APOLLO HANDRAIL - Structural Steel Tubes

APOLLO HANDRAIL - Structural Steel Tubes

Enduring and lightweight, Apollo Handrails are widely employed in place of the wooden hand rails and steel flat combination. Aesthetically appealing and premium quality of the handrails make them stand out from the competition. Made of steel, Apollo handrails are eco-friendly and sustainable. Apollo Handrill has also registered for the product design.
APOLLO HANDRAIL - Structural Steel Tubes
Circular apollo handrail
APOLLO HANDRAIL - Structural Steel Tubes
Size Thickness Weight
2.0 inches 1.4 & 2 mm 2.03 & 2.88
2.5 inches 1.4 & 2 mm 12.56 & 3.63


Apollo Handrail offers high strength and durability, and longer life. These are lightweight, display uniformity and require minimal maintenance. These superior quality handrails are eco-friendly and affordable.


  1. High strength that’s able to withstand pressure: Apollo handrail is a great choice for outdoor railings of all kinds. This structural steel tube has superior strength which guarantees reliable performance and is a material which lends itself to a variety of aesthetic approaches.
    2. Great durability to endure severe conditions: Using a highly durable and strong material for making handrails is extremely important to ensure complete safety. Structural steel is the best material to serve this purpose.
    3. These steel tube railings are much stronger than other metals such as wood as it has high tensile strength. Also, these railings are rust proof and can resist all weathers. Thus, they are ideal for outdoor railings too.
    4. Lightweight enabling easy installation: Many steel tube railing systems come in pre-welded, fully assembled panels for a fast and simple installation. A pro tip to keep in mind: If you cut steel railing, you need to deburr cut edges and coat with a zinc-based touch-up paint to prevent corrosion and oxidation.
    5. Crafted with precision ensuring uniformity: The fact that handrails are seen in most buildings is enough to prove that they are strong and aesthetically appealing. These types of handrails are commonly used in homes as they provide a modern and sleek look.
    6. Minimal maintenance cost: Apart from being very strong, these steel tubes are also very easy to maintain. To keep these handrails polished and shiny, you just have to wipe them clean using a brush.
    7. Combination: These ERW steel tubes are used for structural purposes and applications that range from aesthetic to highly functional


  1. Considering enhanced durability of the product, structural steel railing seems to be the most suitable solution. The material of which metal railing is made features total resistance to corrosion, which occurs in metals, and is extremely resistant to high and frequent loads.
    2. Due to their smooth sides, rounded corners, and closed sections, apollo hollow steel tubes are often favored by architects particularly when exposing the structure forms part of the appeal of a design.
    3. Handrails are extremely important in homes and commercial buildings as they help to improve the safety of your property for everyone from children through to elderly individuals. Accessibility is a major advantage of handrails.
    Compared to more traditional handrail options such as wooden handrails, stainless steel handrails do not require painting, coating or oiling. Once installed, they are ready to be used straight away. In addition to this, stainless steel handrails are easy to wipe clean and a wipe clean is all that is required to maintain them over time. This saves both time and money compared to other traditional railings!
    4. Brushed and polished steel finishes are sleek and sophisticated in any outdoor or indoor setting. Its finish allows the handrail to match in nicely with most interiors and décor whilst having the added benefit of increasing safety and accessibility.
    These hollow steel sections provide good corrosion resistance, weldability, machinability, durable in nature and everlasting finish.


Structural steel tubes are used for various home decor purposes. They are versatile and a highly durable metal, so it is the best choice for many industrial companies. Apollo Steel handrails are long lasting, durable, versatile and sturdy. Handrails cannot be made of materials that are flimsy.

Against natural destructive forcesWooden railings on the other hand will require a lot of upkeep, right from being polished at regular intervals to treating the wood with chemicals so that they can be protected against attacks from pests.Whether it is  steel balcony railings or a steel staircase railing, these products are protected against the vagaries of nature that include dust, water seepage and bacterial attacks.
AffordableWooden railing cost more depending on the type of wood, the workmanship involved and the sourcing of other material.These steel railings are manufactured using material that is abundantly found and also in factories in an assembly line fashion, the end product will cost less.
Easy to installWooden railings need all the probability to be built in your home causing interference with your day-to-day activities.Steel staircase railing designs factor in the ease of installation and the railings are built in such a way that they can be easily assembled.
Environment-friendlyWood is a natural resource and types of wood such as oak and mahogany are treasures of the forest. Deforestation is the result of wood being incorporated into many things including building homes. You may just think that one railing will not affect ecology a lot but a step from your side will ensure the safety of at least one tree.Structural Steel is being incorporated into building design because it looks good and also lasts long. Moreover, it does not put a lot of pressure on natural resources.