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Dear Stakeholders

ashok gupta

At APL Apollo, we have continued to strengthen our competitive advantage: through capacity expansion, higher asset utilization, superior yield, enhanced technology, value-added product mix and wider marketing presence.

To enhance our reach and reduce logistic costs, we increased our warehouses-cum-branch offices to over 20. This will also help in expanding our presence in Tier-II and III cities, which have a considerable potential for growth.

Our product portfolio boasts of over 400 products today. We further expect to expand our product portfolio in the coming years, as we grow from strength to strength.

We have improved our brand value through a presence in trade expos, fabricator meets, focused advertising and brand building initiatives. We have developed new markets/applications for clients in sectors like the auto industry, engineering industry, solar power sector, firefighting sector and metro railway projects all over India.

The attractive prospects of user industries provide optimism for the Indian pipe industry. APL Apollo Tubes is competitively placed within the industry through strategic locations, wide distribution, strong clientele and a large product portfolio.

We further expect to commission our capacities on schedule, enhance production efficiency, optimize production costs and expand our reach. We are optimistic that these initiatives will fast-track our revenues, strengthen margins and enhance shareholder value.

Ashok K Gupta
Managing Director