Steel and Its Uses in Our Homes

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The best way to grant brilliant aesthetics to a house without compromising on the quality is by choosing steel as the constructional material. Steel provides a strong frame to the building. It also provides the liberty to be experimented with in terms of designs and patterns, thus resulting in appealing interiors and exteriors. Moreover, the houses designed by steel don’t require columns for support owing to steel’s bending capacity, thus leading to more open spaces.

Along with lending captivating facades to the houses, steel-made homes are manufactured in less time and result in the reduction of manufacturing costs. Steel structures can be assembled off-site and can be brought on-site for the installation, which requires very little work. Also, steel being light in weight, is easier to move around, resulting in less money being spent.

Along with all these advantages, the steel structures are fire-resistant and reduce the impact of fire to a certain extent. Moreover, steel homes can bear an earthquake because of the steel’s ability to flex.

Just as steel is employed in the making of a house, it is also used inside the homes. From the main entrance to the entry of all the rooms, steel chaukhat is being used. The steel chaukhat is the new age solution which is termite and fire-resistant. It leaves no gaps during the installation, thus preventing dust, etc from entering the house. Along with being cost-effective, it is also highly durable. The same goes for the steel doors. They lend a classy facade to the house and require less maintenance. Steel doors are sturdy, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant.

A number of stylish options are available when it comes to steel stairs. They provide the house with a distinctive look as well as the durability and longevity of steel. The superior quality of steel ensures that it is not affected by corrosion or external factors. Also, steel handrails are used in homes which form an essential part.

Steel D sections are extremely crucial for the construction of balconies and roofs of every house. The reason being, these grant the house with high strength, durability, and longer life at a minimal cost. Apart from this, Steel D sections lend uniformity and make the structure lighter, without meddling in its quality.

Steel furniture is a trendsetter and bestows elegance to the house. Furniture made from steel is the best way to amp up the interiors of your house, as they appear sophisticated and are economic. They will last for years in the same, brand new condition, owing to their longevity.

The sturdy steel planks are the perfect choice to form a fence around your house. The steel planks will impart both style and strength to the house. These will provide the required privacy and safety to your house against wind, storm, and robbery. Hence, making certain you and your house is safe and secure.

APL Apollo Products & Versatility

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APL Apollo Products & Versatility

APL Apollo has been in the industry for decades and we have been using technology and innovation to develop products to ease the work of our consumers while minimizing the impact of it on the planet. When we started our journey, we realized the need for a stronger material and entered the industry of pipes and tubes manufacturing. Using steel of highest quality, we ensured that the consumers got durable and strong products. We also designed our products in a way that enabled consumers to use them in more than one way.

Our MS Black Pipes are manufactured using high grade mild steel and the latest technology is involved in producing these. This technology ensures that all the standards are met while producing a durable product. These pipes are easy to weld and forge and thus find usage across different industries. MS Black pipes are used for firefighting, fencing, mech and general engineering, idlers etc. These versatile pipes are also used in structuring and as electrical conduits.

We also manufacture pre-galvanized tubes that are highly durable, stable and can withstand atmospheric collision. These find usage in Fencing, Cabling and Ducting Automotive (Bus Body), Greenhouse Structures, Gates and Grills, Electrical Conduit and Scaffolding. Made of galvanized sheets, they can also withstand mechanical deformation and are aesthetically pleasing as well.

We further felt the need for superior products for water supply, structuring etc. and started manufacturing the hot dipped galvanized pipes. To ensure more strength and durability, the steel pipes are dipped in a molten zinc bath. This process has enhanced the structural performance of these pipes in the harshest of weather conditions as they resist wind, water and road salts. They are also corrosion-resistant, and more economical.

Apart from these, we also have hollow sections, which have high tensile strength and are used in various industries. They also come in various shapes and sizes thus making it easier for them to be used in different sectors. These find application in construction, machinery, automotive, furniture, transmission towers, heavy machine equipment, agricultural equipment, Earth moving equipment etc.

With a developing nation, it was necessary to build products that are versatile, durable and eco-friendly. We also developed flat/oval capsules, hand rails, D-sections, elliptical sections, narrow sections and taper sections. This array of products have a wide range of uses. Our constant drive for innovation and the usage of latest technology enabled us to develop products that are strong, durable and eco-friendly. Lasting longer than others, these have also proven to be more economical while being aesthetically pleasing. All these reasons have catapulted us to the zenith of success and helped us carve a name for ourselves in the industry.