Apollo Navrang range please visit  and get the best structural steel products for all your needs.

New And Innovative Colour Coated Purlin, Door Frame, Solar Panel Solution For Structures

APL Apollo, the leader in structural steel tubes and pipes in India, takes innovation very seriously and comes with new product ranges developed with the latest technology. With a capacity of 2.6 million tons, it has warehouses and branches in 29 cities catering to the length and breadth of the country and exporting to over 20 countries. Their product range is used as load-bearing building materials in housing and commercial construction across the country.

In its latest breakthrough, APL Apollo has launched its novel APL Navrang range offering colour-coated galvanized sheets for various applications. The idea is to use superior technology to provide pre-painted galvanized sheets that can be used in various applications adding value and aesthetic elegance at the same time. As part of this range, APL Apollo offers colour-coated purlins, door frames and solar panel solutions.

Applications of pre-painted sheets:

Solar Panel Frames – 

These are manufactured from high-quality pre-painted galvanized sheets which make them a superior alternative to Galvanized Iron for constructing solar panel frames. These panels are built to withstand tough weather conditions and are extremely durable. The advanced technology of Alu Zinc line has been deployed for this purpose which offers higher heat resistance and reflectivity that makes the product sturdy and long-lasting. Moreover, they are available in classy colours which makes them aesthetically pleasing.

C and Z Purlins –

These are specially designed for Purlin and Girt Applications and offer cheaper and environment-friendly alternatives to Galvanized Iron. They are more durable and malleable and offer a superior option in comparison to post-painted metal. Their ultra-flexible bend property from 0T to 3T, edge protection with coatings and epoxy coatings for better adhesion make them suitable for bridging. Prepainted parts have two coats of paint tightly bonded to the metal in contrast to a single coat on post-painted metal. This improves corrosion resistance and enhances longevity.

Door Frames-

Navrang open door frames are a class apart as they combine the strength of steel with classy elegance to create a cool solution for your spaces. These steel door frames are resistant to corrosion and humidity, making them very durable. Furthermore, the door frames stay termite-free, are recyclable and overall environmentally friendly. These features make Navrang superior to galvanized iron frames.

Shutter Frames

Apollo Navrang provides steel frames or pattis for shutters that are sturdier and aesthetically more pleasing. 

Roof Sheds

If you are looking for durable roof sheds, Apollo Navrang can provide you with the perfect material to construct the same. They are weather resistant, environment friendly and remain termite free.

Automobile Bodies

Apollo Navrang can be used in the automobile industry to build the chassis for vehicles. The material is extremely strong and the prepainted galvanized sheets allow for faster production door frame.

Apollo Navrang is focused on creating a superior range of products that are ready to use in diverse applications. The double coat of paint on galvanized sheets keeps the metal in perfect condition braving the vagaries of nature. They offer value for money as they will last longer and need less maintenance or replacement. Since they are pre-painted, they can save a lot of time in project execution which leads to lower overheads. 

APL Apollo is the undisputed leader when it comes to innovative breakthroughs in structural steel tubes and pipes.The new APL Navrang range is a win-win solution on all fronts and it deserves a look-in if you are looking for construction materials.You can check out the entire range right here at 

APL Apollo Tubes providing tubular building solutions VS beams building solutions

APL Apollo group is India’s largest manufacturer of structural steel pipes and tubes, with an annual capacity of more than 2.6 million tons. As a part of the SG Group, it caters extensively to India, and exports to over 20 countries globally. 

The company’s vast distribution network is spread across the domestic region with warehouse and branch offices in 29 cities. Its structural steel tubes are used in a variety of load-bearing and construction materials in residential and commercial infrastructure projects.

The Indian PEB industry, which primarily uses conventional 3 plates (I or H) steel products, is around 1 million metric tons in size (non-tubular sections). In PEB structures, steel tubes account for only 5% of the total.

There is enormous potential for increased demand for affordable modular PEB structures, as well as how increasing the composition of structural steel tubes will result in more cost-effective, stronger, and longer-lasting structures, as well as allow project completion time to be reduced.

Let us look at the advantages of tubular building solutions over beam building solutions –

Cost Advantage – There is a significant cost advantage in using structural steel tubes over beams which will impact the overall project cost. They need less concrete to be mounted.

Efficiency – The tubular sections can be used to complete the construction more efficiently as they come in box sections with smooth finishes.

Faster Project Execution – Tubular building solutions will ensure faster completion of projects due to less labour requirement as it comes in customized length and sizes.

APL Apollo produces structural steel tubes that can be used to build smart and efficient structures that combine aesthetics with strength and durability. In the coming years, the surge in demand for tubular building solutions might help generate a new yearly market of 200,000 tonnes for its ‘Apollo Column’ higher sizes and higher thickness steel tubes. APL already has a large market share in this category, which will grow even more next year with the introduction of a structural steel tube with a dimension of 500 x 500 mm. APL’s goal is to grow Apollo Column’s market share by a factor of ten.

Warehouses, hospitals, airports, industrial sheds, and commercial and residential complexes are among the areas where the company is pursuing tubular PEB steel building solutions. Given the government’s strong drive to strengthen farm supply chain infrastructure and rural housing infrastructure, warehouse construction and affordable housing projects will be in high demand in the future years. 

To know more, please visit

Galvanized VS galvanized + pre-painted (colour coated) coils & sheets

APL Apollo group is India’s largest manufacturer of structural steel pipes and tubes, with an annual production capacity of more than 2.6 million tons. As a part of the SG Group, it caters extensively to India, and exports to over 20 countries globally.

The company’s vast distribution network is spread across the domestic region within warehouse and branch offices in 29 cities. Its structural steel tubes and pipes are used in a variety of load-bearing and construction materials in residential and commercial infrastructure projects.

APL Apollo manufactures structural steel tubes and pipes from steel coils and sheets using the latest cutting-edge technology. In addition to galvanizing the sheets and coils, it offers prepainted sheets and coils which provide a superior edge over normal galvanized sheets and coils.

What are PPGI and PPGL coils and sheets?

The coating applied to each variety is the fundamental distinction between the two types of steel coil. A layer of zinc is evenly applied on PPGI or a  galvanized and pre-painted steel coil. The zinc coating protects the base material against corrosion, extending the product’s useful life.

The PPGL steel coil, on the other hand, is prepainted, and coated with a mixture of aluminum, zinc, and other trace metals. Galvalume coatings are typically composed of 55 percent aluminum, 43.4 percent zinc, and 1.6 percent trace elements.

There are a few differences between simple galvanized sheets and pre-painted galvanized sheets.

  • Prepainted galvanized sheets provide superior corrosion resistance compared to normal galvanized sheets. They ensure that rusting due to exposure to moisture is prevented by providing a protective coating. They have barrier protection of zinc combined with hybrid 03 colour coatings over the base metal.
  • Colour-coated galvanized sheets are aesthetically pleasing compared to normal galvanized sheets. They can be used directly in several applications and add a dash of brightness to the structure
  • The superior coating technology offers higher durability and adds to the strength of steel making the prepainted galvanized sheets a better choice.They have at least 4X service life compared to normal galvanized sheets.
  • The use of prepainted galvanized sheets eliminates the need for the replacement of sheets due to rusting or damage by harsh weather conditions as they are resistant to cracking and peeling.
  • The pre-painted galvanized sheets have higher heat stability and heat reflective properties compared to galvanized sheets.
  • Prepainted galvanized sheets are highly fire resistant and non combustible which makes them perfect for PEB segment.
  • The colour-coated sheets have a superior anti finger print coating that enhances its look. It has a uniform coating on all sides unlike post painted galvanized sheets which have a single coating on the exposed side. They have edge protection with coatings.
  • Epoxy coatings are possible in prepainted galvanised sheets for better adhesion over metals.
  • Compared to normal galvanized sheets, the prepainted galvanized sheets are more flexible with extra bend properties of 0T to 3T.


The coil is often made of hot-dip zinc-coated (GI) steel or an aluminium-zinc/galvalume (AZ/GL) substrate and is processed on a continuous paint coating line (CCL), where the metal’s surface is cleaned, pre-treated, and several layers of organic coatings are added.

Colour-coated material blends the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance of zinc and paint in our product line. We offer the most diverse colour palette on the market. 

Furthermore, the hues and degree of gloss can be customized to meet your needs. Color Coated Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils & Prepainted Aluzinc Steel Coils (PPGI / PPGL) are available in the market in coils, sheets, split strips, and profiled sheets.

These galvanized and pre-painted colour-coated coils and sheets can be used in a variety of applications. They last longer without rusting and look attractive when used in structures as they come in a range of bright colours. They can be used for roofing warehouses sheds, fences, factory walls, solar panels, automobile parts, home appliances and so many more.  You can check out APL Apollo’s new Navrang range for all your needs for coils and sheets and you will never be disappointed.

Apollo Navrang: All You Need to Know

APL Apollo Group is bringing innovation to India as one of the largest manufacturers of structural steel tubes and pipes. With a capacity of around 2.6 million tons, they are able to serve India as well as export to over 20 countries. This innovation carries on with the introduction of Apollo Navrang.

Apollo Navrang is the world’s first range of narrow-width and high-thickness colour-coated coils
and sheets with a new, innovative concept. APL Apollo aims at the initiative of bringing changes
with the Go Green Concept to Save the Earth. With this concept, they want to replace Wood
with Steel Sections in construction.

These pre-galvanised /Alu Zinc, also known as Galvalume sheets can be used in diverse applications like rooftops of residential and commercial buildings, warehouse sheds, open door frames, PEB sheds, home appliances, automobile components, solar panels and so much more. 

Continuous Galvanising 

Navrang follows a galvanising technology with Aluminium and Zinc lines. It uses a hot-dip non-OX continuous galvanising. The thickness for the same ranges from 0.3 to 3.0 mm with a width of 300-750 mm. Furthermore, the galvanised line is integrated with an inline 4 Hi Wet Skin Pass Mill. A flex tension levelling is provided to ensure good surface finishing results for the same.The online tension leveller provides extra advantages through coating measurement and central automation control. 

What is Alu Zinc? 

Apollo Navrang is coated with an alloy of aluminium and zinc. The weightage of the same is divided in terms of 55% (aluminium), 43.5% (zinc) and 1.5% (silicon). Alu Zinc is formed using a hot-dripping technology that caters to a suitable match. The extra features of the same cater to heat reflectivity and high corrosion resistance. 

Apollo Navrang can help in various purposes such as agricultural equipment, construction, appliances and solar panels. It can also help in non-exposed automotive components. Apollo Navrang offers a uniform and shiny appearance. The aluminium-zinc coating contributes to the shine. As a user, you will not need to paint it as well. Furthermore, it can assist in the ventilation and heating process. Comparatively, the product has higher resistance in terms of oxidation and can withstand a temperature of around 315°C without undergoing discolouration. 

Why use Apollo Navrang Alu Zinc? 

Apollo Navrang is one of the most prominent, revolutionary technologies. Some of the common features of Apollo Navrang for Alu Zinc include the following 

  • It has a smooth and uniform appearance. 
  • Apollo Navrang has an anti-fingerprint coating which contributes to a beautiful look.
  • It is more durable and will last longer than usual.
  • It has heat reflectivity and high corrosion resistance. 
  • Apollo Navrang has the right thickness that contributes to precision. 

The paint type includes epoxy, SMP, Polyester, Teflon, SMP and more. Furthermore, the strip thickness and width such as 0.30 to 2.8 and 250-750. There are three levels of thickness such as primer and paint. 

Continuous Colour Coating Line 

YOGIJI DIGI’s continuous colour coating line has a catenary type which is integrated in four zones that contributes to prime and finish coat. These can be used for reliable inputs for various infrastructure industries such as bus roofing, roof panels, solar panel pedestals, solar panel frames, shutter, open-door frames and ducting. 

APL Apollo’s new Navrang range offers the scope to combine aesthetics with functionality as these colour-coated coils and sheets can last longer without rusting while providing a pleasing finish to your products. The applications of these sheets and coils can be varied and can be put to use in diverse industries. To know more, you can check out .

Why is steel called the backbone of the modern industry?

Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in construction. Steel is the strongest metal that helps to resist seismic tremors and more. One of the main reasons why people consider the use of steel in modern industry is because it helps to manage the ecological balance by replacing wood. 

Why is Steel Beneficial? 

Obtained from iron ore, steel is one of the strongest materials. It is identified because of its malleability, ductility and toughness. Therefore, these can be easily cut, rolled into sheets or drawn into wires. One of the main benefits of using steel is that it can be turned into special alloys. 

The combination of nickel, copper and aluminium with steel can be of great help. The alloy of steel will help to boost durability and also prevents the risk of rust. All these characteristics contribute to making steel the backbone of modern industry. 

Steel can be used for numerous applications such as making safety pins, large ships and more. It is also effective for machinery. In modern days, steel can actually be a great source for fixing a wide range of problems. Furthermore, the use of steel also contributes to boosting the modern-day economy. 

Structural Steel Pipes and Tubes are Strong 

The structural steel tube can prove to be extremely beneficial. It is mostly used in the construction industry. Therefore, some of the common reasons why steel may be a prominent choice include the following: 


Most steel manufacturers rely on steel for the prefabrication methods. The use of steel ensures that it can help to boost the installation process. The use of good quality steel increases the longevity of the structure. 

Strength and safety 

Steel has the same strength as concrete. Structural steel pipe can be of great help because it is immensely strong. One of the significant benefits of steel is that it can be easily controlled. 

Steel can easily withstand flame. However, the only problem is that it will lose its strength if the temperature is way too high. The steel structure is easily covered in refractory materials that can offer constant protection against parasites and moulds. Furthermore, it can also be protected against corrosion. 


Steel is very flexible. By nature, it can easily withstand high loads. Steel offers very high structural strength. Furthermore, it is very versatile as well which ensures it can be put to a variety of uses. 

It can contribute to bringing any shape to life. As a result, steel can be used for multiple activities. It can be effective for various utilities and is the primary material used in construction. 

Economic efficiency 

One of the main reasons why steel is the backbone of modern industry is because it is economically pretty efficient. A Steel structure is far better than concrete. When you build a steel structure your creation can stand the test of time. 

APL Apollo is paving the way ahead for India’s shining future with its steel. Steel is definitely the backbone of modern industry that is a reflection of economic progress and prosperity. To know more about APL Apollo and its products, please visit

Future of Structural Steel Industry in India

Future of Structural Steel Industry in India

India was the world’s second-largest steel producer in October 2021, producing 9.8 MT of crude steel. The production of crude steel and finished steel in FY22 (till January) was 98.39 MT and 92.82 MT, respectively. 

Due to increased consumer demand, India’s crude steel production will increase by 18% in FY22, reaching 120 million tonnes. 

The availability of raw materials such as iron ore and low-cost labor in India has fueled the rise of the Indian steel industry. As a result, the steel industry has contributed to India’s manufacturing output. 

India has a cutting-edge steel sector, which includes cutting-edge steel mills. It has always aimed to keep older facilities up to date and upgrade to higher energy plants. 

Structural steel is shaping the future of the construction industry in India. APL Apollo, with a 50% market share is one of the pioneers in this segment. The demand for structural steel is growing at a fast pace. The market size is expected to grow at 5.5% compounded annually in the next five years. APL Apollo is th largest producer of structural steel tubes in India and is increasing its production capacity with every passing year. 

Structural steel is bringing in a new era of modernization to the construction industry by enabling faster fabrication and speeding up construction time and reducing construction costs. 

This evolution is taking place due to the consumer shift to structural steel for construction in place of wood, RCC, aluminium etc. 

Market Size 

In FY22 (till January), crude steel and finished steel output were 98.39 MT and 92.82 MT, respectively. Crude steel output is predicted to reach 112-114 MT (million tonnes) in

FY22, up 8-9 percent YoY, according to CARE Ratings. 

In FY22, finished steel consumption reached 86.3 MT (till January). The usage of finished steel was 86.3 MT from April 2021 to January 2022. 

India’s finished steel consumption was 9.65 MT in January 2022. 

Exports and imports of finished steel were 12.2 MT and 4.3 MT, respectively, in FY22 (through February 2022). India’s exports increased by 121.6 percent YoY in April 2021 compared to April 2020. India exported 9.49 MT of finished steel in FY21. 


In recent years, the steel industry, as well as its related mining and metallurgical sectors, have seen significant investments and innovations. 

According to data supplied by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Indian metallurgical industries attracted US$ 16.1 billion in FDI between April 2000 and December 2021. 

Steel consumption is predicted to rise by 17% to 110 thousand tons in FY22, owing to increased construction activity. 

The following are some of the notable investments in the Indian steel industry: ● APL Apollo which has a 50% market share in the structural steel sector, is setting up a state of the art unit in Raipur with a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes. 

● JSW Steel spent Rs. 150 billion (US$ 19.9 million) in Jammu and Kashmir in October 2021 to establish a steel facility and stimulate manufacturing in the region. 

● In October 2021, ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel Corp.’s joint venture steel firm in India announced plans to invest Rs. 1 trillion (US$ 13.34 billion) over ten years to expand its activities in the nation. 

Road Ahead

By 2030-31, 300 million tonnes of production capacity will be available, according to the 2017 National Steel Policy. Steel tube usage per capita has risen from 57.6 kg to 74.1 kg over the last five years. 

The government has set a goal of raising rural Steel tube consumption from 19.6 kilograms per capita to 38 kilograms per capita by 2030-31. 

Steel tube consumption will expand by 7.2 percent in 2019-20 and 2020-21, according to the Indian Steel Association (ISA). 


India’s very low per capita steel consumption, as well as the predicted increase in demand due to expanded infrastructure construction and the thriving automobile and railroads sectors, provide enormous opportunities for expansion. 

APL Apollo produces high-performance structural steel tubes that add strength to buildings while also improving their architectural attractiveness, in response to the growing demand for high-strength materials. 

Hollow sections, as one of the most adaptable building components, aid in material cost optimization and structure self-weight reduction. APL Apollo provides an unrivalled assortment of structural steel sections to provide a solid foundation for your magnificent structures. APL Apollo’s wide array of structural steel products is opening up new vistas for the construction industry by allowing them the scope to turn their imagination into reality. 

To know more about APL Apollo you can click on

Providing steel construction solutions in hospitals, airports,commercialstructures, high-rise buildings, etc.

Providing steel construction solutions in hospitals, airports, commercialstructures, high-rise buildings, etc.

At APL Apollo Tubes Limited, we believe in bringing out the best for our clients. We all know that the absence of structural steel will make the buildings look odd in today’s world. Moreover, there won’t be any skyscrapers that create distinctive patterns dotting the landscape.

Without structural steel tubes, every building and skyscraper will look tall but won’t be efficient. The cities won’t be able to grow either. Steel building solutions are of great help in today’s time, and we are aiming at bringing the same to our customers.

Structural Steel Building Solutions 

The structural steel tubes by APL Apollo Tubes Limited aim to provide all the necessary benefits. We aim at delivering high-quality steel pipes and tubes for the installation of high-rise buildings.

Some common benefits of installing structural steel pipes in hospitals and high-rise buildings include the following: 

● Safety 

At APL Apollo Tubes Limited, our primary goal is safety. When high-rise buildings and hospitals are built, everyone expects safety. Steel is a non-combustible material that does not spread flames. Furthermore, it is not easily prone to rust which prevents the risk of easy damage. With structural steel, the speed of construction is faster compared to wood, RCC, concrete, aluminium etc. The strength of the structure is enhanced when structural steel tubes are used in place of other materials like wood, aluminium RCC, concrete etc along with the aesthetics component. 

Our engineers ensure to use products like steel pipe and tube that protects the building against winds and fire. Steel contributes to determining safety, and our engineers collaborate with our workers to provide safety. 

● Lower construction cost 

Options for high-quality steel pipe often play an essential role in cutting construction costs. At APL Apollo Tubes Limited, we have professional engineers who will help develop a proper frame and structure for the building. 

We will help to build the property effectively. At APL Apollo Tubes Limited, our professional engineers will facilitate fast construction and quick operational demands. As a result, we will help you meet your end goals regarding construction projects- whether it is a commercial space or a residential one. 

● High-quality Construction 

Steel pipe provides the benefit to engineers to meet the demands. Our professionals will take proper care of precision and accuracy. With our structural steel pipe, we will help cut down the need for manual processing. 

Steel pipe plays a critical role in meeting the dimension and strengths. Therefore, our engineers make sure to use these to ensure high-quality construction with proper precision across buildings. 

We build the structures within a controlled environment. Ranging from foundation to building, our engineers closely monitor the building structure and ensure welding and bolting. 

● Design Flexibility 

We can’t see any buildings in today’s time without the presence of structural steel tubes. Steel is one of the most reliable materials that contribute toward meeting the complex yet simple geometries. 

Steel pipe plays a key role in maintaining the design of the building, unlike concrete or wood. The steel buildings have reliable interiors. At the high-rise buildings, we ensure to include vanishing walls and floating walls. If it is a residential property, we create large windows that allow natural light. As a result, we help to reduce energy consumption and volume. 


At APL Apollo, we use high-quality structural steel tubes for building your property. Our steel building solutions help determine the efficient and durable performance of the building while helping with cost optimization. Furthermore, our steel tubes also meet the need for torsion resistance. 

If you need any comprehensive solutions for commercial and residential properties, get in touch with us.

Since 2013, the company has never looked back and achieved the highest volume ever each year. Using cutting-edge technology, the company has tasted another success and incorporated Shri Lakshmi Metal Udyog with Apollo Tricot. 

Stunning performance by APL Apollo Tubes Company in FY 2021-22. 

Now, let us check the company’s portfolio in FY 2021-22. APL Apollo Company saw growth in sales by 27% in the fourth quarter of the last financial year. From Jan to March 2020-21, the company had sold 4,35,348 tonnes of products. In Jan-March 2022, the recorded sale was 5,51,723 tonnes showing exponential growth in sales. 

The value-added products contributed 65% to last year’s sales. Structural steel tubes and Apollo Z product segments are more in demand, which results in growing the company’s profits margins. For the entire 2021-22 fiscal, APL Apollo registered a sales of 17,54,963 tonnes compared to 16,40,353 tonnes in FY 2020-21. 

APL Apollo stunned the market with its outstanding performance. There is no doubt that the company will achieve 75% growth in sales in the upcoming years. The value-added products will expand the company’s geographical reach and strengthen its presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. 

Effective and cost-efficient solutions result in strong sales. Along with 10 active manufacturing plants, the company is expanding its production process with its upcoming state of the art unit being constructed in Raipur. It will be a 400-acre wide plant with a production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes. So the total current capacity of 2.6 million tonnes will go up to 4.1 million tonnes. 

Summing Up! 

APL Apollo’s multi-product offerings include over 1,500 construction and building materials varieties. They serve a wide spectrum of products and cater to industrial applications such as urban infrastructure, real estate, rural housing, commercial construction, greenhouse structures, and engineering applications. A vast 3-tier distribution network of over 800 Distributors is spread across India, with a presence in over 300 towns and cities. The stock price of Apollo is pushing the sky.


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