Apollo Fencing Solution - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Fencing Solution - Structural Steel Tubes

Ready to use Apollo Fencing Solution is a combination of Apollo steel Fence and Apollo steel Plank steel tubes. It comprises an array of uniquely designed H-shaped structural steel tubes and acts as a replacement for concrete, wooden, aluminum boundary walls. The product gives you the most superior and safe fencing options that add unmatched beauty to your property without having to worry about installation and design.

Apollo Fencing Solution is a high-quality steel fencing solution which is known for its ease of installation. These long-lasting and ready-to-use products are made of ERW steel tubes that are strong rust resistant, corrosion free, and offer unmatched safety.
Apollo Fencing Solution - Structural Steel Tubes
H shaped ERW steel tubes solutions design for fencing
Apollo Fencing Solution - Structural Steel Tubes
Size: 125X25 mm – 275X25 mm
Thickness: 1.6 – 2 mm
Apollo Fence: Apollo steel Fence is a unique design H-shaped structural steel tube which is used for fencing posts. One of APL Apollo’s exclusive products, the range is low-cost, durable and can be used to replace wooden, aluminum, and concrete boundary walls. These steel tubes can also be used to support various types of wire or wire mesh.
Flat Head H section Size: 65X43 mm Thickness: 1.4 – 2.5 mm Weight: 3.02 – 5.50 kg/m
Mushroom Head H Section Size: 75X50 mm Thickness: 1.4 – 2.5 mm Weight: 3.02 – 5.50 kg/m
House fencing
Industrial fencing
School/office/hospital fences


Apollo Plank: Our planet is our only home, our only hope. It’s imperative that we protect and preserve the limited resources of our planet by taking care of its environment. One such way is to reduce deforestation, which is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. At Apollo Steel Tubes, we are committed to protecting and preserving this scarce resource by designing and implementing sustainable and environment-friendly solutions. This desire led to the birth of Apollo Plank – conceived to completely replace wood with structural steel across the country. Moreover, structural steel being a durable material is corrosion-free, rust and termite-proof and fire-resistant.

Apollo Steel Plank comes in a wide range of choices, which are cost-effective and have multiple benefits – better aesthetics, fire-resistant, durable, easily recyclable, etc. Bring home Apollo Planks, not just for a better world, but also for a better-looking world.


  1. High strength to withstand pressure: Apollo steel Fence is designed to maximize strength with the use of high-quality structural steel. As a result, Apollo steel Fence is able to withstand very high levels of pressure as compared to the competition.
    2. Greater durability to endure severe conditions: Apollo steel Fence has incredible levels of durability. These steel tubes are able to stand firm even in severe weather conditions and do not lose their strength over time. This ensures class-leading reliability.
    3. Used in Fencing post & Fencing solution: Apollo steel Fence steel tubes form the backbone of Apollo fencing posts and fencing solutions. Their cutting-edge modern design, industry-leading durability, and consistent performance make Apollo steel Fence the best choice for fences.


  1. Fire-resistant: Apollo Fencing Solution is made from highly durable and reliable structural steel. Steel is known for its innate ability to withstand high temperatures owing to its high melting point. Small fires will not be able to damage your beautiful fence anymore.
    2. Termite proof: The structural steel of Apollo Fencing Solutions is entirely termite resistant. Therefore, your fence will no longer be a victim of termite attacks which degrade the structural integrity and appearance of your fence.
    3. Durable: The Apollo steel Plank and steel Fence are both made with the highest quality standards. When combined, they create a cutting-edge fusion of durability and performance. These structural steel ERW tubes can withstand heavy impacts and are weather-resistant even in extreme temperatures. They also have a longer shelf life than any of our competitors. All of these factors contribute to giving you complete peace of mind.
    4. Eco-friendly: Another important factor to consider is that the Apollo Fencing Solution is eco-friendly. The ERW steel tubes used in Apollo Plank and Apollo steel Fence are manufactured using the most advanced production techniques. This enables us to reduce metal wastage. Furthermore, no wood is used to manufacture this fencing solution. In doing this, we save our trees and our forests from being needlessly cut down.
    5. Recyclable: These H-shaped structural steel tubes can be entirely recycled and repurposed for various other uses including the production of beautiful furniture and accessories. The recyclable nature of our products minimizes waste and maximizes usability, durability, and shelf life.
    6. Weather-proof: Wood is a material that is susceptible to damage from extreme hot and cold weather conditions. In comparison, these structural steel tubes are weather-proof and will perform significantly better in extreme weather conditions.


  1. House fencing: Apollo Fencing Solution is the best choice for your house fencing. The H shaped steel tubes used in the fencing are not only durable, but have a very modern and futuristic design, adding stylistic elements to your house which add to the beauty and attractiveness of your home.
    2. Industrial fencing: Apollo Fencing Solution can also be used in industries for fencing the perimeter. The strength and durability of these H-shaped steel tubes are perfect for keeping outsiders out of factory premises while also adding a sense of security to the industrial facility.
    3. School/office/hospital fences: Apollo steel Fence can also be installed in various office, schooling, and healthcare facilities. The class-leading durability and finesse add modern style and security to these structures.
    4. APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.

    APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.