Aalishaan app – Ready to Wow the End-User

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Aalishaan app – Ready to Wow the End-User

Building your dream structure using construction materials from Apollo Tubes Limited has become so easy. APL Apollo is the biggest steel tubes producer in India, with a capacity to produce 2.6 million tonnes per annum. It has extended the distribution network across the world. APL Apollo Steel Company offers over 1100+ structural and building products, including Galvanized Tubes, MS Black Pipes, Structural Steel Tubes, Hollow Sections and more. 

APL Apollo has introduced the first-ever platform for both fabricators and customers – Aalishaan mobile app. It is a one-stop solution for end-users to contact fabricators, architects, and engineers directly to fulfil their construction and building-related needs. 

Key Features of APL Apollo Aalishaan App 

To ease access to building material and steel designs, APL Apollo has launched the mobile app as an aspiring platform to go beyond limitations. It has two types of Interfaces: Customer Facing Interface and Fabricator Interface. 

Customer-Facing Interface 

Recently launched, the Customer-facing interface offers a convenient way for customers to contact fabricators directly as per requirements. Aalishan mobile application provides various facilities to cater to the customers’ needs in a hassle-free manner- 

● Over 260 designs to choose from for end-users 

● Select the steel designs as per structural requirements 

● Structural Steel products available for inside and exterior home designs

● Search facility to find the nearest fabricator for the job 

● Buyers can get in touch with local fabricators directly

Fabricators Facing interface 

Fabricators can reach customers with no dealers or brokers. Aalishaan mobile app offers the best deal to fabricators by connecting to the nearest vendors. The APL Apollo Aalishaan App gives a wide range of benefits to fabricators:- 

Getting More leads: It helps fabricators promote them and reach more customers. It can help to get more orders and increase business income. 

Design library: The app offers you an accessible design library to explore new designs and have a wider choice to experiment with. You can also check out detailed instructions while selecting your design. 

Brand Reputation: The brand value of APL Apollo can help the fabricators to win more customers. It helps them to get convertible leads and grow their own business. 

Dealer contacts: There is no need to waste time in locating the nearest dealer or negotiating prices. The fabricators can access the dealer contact list and connect with their nearest dealer for construction material supplies at the best rates. 

Material Quantity Calculator: The best feature of the Aalishaan App is to calculate the quantity of material needed in seconds. It will help fabricators plan an accurate material budget estimate based on the design selected and place orders with dealers. 

Get Rewards: The Aalishaan app offers the fabricators an opportunity to participate in lucky draws and win rewards. They stand to gain in numerous ways if they download the app and stay updated. 

Final Words 

APL Apollo helps you build stunning homes and makes it easier for fabricators to reach a larger audience. The idea behind this mobile app is to combine the world of customers and fabricators. It is a responsive and user-friendly application to access structural and building materials. APL Apollo understands the needs of customers and this app is an attempt to improve their overall experience. It will help to raise brand recognition and engage with the target audience. Download the app right now by clicking on the link.

Android Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?%20d=com.mover.aplapollo

IOS Link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/beautiful-home-with-apl-apollo/id1575548591