Apollo Agri - Steel Pipes

Apollo Agri - Steel Pipes

Apollo Agri tubes are black round tubes used mainly for agricultural and plumbing applications. The strength to weight ratio of our Agri tubes are ideal for underground usage especially in irrigation and plumbing projects. These eco-friendly tubes are made of high quality steel and are long lasting.
Apollo Agri - Steel Pipes
Black round apollo agri steel pipes used for agricultural & plumbing applications
Apollo Agri - Steel Pipes


Apollo Agri tubes are high quality tubes that are durable, rust resistant and offer higher cost efficiency. Used mainly in water transportation, Agri Tubes are corrosion resistant and eco-friendly.


Durable: For structural purposes, steel tubes are inserted deep underground before the foundation is laid to provide stability.
As for transportation, steel pipes are used for oil, gas, sewage, and water. In other projects, it supports the flow of hazardous chemicals as well.
In some cases, round steel tubes are used as bollards to protect establishments and people from vehicle-ramming accidents. All of these applications demand the durability of materials.
This is where the strength of steel tubes is a desirable advantage. Unlike other materials,
Apollo Agri’s durability enables it to withstand high pressure, vibrations, and shock.
Rest assured that you won’t have to constantly replace steel pipes for many years beyond installation.
Offer Higher Cost Efficiency: Using these black round steel tubes can help you cut down on different construction project costs.
Given its innate strength, a small amount of the metal goes a long way in supporting foundations.
The less material you need to install in a project, the less labor workforce will be needed. Of course, fewer work hours will lead to less money spent on wages.
In addition, steel tubes are significantly cheaper than other materials. Its price has remained low because manufacturers are making use of recycled steel to create new products. On the other hand, materials made of concrete cannot be recycled.
Let’s not forget that steel tubes don’t need to be replaced constantly, making it a cost-efficient option for construction projects.

Used Mainly In Water Transportation: Apollo Agri are the strongest and most durable of all water supply tubes. They can withstand high water pressure, come in convenient (longer) lengths than most other steel pipes and thus incur lower installation/transportation costs. They can also be easily welded.

Corrosion Resistant: Corrosion is the number one adversary of steel pipes. The exterior of iron, steel and concrete pipework will deteriorate due to soil and UV rays. Other types of piping inside walls appear to rust, become damaged by abrasion, or accumulate debris. However, due to corrosion resistance of steel, this happens rarely. This gives high quality steel an advantage in areas such as sanitary water distribution and hospital applications.
Eco-Friendly: With an alarming rise in environmental problems, contractors and builders are being called upon to reduce waste and make use of recyclable materials. This is where a steel pipes’ recyclability makes it advantageous to work with.
Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. In fact, it is more recyclable than all the other materials combined.When the pipes are no longer needed, they can simply be melted down and be used from one product to another. Its property allows it to be recycled continually with no degradation in performance quality.


When the steel pipe is forged, a black oxide scale will form on its surface, giving it the finish of this type of steel pipe. Because steel is susceptible to rust and corrosion, the factory is also coated with protective oil. Those black steels are used to make pipes, which will not rust for a long time and require very little maintenance.

In natural gas transportation, black pipes are very durable. It is suitable for low-pressure, low-calorie water pipes. The strength of black steel pipe makes it an ideal pipe for transporting water and natural gas, protecting electric wires, and transporting high-pressure steam and air in rural and urban areas

Steel pipes are greatly resistant to compression against lengthways, and also offer better resistance to bending forces than flat steel sheets. Black steel pipes are cast from several grades of ductile or malleable iron.


  • Greenhouse: APL Apollo Tubes’ specially treated hot-dipped galvanized materials and high quality Apollo Agri steel pipes are ideal for buildings which require an internal irrigation system. Safety measures such as firefighting tubes to carry liquids are important to save the crop in case of emergency and our structural engineering materials ensure that all this is housed in a strong, sturdy infrastructure.
    - Agriculture Industry: These ERW steel pipes are commonly used in irrigation systems to transport water from a source to the fields. The tubes are usually buried underground to protect them from damage and to prevent evaporation of the water. The strength of the steel ensures that the pipes can withstand the pressure of the water and the weight of the soil above them.
    - Fences: These ERW pipes are also used to build fences around agricultural properties. The tubes are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for use in outdoor settings. The pipes can be easily welded together to create a sturdy fence that can keep livestock inside the property and prevent predators from getting in.


At APL Apollo Group, our mission is to create a better and more sustainable environment for present and future generations. Apollo Agri is a non-rusting, recyclable steel product that saves nature and limited natural resources for the future. Apollo Agri tubes are black round tubes primarily used in agriculture and plumbing.
The strength-to-weight ratio of these structural steel tubes makes them ideal for underground use, particularly in irrigation and plumbing projects. These environmentally friendly tubes are made of high-quality steel and are extremely long-lasting.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.