Aalishaan app – Ready to Wow the End-User

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Aalishaan app – Ready to Wow the End-User

Building your dream structure using construction materials from Apollo Tubes Limited has become so easy. APL Apollo is the biggest steel tubes producer in India, with a capacity to produce 2.6 million tonnes per annum. It has extended the distribution network across the world. APL Apollo Steel Company offers over 1100+ structural and building products, including Galvanized Tubes, MS Black Pipes, Structural Steel Tubes, Hollow Sections and more. 

APL Apollo has introduced the first-ever platform for both fabricators and customers – Aalishaan mobile app. It is a one-stop solution for end-users to contact fabricators, architects, and engineers directly to fulfil their construction and building-related needs. 

Key Features of APL Apollo Aalishaan App 

To ease access to building material and steel designs, APL Apollo has launched the mobile app as an aspiring platform to go beyond limitations. It has two types of Interfaces: Customer Facing Interface and Fabricator Interface. 

Customer-Facing Interface 

Recently launched, the Customer-facing interface offers a convenient way for customers to contact fabricators directly as per requirements. Aalishan mobile application provides various facilities to cater to the customers’ needs in a hassle-free manner- 

● Over 260 designs to choose from for end-users 

● Select the steel designs as per structural requirements 

● Structural Steel products available for inside and exterior home designs

● Search facility to find the nearest fabricator for the job 

● Buyers can get in touch with local fabricators directly

Fabricators Facing interface 

Fabricators can reach customers with no dealers or brokers. Aalishaan mobile app offers the best deal to fabricators by connecting to the nearest vendors. The APL Apollo Aalishaan App gives a wide range of benefits to fabricators:- 

Getting More leads: It helps fabricators promote them and reach more customers. It can help to get more orders and increase business income. 

Design library: The app offers you an accessible design library to explore new designs and have a wider choice to experiment with. You can also check out detailed instructions while selecting your design. 

Brand Reputation: The brand value of APL Apollo can help the fabricators to win more customers. It helps them to get convertible leads and grow their own business. 

Dealer contacts: There is no need to waste time in locating the nearest dealer or negotiating prices. The fabricators can access the dealer contact list and connect with their nearest dealer for construction material supplies at the best rates. 

Material Quantity Calculator: The best feature of the Aalishaan App is to calculate the quantity of material needed in seconds. It will help fabricators plan an accurate material budget estimate based on the design selected and place orders with dealers. 

Get Rewards: The Aalishaan app offers the fabricators an opportunity to participate in lucky draws and win rewards. They stand to gain in numerous ways if they download the app and stay updated. 

Final Words 

APL Apollo helps you build stunning homes and makes it easier for fabricators to reach a larger audience. The idea behind this mobile app is to combine the world of customers and fabricators. It is a responsive and user-friendly application to access structural and building materials. APL Apollo understands the needs of customers and this app is an attempt to improve their overall experience. It will help to raise brand recognition and engage with the target audience. Download the app right now by clicking on the link.

Android Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?%20d=com.mover.aplapollo

IOS Link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/beautiful-home-with-apl-apollo/id1575548591

Why do engineers choose black hollow steel sections tubes by APL Apollo for commercial and residential projects?

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Why do engineers choose black hollow steel sections tubes by APL Apollo for commercial and residential projects?

The APL Apollo Column is an exclusive range of black hollow steel sections that can be used for constructing structures of any design and elevation. APL Apollo is at the forefront of futuristic technology as far as structural steel tubes and sections in India is concerned. They are an ideal combination of strength and aesthetics and are quite popular among engineers and architects.

Engineers prefer the use of these black hollow steel sections in their commercial and residential projects because of the following reasons – 

The Efficiency Of Use – The black hollow steel sections from APL Apollo are very efficient to use since they are cut to size and can be fitted easily. They simplify connections and add to the strength of the structure. 

Reduction In Material And Project costs – Engineers have discovered that the use of black hollow steel sections helps in less consumption of steel, less wastage due to customized pieces available and an overall reduction in project execution time and cost. This makes black hollow steel sections a high-performance building material which explains its popularity.

Highly Resistant Against Torsional Effects – The closed shape of the sections and the large moment of inertia about the weak axis makes them resistant to torsional effects. 

Improved Aesthetics – The exposed black hollow steel sections enhance the beauty of the structure. They make the construction look elegant and pleasing to the eye and fire the imagination of architects.

Optimum Design – Although the unit material cost of HSS is higher than open built-up sections, the additional strength of the steel tube allows optimum design which makes it prudent for engineers and architects to go for this.

Saving in transportation and erection costs – The reduction in weight as compared to built-up sections reduces transportation, erection effort, time and costs. Even the painting cost is less since HSS have 30-40% less surface area compared to built-up sections. 

Corrosion Resistance – The smooth corners of the HSS structures offer a smart appearance while reducing the possibility of corrosion and decreasing the lifecycle and maintenance costs.

Largest Range – APL Apollo offers India’s largest range of square hollow steel sections ranging from 150*150mm to 300*300 mm in size. APL Apollo Column tubes are perfect for infrastructure, commercial as well as residential projects. 

The excellent quality, sturdiness and ease of bending, punching and drilling offered by APL Apollo black hollow steel sections make it the go-to choice for engineers and architects. 

The black hollow steel sections are quite appealing to engineers and architects because they offer so much value. Engineers are extremely impressed by the superlative performance of the black hollow steel sections as it has offered them more than they had envisaged. Little wonder then, that APL Apollo’s black hollow steel sections are being widely used in commercial and

residential projects. To know more details about the product or get in touch with us please visit https://aplapollo.com/apollo-column/.

Why steel doors frames are better than wooden door frames

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Why steel doors frames are better than wooden door frames 

We live in a time in which our major concern is the security of our homes and businesses and the safety of our families. Home invasions, robberies, and other property-related offences are on the peak, and executing possible changes to our homes has become more essential than a luxury. One of the first changes to appear on the list when you are focusing on enhancing the security features is your door frame. 

While wooden door frames have been the standard for many generations, they can become weakened and debilitated over time, allowing strangers an easy approach to our homes. Preferring door locks is ineffective when your door frames are so debilitated they will not withstand an attack. When this is the situation, replacement of door frames has become urgent, and there is no better alternative than a steel door frame. 

One of the basic functions of an entry door is to be the point at which someone can approach a structure. And well that’s indeed true, there are also some other purposes that it holds. One of these is to give the structure greater or lesser degrees of energy efficiency depending on the door’s design. 

Steel doors offer an excellent option for exaggerating the amount of energy that is holding onto your home. It has been revealed that steel offers five times higher insulating factor than purely wooden doors – that’s a significant amount of difference. 

There are a few unique features that lead towards the awesome energy efficiency that steel doors have. The first is that each steel entry door is pervaded with high-quality insulated foam. This is applicable in a very diligent and precise process that ensures maximal outcomes. 

let’s highlight a few important points to keep in mind while you are focusing to make your home more secure. Even though steel door frames are costlier than wood, in the long run, they will become a great investment, as their longevity is much higher than that of wood. Before a steel door frame even starts showing signs of weakening, you would have been changed wood door frames at least twice. On

the other hand, there is also the concern of aesthetics, and these days metal door frames can be given complete wood looks so many people would love to see them. Maintenance is also uncomplicated and less expensive for steel door frames, as they only need a coat of paint to appear good for many years. 

Keeping cost-effectiveness apart, the decision of metal door frames vs wood door frames becomes very simple once you realize how difficult it would have been to break down a door that has a metal frame. Locks functions are more effective, and 

you will acquire a calm mind knowing that your family will be safe even when you are not in the home. 

Steel Door vs. Wooden Door 

Your exterior doors are fundamental to the function and design of your home. More than just a simple way to enter and exit a building, a door has style and provides security. But not all doors are equally created. The quality of both the material and build governs the aesthetics, durability, and function of a door. Which material serves the best bang for your buck? Let’s highlight which door is best to prefer 

Steel Doors 

For most homeowners, steel doors are the most convenient choice. They’re elegant and serve the best in security. They’re also easily available in the market, making it uncomplicated to replace a door when needed. Metal doors are remarkably durable. Dings and scratches can be easily replaced, and repainting old doors can give them an attractive new look. Additionally, steel doors are much more protected from 

cracking and warping than wood doors. Overall, steel doors are an incredible investment for the average homeowner. Steel can be endlessly recycled which makes it an environmentally friendly material. When the world is focused on saying no to cutting trees, steel becomes a material of choice. 

Wooden Doors 

Despite the versatility of steel doors, some homes just wouldn’t appear the same without wood doors. Historic homes, for example, are in the need to maintain a genuine look. Wood doors are the most preferable option in mid-grade to high-grade homes because of their classic beauty. Solid wood doors are well built and most expensive. When it comes to choosing a wooden door, the thicker the panel, the better strength, and durability it gives. Traditional wood doors come in

cherry, fir, mahogany, maple, oak, pine, and walnut. Homeowners should know that wooden doors are not maintenance-free. Homeowners have to maintain them regularly to safeguard them against weather damage such as warping or decay. 


Traditionally we use wooden frames for doors and windows in India, but you have seen clearly how steel frames are better than wooden frames in the long run. That’s why APL Apollo has come up with Apollo Chaukhat, India’s first closed steel door and window frames. They are made of quality steel and can be installed easily. Apollo Chaukats come in two models – modular and readymade. You can rest assured about the strength, durability and quality with no compromise on aesthetics. Apollo Chaukhat is made with Direct Forming Technology and is available in customized sizes. By choosing Apollo Chaukhat you will be reducing the carbon footprint and saving trees. Go ahead and make the right choice with Apollo Chaukhat today.

Find out how Apollo Column Tubes helps you in modern construction

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Find out how Apollo Column Tubes helps you in modern construction

APL Apollo is the leading manufacturer of electric resistance welded steel pipes and tubes in India with an annual capacity of over 2.6 million tonnes. The Apollo column range created with cutting edge technology offers great flexibility to the construction industry with a variety of hollow steel sections ranging from 12×12 mm to 300x300mm. 

In today’s steel construction industry, there has been a move towards high-performance materials, especially in the pre-built sections. Apollo Column Tubes improve the strength levels of the products while reducing the material and project costs. 

Once the advantage of Apollo column tubes became evident, the use of hollow steel sections in construction has increased tremendously. The AISC standards have included HSS connections and this could be one reason why its demand has increased. Apollo Column Tubes can be used in different ways to create aesthetically interesting structures 

When it comes to the modern construction of any design and elevation, the Apollo Column Tubes are a clear game-changer. They are suitable for a range of construction uses including infrastructure, commercial and residential housing projects because of the variety of options available. 

Apollo Column tubes have a high load-bearing capacity and strength to weight ratio which makes them suitable for structural buildings. It offers superior compression performance and creates tremendous weight savings. 

Benefits of using Apollo Column Tubes 

There are several advantages of using Apollo Column Tubes as they are a combination of beauty, strength and versatility. 

Design flexibility – Apollo Column Tubes offer sufficient flexibility to the architects and engineers to give wings to their imagination. 

Equal distribution of strength – The Apollo Column Tubes have an equal distribution of material around their axis which offers strength to the structure. 

Strength to weight ratio – The Apollo Column Tubes have a high strength to weight ratio that leads to lower steel consumption and effectively lower cost.

Beauty – The structures appear visually pleasing due to the smooth profile of Apollo Columns. Painting – Apollo Columns are amenable to painting because of their uniform and smooth contours. 

High torsion – Apollo Columns have excellent torsional resistance that is 200x compared to open sections. 

No wastage – Apollo Colum tubes are available in sizes from 4-12 mm so you can pick the exact size needed and avoid material wastage. 

Positive impact on the environment – Traditional construction methods cause pollution while the use of Apollo Column tubes is environment-friendly making it a sustainable solution. 

Savings in steel consumption – The hollow steel sections are designed in such a way that they can be fitted easily leading to lesser consumption of steel. 

Project cost savings – A combination of reduced steel consumption, faster construction and less transportation cost adds to the project cost savings. 

Convenient installation – Installation becomes easier due to the use of the installation system. 

Engineer’s choice – The convenience of welding, drilling, punching and bending makes the Apollo Column an ideal fabricating material choice for engineers. 

The increasing awareness about the advantage of steel tubes has led to the increased use of hollow steel sections in construction. Apollo Column tubes combine strength and versatility with aesthetics to become the choice building material for architects and engineers. 

The versatility of its use in high rise residential buildings, industrial structures, shopping malls, airports, bridges, warehouses, factories, overbridges, fuel stations etc adds to the popularity of the tubes. Apollo Column tubes have become the choice material in the pre-engineered building segment as it is amenable to the varying construction needs. 

When it comes to costs. Apollo Column tubes are 10-20% cheaper which decreases the overall cost of construction. The reduced weight of the material leads to a decrease in transportation costs. Hollow sections have a lower surface area for painting which results in material, cost and time savings.

You can embrace modern construction with Apollo Column Tubes and make a difference. The ease of use and its versatility combined with aesthetics makes these hollow steel sections and 

tubes a very popular choice among architects and engineers who can execute their futuristic project designs flawlessly. 

To know more about how Apollo Column Tubes can help you in modern construction you can visit https://aplapollo.com/ and we will be happy to guide you.

Introducing our New Mobile app for fabricators and customers – Aalishaan

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Introducing our New Mobile app for fabricators and customers – Aalishaan

APL Apollo Tubes is the leader in India’s structural steel tubes industry. The Structural steel tubes, hollow steel sections, ERW steel tubes, square steel tubes, rectangular steel tubes and more are used in various applications. These steel tubes and steel sections are the building material of choice for architects and engineers especially when it comes to pre-engineering buildings. With APL Apollo tubes you can never go wrong as you will get the ideal combination of beauty, strength, cost and time savings. 

As a part of widening horizons and providing superior customer experiences, APL Apollo Tubes has developed a new mobile app called “Aalishaan” that can benefit both fabricators and customers. This is the first app of its kind in the industry that allows customers to connect directly with fabricators using the platform. 

The app will have a customer-facing interface that they can use if they have structural needs. They can choose from the existing steel designs for interior and exterior home needs. There are over 260 designs in the app for smart fences, amazing gates, beautiful sheds, modern door solutions, chaukhats, classic furniture, stylish exteriors, spacious racks and elegant wardrobes. Once the customer selects a design, the app will put the customer in touch with the nearest fabricator based on the location to get the job done. The customer has the choice to get in touch with the fabricator directly for the purpose. 

The fabricator interface of the app has already been launched. The app provides various benefits to fabricators – 

  • Getting leads and access to customers – The app will be a platform that puts them in touch with customers or provide leads about them which will help their business. 
  • Access to design library – They will get ready access to the design library where they can explore new designs and check out instructions as well. 
  • Branding advantage – The fabricators get the advantage of the Apollo branding which can help them in their business.
  • Dealer contacts – The fabricators will be able to connect with their nearest dealer for ready material supplies. 
  • Material Quantity Calculator – The app will have a ready material quantity calculator that will help fabricators provide material estimates to customers and place orders with dealers.
  • Participation in schemes – By subscribing to the app, fabricators will have the opportunity to participate in various monthly schemes like lucky draws etc

The basic idea behind the creation of the app is to offer a common platform that end consumers can access for their structural/ constructional needs. This will help Apollo Tubes to connect better with end customers and fabricators, understand their needs and improve their experience. This will help in raising the awareness of the brand and promote B2C connect.

You can download our App – Aalishaan: 

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/beautiful-home-with-apl-apollo/id1575548591

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mover.aplapollo

How Apollo Structural Helps You Build Commercial Construction In Your City

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How Apollo Structural Helps You Build Commercial Construction In Your City

Adding strength and beauty to the man-made structures has never been easier thanks to Apollo Structural steel tubes. These tubes are wonderful in making the task easier, adding both beauty and strength to structures. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes and may be used for a variety of purposes. The items are certainly the best in quality and provide ease of usage to work with, with characteristics that allow man-made creations to be beautifully moulded. Here are some things to keep in mind with Apollo steel pipes and steel tubes, which are available in a range of shapes and sizes. 

The Variety In These Amazing Products:

The amazing structural steel series of Apollo steel tubes have a variety of products to suit your requirements. Read on to find out which one is your favourite.

Apollo offers the following variants:

Apollo Fabritech:

Apollo Fabritech hollow steel sections have high tensile strength and are employed in a variety of sectors, including both construction and infrastructure. These steel tubes are available in a variety of finishes, forms and sizes. Square Hollow Sections (SHS) and Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) are the most sought after steel tubes.

Fabritech is a structural steel material used in big residential and commercial constructions that provides high strength structural support. It is mostly utilized in large projects. It features Rectangular and Square Black hollow steel sections with steel grades YST 310 and YST 355.

The applications of Apollo Structural steel tubes include airports, complex office buildings, complex warehouse structures etc.

Apollo Build

Apollo Build is a brand of square and rectangular black hollow steel section tubes that are commonly used as building materials in residential, commercial, and infrastructural projects. Apollo Build is composed of mild steel tubes and available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, ranging from 300x300mm to 25x25mm. 

Sturdy, tough, and long-lasting In terms of size, Apollo Build provides a multitude of options. These mild structural steel tubes are exceptionally cost-effective and economical, making them excellent for everyday building constructions.

Ideal application ideas of Apollo Build include construction of agricultural equipment, storage houses, houses people live in etc. 

Apollo DFT

Apollo DFT is made with the latest Direct Forming Technology, which allows for the manufacturing of square and rectangular section steel tubes at high speeds and without the need for roll changes, saving time in the process. This allows us to provide our clients with Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery of high-quality materials.

Lightweight, durable, and adaptable Apollo DFT is well-suited to a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure. The high-quality product is available in a variety of sizes to fulfil individual needs.

Suggested ideal applications of Apollo DFT include subways, metro stations, airport walkthroughs, bridges, stadiums, airports etc. 

Apollo Column

Apollo columns are black hollow steel parts that allow a futuristic edge to the constructions. These may be used to build constructions of any shape or elevation. It has the widest assortment of square hollow steel sections in India, with sizes ranging from 150x150mm to 300x300mm. Infrastructure, business, and residential buildings can all benefit from the use of column steel tubes.

With its great weight-bearing capability and increased construction speed, the Apollo Column is the core of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB). APL Apollo is the ideal choice for any building because of its superior quality, sturdiness, and simplicity of bending, punching, and drilling.

Suggested applications of Apollo Column include warehouses, factories, under construction sites etc.

No matter what your construction needs, APL Apollo can provide you with the perfect structural steel tubes to meet it. To know more, please visit https://aplapollo.com/ and we will help you get the best products for your project.

APL Apollo helped to set up an Oxygen Plant in just 15 days- How did they do it?

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APL Apollo helped to set up an Oxygen Plant in just 15 days- How did they do it?

The Direct Forming Technology (DFT) used by APL Apollo helps it to deliver better value to customers faster and more efficiently. This has become an established fact if we take several recent projects into consideration.

Take the example of the 15000 sq feet Oxygen Plant in Siraspur set up by the Delhi Government with Apollo Column steel tubes. This was completed in an ambitious 15 days’ time, thanks to APL Apollo structural steel tubes. APL columns offer faster construction, optimised structure cost, minimal wastage and superior quality while remaining environmentally friendly. The project was completed under the supervision of PWD engineers. Since this project had an ambitious turnaround time, it had to be well planned and executed with precision.

The project was divided into four clear stages –

Excavation and foundation work carried out by civil contractor

Once PWD finalized the design the order was placed on Day 1. The next day saw the beginning of the excavation of the site. On the fifth day, foundation casting began and was completed in two days.

Tubes manufactured by APL Apollo

Once the order was received from PWD, APL Apollo started manufacturing the tubes cut to length at its Raipur Plant and started despatching on the fourth day.

Fabrication of structural steel tubes at the workshop

While the foundation work was being managed at the site, the structural parts were being fabricated in the workshop. It took around 5 days for the fabrication and finishing of the fabrication. Two days were used for sandblasting and paintwork on the structural parts.

Assembly and erection of fabricated structure at the site

The despatch of the fabricated structural tubes were completed on the eleventh day by which point the site was ready for the erection of the fabricated structure. The assembly and erection of the entire structure took only three days.

On Day 15 the finished shed was handed over to PWD and they were extremely satisfied with the outcome. The entire project was completed in 15 days with the consumption of 20% less steel and incurring a 10% lower project cost. There was no welding done onsite. The lower weight of the columns resulted in considerable cost savings while it added extreme sturdiness to the structure.

This project demonstrated that the structural steel tubes are best suited for steel buildings in terms of Speed, Quality, Cost Savings and Environment Safety. The structure looks aesthetically better compared to conventional structural products.

APL Apollo Tubes supplied tubular sections of 400x200mm with 12mm thickness for this project. This aided the designer to optimize the building design that complied with the stipulated safety standards. The sections were supplied in cut to length sizes to ensure minimum wastage for the fabricator. It helped in faster processing of steel tubes and on-time completion of the project. 

APL Apollo used Direct Forming Technology and produced the heavy sections using the Italian rolling mills which are capable of producing square and rectangular tube sections directly. This provides a sharper edge to the tubes with less weight for the same load-bearing capacity. APL Apollo adds value to every engineering project with its latest technology 

APL Apollo started using the Direct Forming Technology four years ago and are the pioneer in India. This technology is now being used in heavy structural steel applications with great success. To know more about APL Apollo and its range of products, do visit our website https://aplapollo.com/ and we will be happy to assist you.

APL Apollo adds value to the Industrial Shed at Dujana

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APL Apollo adds value to the Industrial Shed at Dujana

APL Apollo has been a leader in promoting tubular steel technology in construction. The use of structural steel tubes offer multiple benefits including speed, quality and cost savings while being environmentally friendly. This has been practically proved in many projects. If you are interested in efficient solutions for your construction needs, read on.

The project –

Take the example of a greenfield project at Dujana, UP, where APL Apollo Steel Tube worked jointly with Cladding Project Pvt. Ltd to construct a  78,000 sq ft industrial shed. The dimensions specified were 146m x 49m x 11m and 15MT crane. It had to be designed to withstand Dead Load, Live Load, Wind Load, Earthquake Load and Crane Load. The shed was constructed using APL Apollo steel tubes.

The challenges –

Since this was a huge structure, the challenge faced by the engineers was to reduce the weight and cost of the industrial shed. Research work showed that HSS structures consumed less steel compared to built-up structures. The goal of the project was to build an optimised industrial shed in the fastest time possible with no onsite fabrication.

The Solution-

What happened was inspirational! APL Apollo Steel Tube worked jointly with Cladding Project Pvt. Ltd, brainstormed together, studied the results of the research and applied them to the real-time project at hand. The work was finished and the shed was handed over as planned. The entire structure was designed and constructed using APL Apollo Hollow Steel Sections.

The Outcome

The result was a fully completed project before the targeted deadline. The overall structural steel consumption for the entire project was 340 MT including the roofing. This was a reduction of 25% in structural steel consumption compared to pre-engineered buildings. The total project cost was lower by 15% owing to a reduction in erection cost, transportation cost and faster project completion. There was zero fabrication on site. The use of APL Apollo steel tubes helped to manage and execute the project flawlessly from start to finish.

APL Apollo is being extensively used in industrial projects and commercial structures due to its inherent superiority over similar products. APL Apollo uses the latest Italian Direct Forming Technology to provide stronger and more load-bearing steel tubes that can be used in industrial applications. They add strength, lower steel consumption, minimize wastage, expedite construction and reduce costs while remaining environmentally friendly. What more can you possibly ask for?

If you need more information about our products, feel free to visit our website  https://aplapollo.com/.

Apollo Direct Forming Technology (DFT)- Bringing The Cutting-Edge Italian Technology For The First Time In India

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Apollo Direct Forming Technology (DFT)- Bringing The Cutting-Edge Italian Technology For The First Time In India

Apollo DFT Structural Tubes have made it easier than ever to add beauty and strength to the man-made marvel of structures and buildings. These tubes are just right for lending a helping hand in finishing the task faster. Adding both beauty and strength to structures is a wholesome and win-win situation. They come in a range of forms and sizes and may be used for a variety of tasks. The structural steel tubes are of the highest quality and offer simplicity of use, with properties that allow man-made creations to be attractively moulded. Here are some things to remember about Apollo DFT Structural Tubes, which come in a variety of forms and sizes.

APL Apollo offers an extensive range of usage:

Direct forming technology is a game-changer in the structural steel tube segment in India and APL Apollo is the leader where this technology is concerned. APL Apollo has been putting cutting edge Italian technology to good use.  

The obvious advantages of using Direct Forming Technology include –

  • Flexibility
  • Increase in production capability
  • Cost Effective
  • Time Savings

Flexibility –  Steel Tubes made using DFT offer greater flexibility which increases the number of use cases.

Increase in production capability – The new seamless technology allows for an increase in production capability because of efficient operations.

Cost Effective – The improvement in technology leads to saving in material consumption wherein the overall product is made with minimal wastage, which means a saving in total costs.

Time Savings – The increased efficiency in operations leads to time savings which is always a plus point in manufacturing.

Apollo DFT Structural steel tubes provide you with an excellent structural series that has a wide range of high-quality products to meet your needs.

Some of the amazing uses of Apollo DFT are as follows:

Apollo DFT is created with the most up-to-date Direct Forming Technology, which enables the rapid production of square and rectangular section steel tubes without the need for roll changes, saving time. This enables us to offer high-quality materials Just-in-Time (JIT) to our clients.

Lightweight, versatile, and long-lasting Apollo DFT works effectively in a range of settings, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure. To meet specific needs, the high-quality product is available in a number of sizes.

Subways, metro stations, airport walkthroughs, bridges, stadiums, and airports are all suggested as ideal Apollo DFT uses.

APL Apollo focuses on providing customer-centric solutions. This has led them to evolve the 5W approach which helps them to provide end users with an enhanced experience. This includes the why, which, when, where and what.

Why – DFT products are lower in weight and stronger than conventional steel which makes them perfect for a variety of uses.

What – DFT products are highly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Where – With over 800+ distributors and 50,000 retailers powered by 2.6 Million tons per annum production capacity, APL Apollo can provide you with your requirements wherever you want.

When – No matter what your urgency, APL Apollo will supply your products just in time. DFT helps to produce rectangular and square sections through welding at high speed without any roll changes. This helps in considerable time savings.

Which – APL Apollo has a wide range of product portfolio in various sizes and shapes that can meet all your construction requirements.

With Direct Forming Technology, APL Apollo has taken leadership of the structural steel tubes segment in India. You can visit https://aplapollo.com/ to learn more about our products and how you can use them in your residential/ commercial projects.

Why Choose Apollo Tubes And Pipes For Any Kind Of Construction?

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Why choose Apollo Tubes And pipes for any kind of construction?


Structural Steel Tubes and Pipes by APL Apollo are fantastic for adding both beauty and solidity to buildings. They come in a range of forms and sizes and can be used for a variety of tasks. The products are unquestionably the best, with features that can wonderfully mould man-made creations. Here are a few things you should know about them.

The variety of products along with their features to make your designs
interesting and sustainable are:

  • The pipes are rust-free, corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, strong and durable. These characteristics give them a long-lasting quality, ensuring that the structures you build will endure a lifetime and require the least amount of upkeep. Termites are unable to chew through the pipes, making them ideal for long-term use.
  • The pipes are also available in a variety of colours! The pipes are flexible, making them ideal for all of your roofing needs. These pipes are fire resistant, have a high strength to weight ratio, contain fire resistant screws, are sturdy, safe, and durable, and are a perfect fit for any roof type. They also contain an anti-capillary groove to ensure that no leaks occur even during heavy rains! They provide excellent space coverage while also being adaptable. They also provide a range of ready-to-use colours in the pipes, as well as custom colour options on demand to meet your specific requirements.

● It’s suitable for both construction and furniture applications.

  • These products are wonderful to use in group housing, housing colonies, independent residences, or commercial projects such as malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, office towers, and so on. They bring beauty and symmetry to the construction. Apart from that, Apollo rust-resistant pipes can be used in infrastructure projects that the company performs in both urban and rural locations, and they are certainly employed in agricultural and industrial equipment. The above-mentioned applications benefit from the added strength and structure provided by these structural steel tubes.

● For a longer life expectancy, they’ve been pre-galvanized.

  • Apollo products are made of a special hot-dipped galvanised steel coil that was created to suit the demand for galvanised steel tubes in coastal locations. Both the inside and outside of these zinc-coated pre-galvanized tubes are zinc-coated. These pipes are commonly used in the building of roofing structures that provide long-term rain and sunlight protection. These are available as square, rectangular, and round sections

● Innovative shapes are available

  • These structural steel tubes and pipes are available in a variety of shapes, including elliptical, oval, octagon, D-section, square, tapered, thin, and H-shaped. These shapes provide for a better fit in the structures, resulting in increased durability and stability in a range of applications, including: Posts for fencing: The H-shaped pipes provide a distinctive fencing solution. They are a unique APL Apollo product that is low-cost, long-lasting, and may be utilised in place of typical concrete boundary walls. Road safety fencing: Reusable bollards and road delineators made of high-strength, termite-free materials may easily replace fencing and bollards made of normal building materials. It can also support wire or wire mesh, as well as parking fences, signpost bollards, and parking fences. APL Apollo has a large selection of structural steel pipes that can be used in a number of applications. The product line cleverly combines strength, practicality, and beauty to produce a genuinely adaptable building solution. APL Apollo’s structural pipes, which come in a variety of shapes, colours, and tints, are a dream come true for architects since they provide them with so much creative flexibility. Structures that make use of these steel pipes and tubes turn imaginations into reality by moving them from the design board to the actual site without sacrificing strength or longevity. This is why the structural pipe series from APL Apollo is so popular among builders, architects, and clients. Rust-proof square, rectangular, and round pipes from APL Apollo are like poems engraved in steel that beautify the landscape and stand the test of time. APL Apollo has a 50% market share by sales and is the undisputed leader in structural steel tubes. Offering the right blend of strength, beauty and longevity, it has become the go-to brand that delights customers and architects alike. For all your building needs, do take time out to visit https://aplapollo.com/ and we will be glad to assist you.


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