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1. Where one should contact for investors / shareholders queries ?

  • I ) Invester Cell
    APL Apollo Tubes Limited
    37, Hargovind Enclave,
    Vikas Marg, Delhi - 110092.
    Tele. No. 011 - 22373437
    Fax. No. 011 - 22373537
    E-mail :
  • II ) Registrar & Transfer Agent
    Abhipra Capital Limited
    GF- Abhipra Complex, Dilkhush Industrial Area A-387,
    G.T. Karnal Road Azadpur, Delhi-110033
    Tele. No. 011-42390725, 42390783
    Fax. No. 011-42390830
    Email :

Shareholders/Investors are requested to forward documents related to share transfer, transmission, nomination, Change of address, ECS details and other related matters and correspondence directly to Abhipra Capital Limited at the above address.

2. Can a shareholder authorise another person to deal in his shares. Does such kind of information be reported to APL Apollo Tubes Limited?

Yes. One can do so by executing a Power of Attorney in favour of the concerned person and submit a notarised copy of the same to our R & ST Agent, M/s. Abhipra Capital Limited for registration. After scrutiny of the documents, the Power of Attorney shall be registered and the registration number is informed to the shareholder for his future reference.

3. In case one holds shares in joint names and would like to change the order of names, then what he should do.

One can do so by following the procedure of Transposition of name. In this case the share certificates along with a request letter duly signed by all the joint-holders as per the specimen signatures recorded with APL Apollo Tubes Limited needs to be forwarded to M/s. Abhipra Capital Limited, R& ST Agent. Further there is no need of filling up a transfer deed.

Detailed procedure & information for Transfer, Transmission of Shares, Loss of Share Certificate, Dividend, Nomination Facilities, Change of Address etc, provided herein Below :