Apollo Elegant - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Elegant - Structural Steel Tubes

APL Apollo, one of India’s best structural steel tube manufacturers, presents all-new designer steel tubes featuring an elegant black color. These tubes are the need of the hour for aesthetically pleasing structures. Having unique carved designs, Apollo Elegant hollow steel sections are also superior in quality and are more durable. Along with enhancing the aesthetics of the house, Apollo Elegant also assures longevity.
Apollo Elegant - Structural Steel Tubes
Black steel pipe used in house building solutions
Apollo Elegant - Structural Steel Tubes
Size: 15×15, 20×20, 25×25 to 72×72, 80×80 to 100×100
Thickness: 1.6 – 2 mm
Hand grills
Fencing and gates
Door frames & window frames


These steel tubes are available in a wide range to fit your spaces and aesthetics. Being corrosion-resistant and easy to weld, Apollo Elegant steel tubes are the go-to products for construction purposes and stand tall against their competitors. The marvellous carvings coupled with the strength and durability of the highest quality cutting-edge steel make Apollo Elegant a must-have product for your structures.


1. Pure and Thicker Zinc Coating: Apollo Elegant steel tubes have been dipped and coated in zinc. This means that these hollow steel tubes are completely galvanized. This coating not only makes the product more reliable but also adds an almost reflective surface to the visual appearance, giving it a modern and pleasing aesthetic.
2. Eco-friendly: Apollo Elegant steel tubes are made with 100% pure steel. No wood whatsoever has been used to manufacture any component of these steel tubes. Furthermore, the ERW process used in manufacturing the product drastically reduces wastage and emissions compared to any other production process implemented by the competition. As a result, these steel tubes have been manufactured keeping in mind the best interests of mother Earth.
3. Corrosion-resistant: The zinc coating has another purpose. When a metal is dipped in zinc, the zinc acts like an anode and prevents the surface underneath from getting rusted or corroded due to exposure to the natural environment. The process is called galvanization and this is done to make products resistant to rusting. Apollo Elegant steel tubes undergo galvanization which makes them completely resistant to corrosion and rusting.
4. Durability and Strength: Apollo Elegant steel tubes are built to be strong and durable. Using APL Apollo’s expertise and latest manufacturing technology along with following strict quality standards and inspection gives Apollo Elegant an edge in terms of overall strength. They are tested under controlled conditions and have industry-leading strength and durability.
5. Superior Quality: Apollo Elegant steel tubes are made with APL Apollo’s best steel and are designed to not only look great but perform well under various conditions. These steel tubes have a seal of quality and are crafted with perfection, giving them a clear advantage over their competitors.
6. Striking design: One look at the Apollo Elegant steel tubes will leave you mesmerized. These tubes have a wavy and mystical design that catches your eye. They are designed by implementing new-age modern design principles with unique markings. This design is truly unique and beautiful when compared to conventional products made from wood and aluminum, adding a touch of class and abstract beauty to any structures that have been installed.


  • Handrails: Handrails are the most obvious application for these beautiful steel tubes. Apollo Elegant tubes are smooth to the touch while the striking pattern not only provides a unique design aesthetic but also aids in providing added grip when held to climb up or down the stairs. They are also incredibly cost-effective and have increased strength, making them ideal for household railings.
    - Furniture: Whether for a stairway gate or window poles, Apollo Elegant steel tubes add a classy look to your household. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be used for a variety of furniture applications that are sure to earn your home compliments from visitors.
    - Swings: The elegant pattern along with consistent durability and unmatched strength make them excellent for swings at home or at the park. The classy black color and engraved pattern make these steel tubes look great and the high-quality steel makes them perform well and last long.
    - Hand grills: Hand grills are a common addition to balconies of many modern houses. The modern and stylish look of Apollo Elegant steel pipes along with their corrosion resistance makes them able to last long and look good, making your home the talk of the town.
    - Fencing and gates: Modern fences are more than just barriers between houses. They are style statements. Apollo Elegant steel tubes can be used to make beautiful fences, gate pillars, and gates that clearly represent homeowners’ class, luxury, and style. As a bonus, they are ready to take on all kinds of adverse climate conditions and have industry-leading strength to resist impacts.
    - Door frames & window frames: Apollo Elegant steel tubes can be used as door frames and window frames to add a modern and aesthetically pleasing look to your home.
    - Handrails: Beauty lies in subtle details. Apollo Elegant ERW steel tubes can be used as handrails for parks and even the staircases of your home to add a modern design touch.
    - Roofing: These structural steel tubes can be used for roofing applications in various buildings and structures like malls and hotels. Their unique and classy design adds design depth to these structures and makes the interiors look even more luxurious.
    - Scaffolding: These ERW steel tubes are ideal for making steel structures for support in construction, particularly for use in scaffolding. These tubes are super strong and durable and can withstand heavy loads well.

    APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.