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Why Apollo Steel Plank Is Replacing Wood?

Wood has been long established as the go-to material for making planks. However, over the years, many of its drawbacks have come to the forefront. Planks made of wood are not as durable and often succumb to extreme temperatures and other harsh weather conditions. Moreover, they require the felling of trees, thus making it non eco-friendly. The introduction of APOLLO STEEL PLANKS came as a solution to all these problems and gradually people are switching from wood to steel. Read on to know what makes Apollo Steel Planks a better choice than wooden planks.
1. Fire-resistant

This is one of the most important factors that give Apollo Planks an upper hand over the wooden planks. Manufactured from quality steel, the Apollo Planks are non-combustible. Whereas, wood is flammable and always runs a risk of catching fire. To avoid the same, most people are switching to Apollo Plank, a safer substitute.

2. Termite-proof

Providing no organic material for the termites to feed on, Apollo Planks are termite-proof. However, wooden planks are prone to termites and thus vulnerable to termite-related damage. Even if termite protection and treatment is used, wooden planks are still vulnerable to termites and makes it more costly. Hence, Apollo Plank becomes a better and more economical option.

3. Greater strength

Apollo Planks have a higher strength to weight ratio as compared to wooden planks. Thus, they are more sturdy and can easily withstand huge weights. Owing to their usage in truck bodies and scaffolding, the planks must encompass great strength and thus Apollo Planks become the go-to-choice.

4. Eco-friendly

Many trees are chopped down for the construction of wooden planks and the same is resulting in the depletion of forests. However, Apollo Planks are a solution to this problem as more usage of them means less cutting of trees. Also, Apollo Planks do not harm the environment and hence qualify as the better choice.

5. Recyclable

Apollo Planks are recyclable. In fact, steel is 100% recyclable and has an extremely high overall recycling rate. This allows them to be recycled continually from one product to another without any degradation in performance. Thus, Apollo Planks becomes more widely used as compared to the wooden planks.

6. Enhanced Longevity

Apollo Planks last longer than the wooden planks. Apollo Planks do not bend or twist out of shape like wooden planks. They also don’t expand, degrade and rot due to weather conditions that adversely affect wooden planks. Thus, they are highly durable, which makes them the preferred choice. Moreover, Apollo Planks are resilient to termites, fire and other natural calamities, thus being more durable than wooden planks.