Apollo Plank - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Plank - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Plank is a cutting-edge steel tube product in India that aims to totally replace wood with steel throughout the country. Because of its outstanding quality and strength, the product has changed the view of planks with various types of ERW steel tubes, hollow steel structures, structural steel tubes, and other steel tubes from unsafe to secure and robust. Apollo planks are produced for a more beautiful and sustainable environment by complying with various types of aesthetic choices. Apollo plank is a new age product that has immensely replaced wood with its versatility, strength, longevity and more.
Apollo Plank - Structural Steel Tubes
Galvanized steel planks for PEB structures
Apollo Plank - Structural Steel Tubes
Sizes: 125X25mm to 275X25mm
Thickness: 1.6mm and 2.0mm
Available in black and pre-galvanized.
Other thicknesses are also available on request

Apollo Plank is available in a variety of cost-effective and multi-benefit options, including enhanced aesthetics, fire resistance, durability, easy recycling, and ERW steel tubes. Steel planks with high strength are corrosion-free, rust-proof, and termite-resistant.


Wood has traditionally been the preferred material for constructing planks. However, many of its inadequacies have come to light over time. Wooden planks are less durable and frequently capitulate to severe temperatures and other harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, they need the felling of trees, making them environmentally unfriendly. The development of steel planks provides a solution to all of these issues, and people are progressively transitioning from wood to steel.

 QualityWooden PlankSteel Plank
Fire ResistanceWood is flammable and always runs a risk of catching fire.Manufactured from quality steel, the Apollo Planks are non-combustible.
Termite-proofTermites are attracted to wood planks, making them vulnerable to termite damage. Even with termite prevention, timber planks are susceptible to termites.Providing no organic material for the termites to feed on, Steel Planks are termite-proof.
Greater StrengthWooden planks are vulnerable to moisture and can easily rot.Steel Planks have a higher strength-to-weight ratio
Eco-friendlyMany trees are chopped down for the construction of wooden planks and the same is resulting in the depletion of forestsSteel Planks are a solution to this problem as more usage of them means less cutting of trees. Also, Apollo Planks do not harm the environment and hence qualify as the better choice.
Enhanced LongevityWooden planks bend or twist out of shape. They expand and degrade due to weather conditions.Steel planks last longer and are highly durable. Apollo planks are resilient to natural calamities.


  1. Fence: Fences are the first thing that catches people’s eyes when they are visiting you and that’s why you need to install a fence that stands out from the rest. Apollo Plank not only gives your fencing incomparable durability and strength but also provides galvanized square pipe that adds a dash of style and classiness to your property. The plank that is mostly used are 275X25X1.6 and 150X25X1.6
    2. Staircase: Stairs are the main essence of buildings, houses, hotels, and more. We’ve brought a hollow steel section substitute that looks classier and more elegant than its wooden counterpart. Steel stairs not only add to the beauty of your house but also give you relief from the burden of renovation and care, as they are durable and corrosion-free. The plank we provide is 275X25X2 and 275X25X1.6 and the rectangular hollow section is 100X50X2
    3. Gates: Apart from providing us security, gates have always had a decorative purpose in our homes. Apollo Plank covers a range of beautiful designs with structural steel tubes that will combine perfectly with your property style. The square hollow section (SHS) is 120X120X5 and 50X50X2 and the plank is 275X25X1.6
    4. Scaffoldings: Apollo has introduced a trustworthy steel product that is not only durable but can also bear more load than wood and stands tall even in adverse weather conditions. The plank is 275X25X1.6, SHS 50X50X2, and 15X15X1.6, and the circular hollow section (CHS) is 63.5X 2
    5. We at APL Apollo have introduced more such steel plank products like benches, doors, furniture, etc. in the forms of CHS, and SHS, and have ERW pipes manufactured that give steel longitudinally.


Park: APL Apollo Structural steel tubes offer materials for all applications, from robust weather-proof fences, railings, and seats that form the fundamental foundation of the area to amenities like swings, slides, and other play structures that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Row house: Housing developers and industry professionals depend extensively on APL Apollo ERW for several aspects of home construction. Our goods are an essential component in each region, with a solid skeleton, roofing, door frames, staircases, and more. Our sturdy structural steel tubes offer endurance and sturdiness in designs ranging from simple to complicated and sophisticated.

School: From APL Apollo Tubes’ whole skeleton is made out of ERW tubes, hollow steel structures, and structural steel tubes, from supporting the “bones” of the entire facility to controlling tiny features like benches and railings. All sectors’ various demands are satisfied by taking into account lifespan, survivability, endurance, and configuration.

Airport: To construct airport amenities, durable and trustworthy materials are required. APL Apollo is pleased to provide structurally robust yet visually pleasing materials of world-class quality. Some of them are structural steel tubes and hollow steel constructions. We guarantee that all vital systems are in place and up to code, from fire-safety concerns to supplying the “bones” of the entire Airport.

Hospitals: Medical technology improvements need the use of more complicated equipment. Structural steel tubes and more ensures that every component of the construction is highly persistent and hard wearing enough to withstand daily use and the back and forth of heavy machinery.

Hotel: Each hotel strives to be unique in terms of architecture, services, and amenities, necessitating additional design possibilities. APL Apollo Tubes offers tried-and-true materials for infrastructure, firefighting, aesthetic design installations, and hot and cold-water supply piping, to mention a few.

Mall: APL Apollo Tubes provides structurally strong, safe, and long-lasting materials. We guarantee that everything from highly utilized staircases, handrails, and balcony railings to bigger sections like roofing, plumbing, and metal “frames” that hold up the entire structure is up to the highest requirements for projects like retail malls that receive daily footfalls in the thousands.

Metro Station: Variants such as ERW, hollow steel structure, and so on to provide the structural integrity required for such large-scale projects. Metros experience greater wear and tear than most other modes of transportation, and variables such as weather, safety precautions against natural catastrophes, and other factors make it extremely vital to supply high endurance materials.

These hollow steel sections give better strength to weight ratio for various structural purposes. Apollo planks are the ideal steel solution as its hollow steel sections give greater flexibility, enhance efficiency and reduce cost. This steel structural material has fire protection, high comprehensive strength, is eco-friendly, has sustainable development and more.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.