Apollo Mechanical - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Mechanical - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Mechanical tubes are low diameter with high thickness tubes that are used in heavy duty applications like support frames for heavy machinery & industrial equipment, tower crane mast sections, gantry cranes, trailer hitch, & agricultural machinery. Mechanical tubes are ideal for heavy duty equipment that require higher load bearing capacity.
Apollo Mechanical - Structural Steel Tubes
High thickness square & circular Galvanized steel pipes & tubes used for steel building solutions
Apollo Mechanical - Structural Steel Tubes
Circular Tube
Size: 38.1, 48, 60.3, 71.5, 76.2 and 88.9 mm
Thickness: 3mm to 10mm

Square Tube
Size: 30X30, 40X40, 50X50, 60X60 and 72X72 mm
Thickness: 2mm to 8mm

Rectangular Tube
Size:50X30, 60X40, 70X30, 70X50 and 100X50 mm
Thickness: 2mm to 8mm
Support Frames for Heavy Industrial Equipment
Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor
Mobile Gantry Crane
Cultivator And Rotavator
Tower Crane Mast Section
Trailer Hitch Tube
Spreader beam
Hydraulic cylinder
Propeller shaft & Axle
Heavy Duty Trailer Frame
Monorail Crane


Tough, long lasting and robust, Apollo Mechanical tubes are unique size tubes with higher thickness that offer high strength, uniformity and cost effectiveness. The tubes also offer immense mechanical capabilities owing to their sturdy


1. Support Frames for Heavy Industrial Equipment: Apollo Mechanical provides rigid support to heavy industrial equipment due to high load bearing capacity.
2. Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor: Use of Apollo Mechanical in construction of the support frame for the Conveyor belt makes the structure robust & sturdy.
3. Mobile Gantry Crane: Higher thickness of Apollo Mechanical provides enhanced load bearing capacity to cranes.
4. Cultivator And Rotavator: Apollo Mechanical Tubes have the ability to withstand the huge stresses caused during cultivation in hard & rocky soil and require low maintenance.
5. Tower Crane Mast Section: Low diameter high thickness tubes are used in tower crane mast sections due to uniform strength.
6. Trailer Hitch Tube: Hitch Tube is the primary connector between a tow vehicle and trailer. It is the structural component that is connected to the vehicle and provides a coupling point to hook a trailer. Hitches are commonly mounted on full-size pick-up trucks and SUVs.
7. Harvesters: Use of Low diameter high thickness tube in structural parts of Harvester provides strength and boost the efficiency.
8. Spreader beam: Spreader Beam made up of Apollo Mechanical provides safe lifting and handling operation.
9. Hydraulic cylinder: Scarfed mechanical tubes, with smooth outside surface as well as inside are suitable hydraulic cylinders.
10. Propeller shaft & Axle: Mechanical Tubes are used in the propeller shaft & Axle to transmit mechanical power.
11. Heavy Duty Trailer Frame: Low diameter high thickness tubes are suitable for manufacturing vehicle frames to enhance its weight carrying capacity.
12. Monorail Crane: Apollo Mechanical provides easy movement and a long life-span to the crane’s bridge


1. Stringent quality control at each stage: Apollo Mechanical manufacturing processes follow stringent principles, ensuring to deliver top quality products and solutions.
2. Produced from heavy duty tube mills: These structural steel tubes are designed with the best quality material and hi-tech tools.
3. Manufactured using high frequency induction welding: High Frequency welding of Apollo mechanical hollow steel structures results in rapid welding cycles, inexpensive tooling, clean process and no subsequent drying/hardening.
4. Rigid dimensional tolerances: A strong dimensional tolerance analysis process helps mechanical steel tubes determine component’s optimal tolerances, helping ensure that parts are built efficiently, reliably, and fully functional.
5. Uniform strength and durability: With its master durability and strength, these structural steel tubes have the potential to withstand high pressures of heat and velocity.
6. Gives flexibility to designers & engineers: Mechanical structural steel tubes and hollow steel sections provide tremendous design flexibility to construction projects- ranging from cutting edge architectural designs to setting up a robust public infrastructure. It also ensures impeccable strength, resistance to corrosion and fire, and a longer life cycle.
7. Wide range of sizes: There’s a huge range of sizes of Apollo mechanical structural steel tubes available – from a diameter to thicknesses.
8. Pleasing surface finish: Surface finishing is an essential process as the right surface finish ensures that a metal part looks better and lasts longer.
9. No external heat projection or weld bead: Apollo mechanical structural steel tubes have no external heat mold as it gives out poor design and might cause weld lines in different areas of tubes.
10. Ease of fabrication: The fabrication process of Apollo mechanical includes cutting, welding, stamp, and tooling of stainless which leads to straightness of tubes, saves time and effort, no twisting of tubes and prevents wastage of material.


- Agricultural Vehicles: Apollo mechanical tubes are often the first choice by both agriculturalists and agritech firms when building agricultural vehicles. In addition to these structural steel tubes durability and strength, we create sustainable and weather-proof materials that are vital to ensure these vehicles last long and don’t require constant maintenance and servicing.
Apollo mechanical is the ideal steel tube because it is manufactured with ERW steel tubes and has higher efficiency, lower cost, and higher precision. It also has corrosion resistance, strength, an appealing aesthetic and a lot more.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.