Steel and Its Uses in Our Homes

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The best way to grant brilliant aesthetics to a house without compromising on the quality is by choosing steel as the constructional material. Steel provides a strong frame to the building. It also provides the liberty to be experimented with in terms of designs and patterns, thus resulting in appealing interiors and exteriors. Moreover, the houses designed by steel don’t require columns for support owing to steel’s bending capacity, thus leading to more open spaces.

Along with lending captivating facades to the houses, steel-made homes are manufactured in less time and result in the reduction of manufacturing costs. Steel structures can be assembled off-site and can be brought on-site for the installation, which requires very little work. Also, steel being light in weight, is easier to move around, resulting in less money being spent.

Along with all these advantages, the steel structures are fire-resistant and reduce the impact of fire to a certain extent. Moreover, steel homes can bear an earthquake because of the steel’s ability to flex.

Just as steel is employed in the making of a house, it is also used inside the homes. From the main entrance to the entry of all the rooms, steel chaukhat is being used. The steel chaukhat is the new age solution which is termite and fire-resistant. It leaves no gaps during the installation, thus preventing dust, etc from entering the house. Along with being cost-effective, it is also highly durable. The same goes for the steel doors. They lend a classy facade to the house and require less maintenance. Steel doors are sturdy, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant.

A number of stylish options are available when it comes to steel stairs. They provide the house with a distinctive look as well as the durability and longevity of steel. The superior quality of steel ensures that it is not affected by corrosion or external factors. Also, steel handrails are used in homes which form an essential part.

Steel D sections are extremely crucial for the construction of balconies and roofs of every house. The reason being, these grant the house with high strength, durability, and longer life at a minimal cost. Apart from this, Steel D sections lend uniformity and make the structure lighter, without meddling in its quality.

Steel furniture is a trendsetter and bestows elegance to the house. Furniture made from steel is the best way to amp up the interiors of your house, as they appear sophisticated and are economic. They will last for years in the same, brand new condition, owing to their longevity.

The sturdy steel planks are the perfect choice to form a fence around your house. The steel planks will impart both style and strength to the house. These will provide the required privacy and safety to your house against wind, storm, and robbery. Hence, making certain you and your house is safe and secure.

Selling Steel as a Commodity to Selling Steel as a Brand

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Selling Steel as a Commodity to Selling Steel as a Brand

By definition, commodity is raw material or primary product that is sold and processed further to produce a finished product. As steel is a rather versatile and useful commodity, it was initially sold as a commodity which would then be used in the required industry and form. However, branding and marketing it, was not on the cards in the initial days when the industry was slowly expanding.

Creating a brand recall for a commodity that wasn’t fully in the common man’s domain wasn’t an easy task. But with time, the common man became much more aware of every component that was involved in the making of the final product. Simultaneously, brands felt the need for branding, to retain more customers and spread awareness.

Branding a product meant giving an otherwise indistinguishable product a unique identity. Following the success of branding, companies could also use it to their benefit by charging a premium price for assured quality and reassurance that could only be given by a brand. It started off with products that were at the consumer’s end but soon expanded to other categories – with growing awareness and knowledge, there was a market for branded steel goods that the consumer could ask for by name. They made their way into the retail segment – thus taking the steel industry forward by leaps and bounds.

Branding steel also meant being safe amidst market fluctuations. Experts have even cited that branding commodities could also help develop the relations between buyers and suppliers. Branding the products also meant that the workers and manufacturers would take a greater interest and would thus have more commitment towards the process.

Today, even the common man is actively involved in processes that were previously considered to be the fabricator’s job. A wider reach has enabled the industry to make the audience aware of its brand and benefits and the goal – that every consumer would ask for the brand – is well within reach.

As a brand, APL Apollo has grown considerably in the past few years. Today, we are one of the top five steel tube manufacturers in the world and we have crossed the milestone of producing 2 million tonnes of steel annually. We have developed more economical, eco-friendly and sustainable products that are used in the development of the country every day. Previously, we manufactured steel sheets and pipes that could be a part of any industry. Today we have branched into consumer facing products like window sections and door frames. In this scenario, branding has made our customer aware of these products and today, they know our product by the name ‘Chaukhat’. This has widened our reach and increased our customer retention and satisfaction.