Steel and Its Uses in Our Homes

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The best way to grant brilliant aesthetics to a house without compromising on the quality is by choosing steel as the constructional material. Steel provides a strong frame to the building. It also provides the liberty to be experimented with in terms of designs and patterns, thus resulting in appealing interiors and exteriors. Moreover, the houses designed by steel don’t require columns for support owing to steel’s bending capacity, thus leading to more open spaces.

Along with lending captivating facades to the houses, steel-made homes are manufactured in less time and result in the reduction of manufacturing costs. Steel structures can be assembled off-site and can be brought on-site for the installation, which requires very little work. Also, steel being light in weight, is easier to move around, resulting in less money being spent.

Along with all these advantages, the steel structures are fire-resistant and reduce the impact of fire to a certain extent. Moreover, steel homes can bear an earthquake because of the steel’s ability to flex.

Just as steel is employed in the making of a house, it is also used inside the homes. From the main entrance to the entry of all the rooms, steel chaukhat is being used. The steel chaukhat is the new age solution which is termite and fire-resistant. It leaves no gaps during the installation, thus preventing dust, etc from entering the house. Along with being cost-effective, it is also highly durable. The same goes for the steel doors. They lend a classy facade to the house and require less maintenance. Steel doors are sturdy, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant.

A number of stylish options are available when it comes to steel stairs. They provide the house with a distinctive look as well as the durability and longevity of steel. The superior quality of steel ensures that it is not affected by corrosion or external factors. Also, steel handrails are used in homes which form an essential part.

Steel D sections are extremely crucial for the construction of balconies and roofs of every house. The reason being, these grant the house with high strength, durability, and longer life at a minimal cost. Apart from this, Steel D sections lend uniformity and make the structure lighter, without meddling in its quality.

Steel furniture is a trendsetter and bestows elegance to the house. Furniture made from steel is the best way to amp up the interiors of your house, as they appear sophisticated and are economic. They will last for years in the same, brand new condition, owing to their longevity.

The sturdy steel planks are the perfect choice to form a fence around your house. The steel planks will impart both style and strength to the house. These will provide the required privacy and safety to your house against wind, storm, and robbery. Hence, making certain you and your house is safe and secure.

Why switch to Apollo Chaukhat?

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Why switch to Apollo Chaukhat?

Traditionally, wood was used for window and door frames in India. They have been in use for a long period of time but they have their fair share of problems. Wood is an expensive material and carving frames out of it is an even more expensive procedure. Moreover, owing to the material, the finished products are not always fully customized and leave gaps when installed. This leads to the house being prone to germs and dust – thus creating an unhealthy environment. It also takes a longer time to install wooden frames as they are open frames and are also difficult to integrate into design while renovating homes. Moreover, these frames are inflammable and prone to termites. Being made of wood, the frames are also susceptible to weather changes that can easily damage the product. These led to quick degeneration and frequent breakdowns of wooden frames, thus proving to be a not-so-economical option.

This led to the need for an improved and durable product that would ease the process while being durable. A product that would last longer and be stronger than the existing option. Our quest for innovation and enhancing customer experience made us look into the dearth of such a product and work on a solution for the same. We imported the best technology from Italy and used it to make India’s first steel closed door and window frames. We made this with Direct Forming Technology or DFT which added many features to the finished product. In a short span of time, it has become a preferred choice over wood for various reasons like:

  • Made of superior quality steel, Apollo Chaukhat promises great strength and longer durability.
  • Made of steel, our frames are resistant to fire and other such disasters.
  • They are also immune to termites, thus elongating durability.
  • Being customizable, these steel frames can be easily installed anywhere without additional need for renovation.
  • The installation is an easy two-step process that makes it much faster than before.
  • Our steel frames are also much more economical – they are cost-efficient and last longer; thus decreasing initial and maintenance cost.
  • These are eco-friendly products and help you save the environment by reducing the felling of trees.
  • Due to the material, our frames are also resistant to weather and do not expand or shrink under extreme temperatures. They are also resistant to water and moisture.
  • Customization ensures zero gaps thus leaving no space for germs or dust to enter the home.
  • Our frames are available in an array of sizes to meet every requirement.
  • These frames are also available in sleek designs, thus helping you choose strong frames without compromising on the aesthetics.

Thus switching to Apollo Chaukhat can help you save the environment while increasing the durability of your own home. Have you made the right choice yet?

Tests and Standards to Check the Quality of Steel

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Tests and Standards to Check the Quality of Steel

Testing a material is very crucial as it helps in identifying the characteristics and behavior of a substance. Steel being the world’s foremost construction material has to be of the best quality. Setting a standard and maintaining it is quite crucial in order to gain customer loyalty as well as ensuring safety. The steel industry uses the term “quality” to designate a characteristic of a material which makes it well suited for a particular application. Various tests performed to ensure the quality of the material are as follows:

 1. What is a mill certificate?

It is a quality assurance document that a producer uses in the metal industry to show product compliance with international standards. It certifies both physical as well as chemical properties. This certificate provides assurance to the end users of the raw material that the order they received is as per their requirements. It helps to maintain the traceability of the product from start to end i.e. from raw material to a finished product.

2. What is bending test?

It is an inexpensive quality test that helps to determine the flexibility and soundness of the metal. Through this test you can determine the material’s resistance level. The main aim of this test is to shape the sample material into various shapes. This test shows whether the metal will be able to tolerate the pressure under construction or not. It is necessary to maintain the frequency of the bending test in order to prevent structural issues.

3. What is tension test?

This process helps determine the tensile strength, yield strength, and elasticity of the material. This test shows the reaction of the material towards the force applied to it. In this test, the manufacturer puts a steel bar sample under controlled tension, until the failure stage. It helps in predicting material performance under normal and extreme forces.

4. What is yield strength test?

This test involves taking a steel sample whose cross-section area is determined prior, then pulling it with a controlled gradual increasing force until it changes its shape or breaks. When the yield formula is demonstrated by a metallic material there is a point at which plastic deformation occurs without any increase in force.

5. What is chemical test?

This test is done on steel to know the level of chemical content and find out whether there is a dangerous chemical substance in the sample. A chemical analyst conducts a test to check the chemical contents of a sample and learn the composition, structures, and material properties from the atomic scale up to a molecule scale.

Standards for steel:

India is the 3rd largest producer of steel in the world percentage of standard and certified steel. In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards is engaged in the formulation and implementation of national standards known as Indian Standards. Adoption of Indian Standards or marking products to bear ISI Mark by its very nature is optional unless it is made mandatory under specific Law, Rules & Regulations. Section 14 of the BIS Act 1986 authorizes Union Government to make the use of ISI marks mandatory in the public interest.

Government has been imposing steel quality control order for ensuring the quality of steel for the industry users and public at large. Ministry of Steel has, so far, notified 4 different quality control orders covering thereby 33 steel products and they are Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) Order, 2012,  Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) Second Order, 2012, Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) Order, 2015, Stainless Steel Products (Quality Control) Order, 2016. Various standards for steel in India are available here.

How Steel Tube Industry is Helping in Saving the Environment?

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How Steel Tube Industry is Helping in Saving the Environment?

Whether you are looking for a more environment-friendly solution to your construction needs or wanting to learn more about making the right choice – this is a must-read for you. Over the years, the steel tube industry has evolved and the growth has also been accelerated due to growing environmental concerns. Today, we are among the top five steel tube manufacturing companies and we are expanding every day to meet the growing demands. In the process, we are also adding to environment conservation. Let’s take a look at how this is done!

Steel Is Recyclable

Most steel is 100% recyclable, which essentially means it can be made into other things after the original product is no longer in use. Easily traceable with magnetic separation, steel can also be easily recovered from waste and other places and utilized to make other things. This leads to an overall reduction in materials needed and also saves limited natural resources, thus saving the environment.

Steel Is Durable

When you opt for steel, you invest in a product that is much more durable than its counterparts. Over the years, this leads to reduction in production of materials thus saving time, energy and money. Often, fossil fuels are used for manufacturing these products and by providing more durable products, the steel tube industry is ensuring the reduction of finite resources.

Steel Reduces Waste

By producing sustainable products; the steel tube industry is reducing the waste in the environment. Steel being recyclable, is sent for processing, instead of adding to the non-recyclable waste that is increasing every day. This greatly helps the environment while creating quality products for our consumers.

Steel Replaces Wood

Steel tubes and pipes are replacing wood every day. This greatly reduces the need for felling trees thus leading to a greener tomorrow. The less use of wood also reduces deforestation and in turn lessens soil erosion, which often causes many natural disasters. Steel is more durable than wood and this leads to products lasting longer, which would have otherwise been replaced by more wooden products. It is also being used to build door frames and window frames and other structures, which were traditionally made of wood. This ensures that the structures last longer and do not get infested by pests or affected by weather, like in the case of wooden frames.

Apart from offering durability and great designs, switching to steel is also contributing towards conservation of the environment. Have you made the switch yet?