APL Apollo sales grow 27% to over 5.5 lakh tonnes in Jan-Mar

APL Apollo sales grow 27% to over 5.5 lakh tonnes in Jan-Mar

APL Apollo Tubes Limited has performed very well in the last couple of years. This leading manufacturing company of branded steel offers various products, including black pipes, Galvanized tubes, Pre-Galvanized tubes, etc. It has become a one-stop solution for all steel structural products with world-class manufacturing facilities. 

Let’s look at the short history of APL Apollo and how it has grown 

This pan India company is located in various cities: Bengaluru, Hosur, Raipur, Telangana, and Sikandrabad. At the end of 2011, the company’s equity shares were listed on NSE. The company stock price started growing more and more with every passing year. In 2013, APL Apollo Tubes sold the highest amount, up to 4,64,000 tonnes, when the domestic and global economy was decelerating. 

The same thing happened in 2015. The company again achieved the highest volume in tonnes despite the global economic crisis. Also, the company used strategies and took steps toward expanding the companies to a new level. They introduced a new range of products in the Structural Steel Tube & Pipe segment using innovative technologies. Become a pioneer manufacturer in the colour-coated pipes, which are more in demand in rural and urban areas of the country. That boosts the sales of the company to an extraordinary level. 

Since 2013, the company has never looked back and achieved the highest volume ever each year. Using cutting-edge technology, the company has tasted another success and incorporated Shri Lakshmi Metal Udyog with Apollo Tricot. 

Stunning performance by APL Apollo Tubes Company in FY 2021-22. 

Now, let us check the company’s portfolio in FY 2021-22. APL Apollo Company saw growth in sales by 27% in the fourth quarter of the last financial year. From Jan to March 2020-21, the company had sold 4,35,348 tonnes of products. In Jan-March 2022, the recorded sale was 5,51,723 tonnes showing exponential growth in sales. 

The value-added products contributed 65% to last year’s sales. Structural steel tubes and Apollo

Z product segments are more in demand, which results in growing the company’s profits margins. For the entire 2021-22 fiscal, APL Apollo registered a sales of 17,54,963 tonnes compared to 16,40,353 tonnes in FY 2020-21. 

APL Apollo stunned the market with its outstanding performance. There is no doubt that the company will achieve 75% growth in sales in the upcoming years. The value-added products will expand the company’s geographical reach and strengthen its presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. 

Effective and cost-efficient solutions result in strong sales. Along with 10 active manufacturing plants, the company is expanding its production process with its upcoming state of the art unit being constructed in Raipur. It will be a 400-acre wide plant with a production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes. So the total current capacity of 2.6 million tonnes will go up to 4.1 million tonnes. 

Summing Up! 

APL Apollo’s multi-product offerings include over 1,500 construction and building materials varieties. They serve a wide spectrum of products and cater to industrial applications such as urban infrastructure, real estate, rural housing, commercial construction, greenhouse structures, and engineering applications. A vast 3-tier distribution network of over 800 Distributors is spread across India, with a presence in over 300 towns and cities. The stock price of Apollo is pushing the sky.

Principal sponsors of Delhi capitals in IPL 4th time in a row 2022

Principal sponsors of Delhi capitals in IPL 4th time in a row 2022

The Delhi Capitals assembled a strong squad with a good mix of youth and experience during the IPL 2022 player auctions earlier this year. The team first signed Australian opener David Warner, an IPL veteran who has topped the run-charts in the league three times – the most by any player in the league’s history. The Capitals now have both the Player of the Tournament and the Player of the Final from the 2021 T20 World Cup, thanks to fellow Australian Mitchell Marsh.

Meanwhile, the addition of Rovman Powell to Delhi’s already potent middle-order has given the team even more firepower. The Jamaican has been in such good form recently that Rishabh Pant praised him at a press conference during India’s bilateral series against West Indies. Captain Rishabh Pant appeared confident in the squad at his disposal ahead of the IPL 2022 season, emphasizing the importance of role clarity for each player.

APL Apollo has announced its partnership with the Delhi Capitals as the IPL 2022 Principal Sponsor.

APL Apollo Tubes Limited, India’s leading branded structural steel tube manufacturer, has announced its fourth consecutive association with team Delhi Capitals in the ongoing season of IPL 2022, continuing their strategy of sponsoring major sporting events and thus reaching millions of young consumers. APL Apollo is the Principal Sponsor of the Delhi Capitals, and this partnership will help APL Apollo gain even deeper market penetration as a result of the team’s huge popularity among young people. As part of this collaboration, Delhi Capitals players have emblazoned the APL Apollo logo on the right side of their jerseys.

Already in the previous three seasons of the IPL, team Delhi Capitals has been empowered by the inner strength of APL Apollo, and now with APL Apollo’s support, it hopes to continue its glorious winning streak in IPL 2022 as well. The team ‘Delhi Capitals’ has already won the hearts of all cricket fans with its ecstatic performance in all previous editions of this most exciting cricket tournament, giving a significant boost to APL Apollo’s brand recognition.

Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo, announced their proud association with Delhi Capitals, saying, “We are delighted to be continuing our long association with ‘Delhi Capitals,’ and I wish the team all the best for their performance in the ‘IPL 2022’ tournament, the most exciting cricketing extravaganza.” Our B2C franchisee model has always focused on connecting our products and principles to consumers in any way possible. As a result, it was almost inevitable that we would return as “The Principal Sponsors” of Delhi Capitals for the fourth time in a row this year in 2022, as we did in 2019,2020 and 2021. APL Apollo also endorsed mini moments like Man of the Match and Coin toss.”

Nothing in India attracts as much attention as the T20 league, and for nearly two months each year, the IPL becomes the national pastime. Delhi Capitals, like brand APL Apollo, has given the country’s cricket-crazy population plenty of reasons to celebrate with their ecstatic performance. Aside from cricket, APL Apollo has a strong association with another mega sport, ‘Kabaddi.’ APL Apollo was the Principal Sponsor of the Pro Kabaddi League 2019 team “Haryana Steelers.” APL Apollo has a diverse product portfolio that includes over 1500 different types of Structural Tubes for use in residential and commercial construction, as well as infrastructure
development. To know more about APL Apollo do visit https://aplapollo.com/

Built-up sections vs tubular sections

Built-up sections vs tubular sections

APL Apollo is a brand that has won the hearts of lakhs of people with its quality structural steel products, affordable prices, and innovative technology. But, every brand has its story! The journey that begins from a startup to a Brand! Here, we present the Journey of APL Apollo, a journey that has been as enjoyable as the destination. The journey will speak about how APL Apollo has come a long way by transforming itself with diverse innovations and initiatives.

What are Built-up Sections?

Built-up steel structures are made by combining two or more rolled sections. These hot-rolled sections are joined together at intervals to create one built-up section. Direct welding, bolting, and riveting are three methods to join the shapes. Some examples of built-up structures are the double angles sections, four angle sections, and double channel sections. Two or four shapes are fabricated together to fulfil the desired purposes. They are used in steel construction when the length of a column is long. It replaces the rolled section that cannot provide a sufficient radius of gyration. They are also known as Built-up beams, which are highly recommended by civil engineers. It is a good compression member to carry heavy loads over a longer span.

Advantages of Built-up Steel Sections

● Symmetric-cross sections
● Higher-strength
● Better resistance against the out-of-plane movement,
● Cheap alternative to adopt in practice.
● Effective solution for bending moment issue.

Disadvantages of Built-up sections

● Requires more engineering than the standard one.
● Need to order shapes from overseas and it takes a long time to arrive.
● Too costly compared to the standard section.

What are Tubular Sections?

Tubular steel structures are popular due to their higher strength-to-weight ratio than conventional sections. It shows excellent properties such as compression, torsion, and bending in all directions. They are built by welding open sections such as channels or angles. Tubular sections can be used in various structures, such as pipe supports, small pipe racks, trusses in the shed, etc. It offers robust aesthetic and design benefits. Due to its cross-sectional profile, the loads get distributed between structural members. That’s why large tubular sections are suitable for malls, exhibition centers, airports, etc. It can also be used for transporting gas, water, and liquid waste.

Advantages of Tubular Section

● Lighter than built-up sections
● They are naturally strong against longitudinal stress.
● Hollow tubes can save up to 30% on steel.
● High torsional stiffness and compressive strength.
● High vibrational frequency to carry dynamic loads.
● Low maintenance cost than built-up beams.
● Easy to manufacture and install

Disadvantages of Tubular Section

● Connections between tubes are difficult to make.
● Prone to corrosion when freely exposed to air and water.
● More expensive due to additional production processes.
● Limited availability in different sizes in India

Built-up sections vs Tubular Sections: Which one is the Winner?

Both of these steel structures have their own advantages and disadvantages. Comparing their features, pros, and cons, you can decide which is the right choice for you. If you are still in doubt, consult with experts from the APL Apollo. We are the leading manufacturer of high-performance steel sections. Our designed products offer great tolerance and superior strength. With our premium quality products, you can build intelligent structures which can last for a very long time. For further details, you can visit our website https://aplapollo.com/ or call on our toll free number 1800-102-3737

Sometimes a story is untold, Here we present the APLApollo brand story!

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Sometimes a story is untold, Here we present the APLApollo brand story!

APL Apollo is a brand that has won the hearts of lakhs of people with its quality structural steel products, affordable prices, and innovative technology. But, every brand has its story! The journey that begins from a startup to a Brand! Here, we present the Journey of APL Apollo, a journey that has been as enjoyable as the destination. The journey will speak about how APL Apollo has come a long way by transforming itself with diverse innovations and initiatives.

The APLApollo Journey

The company was founded in 1986. Since its inception, APL Apollo has reinvented itself with continuous innovations and initiatives in its product lines. With a strong remarkable brand presence, geographically spread manufacturing units, the brand has earned the title of being a category leader in structure steel tubes in our country. The journey of APL Apollo has shown continuous improvement by offering a unique customer experience across the steel industry.

APL Apollo has been there in the market for three decades. The company is enjoying the strength of having a powerful geographical presence, strong trade equity, wide product range, and unforeseen inner strength that showcases APL Apollo as a brand. From 1986 till at present: From B2B to B2C: The journey has proved- the company’s inner strength is its core values and products. Here we present the highlights of the brand journey from 2015-2021.

From 2015 to 2021

APL Apollo has undoubtedly written chapters of success: From being a B2B brand to entering B2C via digital and offline mode is commendable.
In 2015, the journey started with focusing on dealer boards advertisement and BTL and expansion of distribution network and fabricators.

From 2015 -16

India’s first company to achieve a capacity of 1 MTPA in steel pipes

From 2016 -17

Technological Advancement:
The introduction of India’s first Direct Forming Technology line. Have been awarded patents for six innovative product designs.Commissioned Greenfield facility at Chhattisgarh and Raipur

From 2018 -19

Apollo Tricoat Acquisition :
In 2018-19, APL Apollo acquired Apollo Tricoat and entered into a new industry of offering home improvement solutions with customer-oriented products like designer tubes, door frames, electrical conduits, and ceiling products.

From 2019 -20

Achievement year-
Achieved 1.6m sales volume with 40% market share in the structural steel tubing industry.

April 2019: The Company has collaborated with Delhi Capitals, IPL (Indian Premier League). The Theme was “ Inner Strength”.
July 2019: APL Apollo got associated with renowned Haryana Steelers, Pro Kabaddi League.
August 2019: APL Apollo, associated with Player branding in the India Vs West Indies series.

Oct 2019: The brand got associated with Bengaluru FC, Indian Super League
November 2019: APL Apollo has worked for a campaign. Named the campaign as ” Desh Ki AndekhiTaqat Brand Campaign”. And, the brand Ambassador was Amitabh Bachchan.
October 2020: With the theme “India’s Inner Strength”, APL Apollo was the principal sponsor of the Delhi Capitals team in the Indian Premier League(IPL).

October 2021: Continuing with the theme “India’s Inner Strength”, APL Apollo was bang on for the third time and became the principal sponsor of Delhi Capitals.
November 2021: Tiger Shroff became the Brand Ambassador for the advertisement: Apollo Column – India’s First plug and Play Hollow Steel Section Pipes.

Manufacturing Units

APL Apollo is known for its widespread manufacturing facilities. The brand serves as a one-stop solution for every customer that requires quality structural steel at affordable prices. The brand operates in 11 world-class manufacturing units that have 2.6 Million MTPA capacity.

The Power of Social Media

Now, everything is going digital! With a great digital presence, APLApollo has made its brand name. From being known as a B2B, now B2C brand, the journey of APL Apollo is phenomenal. Thankfully, due to advertising on various digital platforms, APL Apollo has reached lakhs of Indians and become part of their lives. Social media has the power to spread the brand name to million of internet users. With its Aalishaan mobile app, APL Apollo is making yet another stride to reach out to its end users directly.
Brand building is a never-ending journey of continuous improvement in the quest to exceed customer expectations and APL Apollo is on a very strong wicket.


Over the years, APL Apollo has focused on building its brand as the leader in structural steel products. Using cutting edge technology, it has created a range of distinctive structural steel products that are in demand across the country for construction purposes. APL Apollo has always believed in letting quality do the talking. With the advancement of technology and proliferation of internet among the wider population, APL Apollo has successfully deployed all mediums , be it print, television, digital to raise brand awareness. The rising visibility of the brand APL Apollo is testament to the long and fruitful journey that it has traversed, raising the bar for the industry in style.

Apollo Chaukhat – Steel Door Frames That Enhance Your Home

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Apollo Chaukhat – Steel Door Frames That Enhance Your Home

Traditionally, in countries like India wooden frames are popular and widely used for doors and windows. However, wooden frames have their shortcomings since they are expensive, inflammable, prone to termites, etc. Moreover, the installation of wooden frames is time-consuming. Now, with changing preferences, it’s time for innovation. That’s why APL Apollo Tubes have come up with an innovation that is ideal for India; Apollo Chaukhat – the trendsetter for steel door and window frames.
Read more about Apollo Chaukhat and you will realize how it can be the perfect fit in every home.

Some of the best features of APLApollo Chaukhat are…

Apollo Chaukhat has been introduced with the motive to make people’s lives better with newer and innovative products. It is developed with revolutionary Direct Forming Technology (DFT). Such frames are light in size and easily installed with customization. Apollo Chaukhat has changed the concept of the traditional wooden framework. Now, it is time to make Apollo Chaukhat part of Indian homes. India’s first-ever closed steel doors, Apollo Chaukhat are durable, assured of strength, high quality with aesthetics, and termites-free, as steel is termite resistant/ It is not only a time and cost-saving alternative but also saves precious trees from being chopped off. Think about it? With a few easy steps, these frames can get installed at your home.

Why Apollo Chaukhat?

In comparison to a wooden framework, steel doors are durable and most importantly keep the terror, i.e the pests away. What else do Indian households demand? With Apollo Chaukhat, termite & pest free doors is not an imagination, it’s a reality.

Water & Moisture Free
Wooden doors are prone to water and moisture, especially in the rainy season! Comparatively, steel doors are water and moisture-free in every season. It is the main advantage of having a steel door at home.

No Shrinking & Swelling
Steel frame remains the same for years, in every season. They are durable and can resist every climatic change. They do not shrink and swell. In case wooden doors shrink and swell due to water, especially during the rainy season.
Maintenance Free
No maintenance costs are required in closed steel doors and windows. It remains rough and tough for years without investing any extra money.
Environmental Friendly
By adding Apollo Chaukhat as part of your family, you are getting an environmentally-friendly product. On the other hand wooden doors are made from trees. Apart from spending on a wooden framework, we are losing our precious trees also.
Weather & Ageing Resistant
Steel doors and windows are Weather and Ageing Resistant. They remain new for years until you change them. These doors are one-time investments.

Final Words

Are you ready to shift from wooden-frame doors & windows to steel closed doors and frames? If “yes”, get Apollo Chaukhat. It offers the best quality product, designed for making your life easy and save trees and your environment. The best part is that customization is done, as per the
customers’ door and window dimensions with installation in two easy steps. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the new look of your home with closed steel doors and windows.
For complete details do visit https://aplapollo.com/ready-made-chaukhat/ and we will be glad to assist you.

Apollo Plank – Affordable Solution to Build Future

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Apollo Plank – Affordable Solution to Build Future

The Apollo Steel Plank is a ‘new age steel’ product used as a construction material. It is an alternative with an increasing amount of applications over wood. Flat Steel Plank help to improve the aesthetic appeal of residential buildings. At APL Apollo Tubes, we offer this sustainable and eco-friendly solution to preserve the limited resources and reduce deforestation in India.

Benefits of Using Steel Planks over Wood

Apollo Plank is a patented design which is available in black and pre-galvanized. It is available in 125x25mm and 275x25mm with thicknesses of 1.6mm and 2mm. Other thicknesses are available on request.

Durable: Apollo Steel Planks has changed the perception of steel being unsafe to use. Every construction needs this durable product to withstand pressure and heavy loads.
Fire-resistant: Wood cannot be a good choice as a fire-resistant material. APL Apollo Planks are created with fire-resistant material to protect the home during a fire.
Corrosion-free: This superior-quality steel plank is a rust-free construction material suitable for flood-prone areas. It is the first choice of home designers.
Termite-proof: Wood is prone to termites and pests. Regular treatment is needed to preserve wooden furniture and construction.
Eco-friendly: Choosing steel planks is the first step towards making the world greener. Apollo Steel Products are conceived to preserve trees and contribute to global warming.
Recyclable: Apollo Planks are 100% recyclable. It can be recycled from one product to another with no degradation in performance.
Cost-effective: Steel Planks in India are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. Steel Planks can save the cost of treatment that wood needs and offer encompassing strength.

Applications of Steel Planks as Construction Materials

Fencing: Add Steel Planks to give your house property a stylish and classy look. Its durability and great strength are incomparable to any other fencing materials. Install a good-looking fence made of planks to stand out.

Staircases: It is an integral part of every home. Steel is a good choice as a substitute over
Wooden planks. Apollo assures your corrosion-free and budget-friendly steel planks for the staircase. It adds charm to the house by removing the burden of high maintenance and care.
Pergolas: These structures are constructed with reinvented steel to provide shade on rainy or sunny days. You can chill under the Pergolas in the gardens or rooftop area of the restaurants. It will satisfy the aesthetic taste of consumers.
Scaffoldings: APL Apollo Steel Planks are the trusted product to make load bearable scaffoldings for labourers. It can withstand adverse weather and has enough strength to protect the life of workers.
Porta Cabin: From weddings to construction sites, Porta Cabins are convenient temporary residences. It looks pleasant with unmatched style and strength. During construction, cabins in construction sites provide safety.
Truck Closures: Steel Planks as closures can bear any adverse weather situations. There is the ideal option for trucks, which travel across the country. Its rust-free and robust quality outperforms the wooden closures.
Furniture: Shelves and furniture need something with enhanced strength. Steel furniture is durable and resistant to any tear and wear. It adds beauty to the house style and gives a contemporary look.

Final Words

Save your money by not spending on wooden planks. These steel structures can add value to the lives of people. Structural steel products are a durable building material to be considered if you are planning to renovate your home. Get in touch with APL Apollo for a better experience and transform your dream homes into reality.

Get in touch with APL Apollo via Aalishaan, our brand new Mobile App

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Get in touch with APL Apollo via Aalishaan, our brand new Mobile App

APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo) is one of India’s top steel product manufacturers. Over 1100 different MS Black pipes are available from APL Apollo’s multi-product line that include tubes that have been galvanised, tubes that have been pre-galvanized, hollow sections and ERW Steel Tubes for structural applications. With cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, the company acts as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of structural steel goods used in a variety of industries, including urban infrastructure, vehicle building, energy irrigation, greenhouses, and engineering. 

In the structural steel business, our APL Apollo Tubes brand is well-known. We’ve also created a smartphone app called “Aalishaan” for both fabricators and customers to broaden our horizons even more. This software is the first of its kind in the industry, allowing users to contact fabricators directly through the platform. 

This is how the whole thing works: 

Customer-facing interface 

The customer-facing interface of the Aalishaan app is expected to be launched soon which will make it very convenient for customers to select designs and contact the fabricators directly. 

Any customer with structural requirements can look through the app and look at the existing steel designs for inside and exterior home demands. This app has over 260+ designs to choose from, ranging from smart fences, elegant gates, and spacious sheds to neat closets, sturdy racks, and amazing doors. After that, the app will direct the user to the nearest fabricator to complete the task. Alternatively, the buyer can contact his or her local fabricators directly for assistance.

Fabricators facing interface 

The app provides 6 benefits to fabricators – 

1. Lead generation 

2. Design library 

3. On shop branding 

4. Material quantity calculator 

5. Nearest distributors information 

6. Monthly schemes/prizes 

Fabricators who have to deal with the public can use this app to get in touch with end-users. Fabricators can profit from the software in a variety of ways, including obtaining leads and customers Fabricators will have access to the design library as well as for instructions on how to 

create it. They’ll be able to connect with the vendors who are closest to them. 

Material quantity calculator

The calculator will provide you with an accurate estimate of the weight of steel tubes necessary to construct a structure. 

Engaging the Audience

On the app, there are a variety of monthly offers, lucky draws etc that will incentivize the audience. 

The whole platform was created with the end user’s structural/constructional demands in mind, as well as simplicity of access. As a result, we’ll be able to engage with end-users and fabricators in a more personalised and efficient manner. This will lead to improvement of our B2B connect and enhance our brand awareness. 

APL Apollo creates stunning homes and works with steel fabricators throughout the country. This app is an effort to reach out to a larger audience and provide end-users with the opportunity to explore designs, fire their imagination and get in touch with fabricators on the same platform to transform their dreams into reality.


The primary concept behind the app’s design is to provide a single platform for end-users to access their structural and building needs. Apollo Tubes will be able to better engage with end consumers and fabricators, understand their needs and improve their experience as a result of this. This will help to raise brand recognition and engage the target audience. So, if you want to accomplish your task with simplicity, don’t waste time. Go ahead and download the app right  now. 

You can download our App – Aalishaan by APL Apollo 

App Store: https://tinyurl.com/s4zsah6w 

Google Play: https://tinyurl.com/2mrj8dmr 

The future of the structural steel industry in the modern world

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The future of the structural steel industry in the modern world 

Structural steel has now become the most prevalent material in the construction industry. In the 21st century, without structural steel, you cannot imagine good housing and modern buildings. As per the World Steel Association, more than 1600 tonnes of steel were produced in the year 2016. In the last year alone, 197 million tonnes more steel was produced. Now, at present, structural steel is viable for any construction project. It offers varied benefits and is good for building safety. One of the leading structural steel manufacturing companies in India is APL Apollo; you can check out its quality steel. 

Market Research of Structural Steel Market

According to the Market Research Future ( MRFR), it has been projected that the structural steel market will reach USD 162.64 by 2030. The CAGR will reach 5.4% in the forecast period (from 2022 to 2030). In 2021, the market was valued at almost USD 102.17 billion. 

In this era, the global structural steel market is reaching heights of success! This is because of burgeoning construction sectors. The main pillar behind the rapid growth of structural steel is the initiative taken by the government across countries. The government is taking up new projects and making investments in infrastructure development and converting cities into smart cities. Due to this, the market demand for structural steel tubes is witnessing significant growth. 

You might be thinking why structural steel is booming in the construction sector! right? At present, the construction industry is enjoying sustainable growth in infrastructural development projects, residential and non-residential projects. One of the trends in the construction sector is using innovative technologies, which are enhancing structural steel pipes demand in building infrastructure. 

On the other side, the demand-supply gap and fluctuation in the prices of the raw materials are two significant factors that lower the steel market growth. Even structural steel manufacturing plants require huge investment, which hinders the growth of structural steel pipes. But nowadays, the rise in investments in different urban areas supports the steel market growth. 

Now steel-producing players are getting good opportunities. The government regulations are quite favourable and foster the growth of structural steel. A diversified structural steel application area provides ample opportunities. 

The rise in technological advancements in the area of prefabricated building enhances the demand for structural steel in the market. Apart from that, the rise in urbanization and good economic conditions enhances the market growth of steel. 

Competitive Analysis

Certain strategic approaches are seen in the structural steel market like expansion, collaboration, advanced technology integration, and mergers & acquisitions. There are leading market players of structural steel, who invest in development activities and research.

Final Words

PL Apollo is the leading producer of structural steel in India with over 50% market share. If you are searching for quality steel, you can check out the steel quality of APL Apollo, which is one of the leading structural steel manufacturing companies. APL Apollo has over 11 plants with an annual capacity of 2.6 MMT , 16 patents ,75 registered trademarks and a strong network of 800 distributors. At present, structural steel tubes have become the most crucial part of the construction sector. The future of the structural steel industry is bright and APL Apollo stands out with its cutting edge technology that helps it to offer a futuristic edge to the construction sector. To know more, you can check out https://aplapollo.com/.

The Art of Hollow Steel Sections in the Construction Industry

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The Art of Hollow Steel Sections in the Construction Industry

You must have often heard of the term hollow steel sections and wondered what they referred to. Well, Hollow Steel Sections [HSS] are metal profiles with a cross-section. Flat steel plates are changed into a variety of shapes, such as rectangular, circular, and square. It can provide compressive strength and better performance to the heavily loaded structures. These hollow sections are made of steel as per code with high tensile strength and torsional rigidity. The thick walls of Hollow Structural Steel are uniform around the section. The radius of the corners is twice the wall thickness, easily welded into long hollow structural steel tubes to build lightweight and aesthetically appealing structures.

How is HSS used in construction? 

APL Apollo offers Hollow Steel Structures in square, circular, and rectangular shapes to meet the structural design requirements. The most common steel sections are Rectangular Hollow Sections and Square Hollow Sections which are widely used for construction and infrastructure purposes. 

● Rectangular Hollow Sections are cold-formed steel tubes used as beams to offer efficient structural support for architectural applications. 

● Square Hollow Section is uniquely designed with superior resistance to torsion and immense strength to withstand loading in multiple directions. 

Apollo Fabritech offers these hollow structural steel pipes or tubes to be used as a structural material in large residential and commercial projects. These welded tubes have efficient shapes along with two or more cross-sectional axes; they are preferred for exposed structures because of their exceptionally lateral-torsional buckling. 

Practical Benefits of Using Steel Hollow Structural Sections

There are several advantages to using structural steel over using normal structural pipes or tubes made of wood, aluminium, concrete or ROC for construction applications. They are a good choice for columns, composite beams, shafts, and many customized structural configurations. The hollow steel section provides a larger strength-to-weight ratio than convenient steel sections. 

The advantages of Hollow section pipes make them an ideal choice for aesthetic architecture, railings, and fencing. 

Design Aspect

There are benefits in the design aspects of steel pipes. They are lightweight and visually glamorous. These rectangular tubes can be long with fewer joints. It gives you the advantage of using more crystalline purlins & trusses with a high possibility of closeout transversal bracing. This slender structural support is highly economical. It reduces the time and cost of construction. These steel tubes are very easy to maintain with competitive prices. A variety of hollow steel in the shape of rectangular, circular, square, and elliptical sections vary based on dimensions, tolerance, and thickness of the wall. 

Strength Elements

HSS can easily take attentive pressure and work under similar conditions. These hollow tubes or pipes can be filled with solid concrete to add compressive strength to the barriers. Hence, it reduces the number of segments used. Square and rectangular hollow sections can provide the high-resistance to torsion, making them the most amazing of all business steel segments. In case of parallel swelling, they will remain unbreakable. Welded joints offer high-tensile with the welded joints throughout the steel


Cutting down on construction projects is very crucial. Hollow Structural Sections are made of significant materials that further lead to cost savings. Also, it uses less steel during the manufacturing process and provides the same durability and strength to the aesthetic structures. HSS can easily support larger loads with multiple directions withdouble benefits. It requires low maintenance as compared to painted structural steel. It is a lighter and long product with fewer joints, which can help in saving money during transportation, handling, and erection costs. 

Final Words

APL Apollo has Square and Rectangular Black hollow sections with steel grade YST 310 and YST 355 as it is used in large projects. You can try the structural steel tubes from APL 

Apollo Tubes at competitive rates. Our Branded steel products are committed to strengthening India’s infrastructure backbone without compromising on aesthetic excellence.

Why is the APL Apollo column the perfect choice for every construction?

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Why is the APL Apollo column the perfect choice for every construction?

Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB) are built around the Apollo Column thanks to its high strength and increased construction speed. APL Apollo is the right choice for any building project because of its superior quality, durability, and ease of bending, punching, and drilling. 

It is a range of black hollow steel sections with a futuristic edge that can be used to construct structures of any design and elevation. With a range of sizes from 150X150mm to 300x300mm and 500x500mm launching soon, it offers the broadest range of square hollow steel sections in India. In addition to infrastructure and commercial projects, column tubes are also suitable for residential ones. 

Apollo Column, India’s most comprehensive range of hollow steel sections (HSS), has proven to be a reliable option for every type of construction. Its high weight-bearing capacity and enhanced construction speed have made it an essential feature in the Pre-Engineered Buildings segment. There are hollow steel sections up to 300x300mm in size available from Apollo Column. 

APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), one of the leading manufacturers of steel tubes, has transformed the future of building and construction with its exclusive product range. 

There are many applications for Apollo Columns, including multi-story buildings, industrial buildings, commercial centres, warehouses, foot overbridges, parking shelters and fuel stations, to name a few. 

As a game-changer in construction, Apollo Column, especially in the PEB construction segment, enjoys a distinct competitive advantage over conventional building in the last decade. 

Features and benefits include: 

1. The Apollo Column offers flexibility in design which gives engineers and architects the freedom to design unique structures with unique tube sizes. 

2. The axis does not have a weak spot because the material is distributed evenly around it.

3. The uniform shape and smooth surface of the Apollo column make painting easy. 4. The Apollo Column possesses up to 200 times the torsional strength of an open section. 

5. Apollo Columns are available in 4 to 12 mm cut lengths to prevent waste. 6. Apollo Column is available in an accurate weight that corresponds to the theoretical calculation. 

7. The use of HSS sections reduces the weight of steel structures which leads to less steel usage and corresponding cost savings. 

8. Low transportation and erection costs save money on overall project costs. 9. The bolting system simplifies assembly and makes it easier for contractors. 10. Apollo Column has the advantage of being easy to weld, punch, bend, and drill. 11. Apollo Columns offer a 15-20% better turnaround time. 

The price of the Apollo Column is also 10-20% less than that of conventional PEB, so it also reduces the total construction cost of PEB. It also causes a significant reduction in weight, which further reduces the cost of transportation. The hollow sections also have the benefit of having a lower surface area; as a result, less paint is used and less time is required, both of which reduce costs. Moreover, the smooth corners of HSS structures make them less prone to corrosion, thereby reducing their longevity. 

Now, that you know why the APL Apollo Column is perfect for construction, you can check out complete details and know how to order at https://aplapollo.com.


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