Apollo Elliptical - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Elliptical - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Elliptical steel tubes are high-quality structural steel tubes used in transformers, gates, railings, and steel furniture. Priced lower than wooden frames, Elliptical steel tubes offer cutting-edge design and ease of installation. Manufactured with futuristic technology, these tubes are termite resistant, long-lasting, and stronger than the competition’s counterparts. APL Apollo also has a registration for this product design, making it truly exclusive to the company.
Apollo Elliptical - Structural Steel Tubes
Apollo elliptical steel tubes solutions used for gates & steel furnitures
Apollo Elliptical - Structural Steel Tubes
Size : 75X15 mm, 115X57mm
Thickness :1.0 – 2.0 mm, 2.5 - 5.1 mm
Weight (kg/m) :1.4 – 2.9, 2.5 – 5.1
Steel furniture


Apollo Elliptical hollow steel tubes are cost-effective and offer high tensile strength to withstand high pressure. They come in 2 steel pipe sizes. The ability to endure severe conditions makes these tubes extremely durable and sturdy. These tubes are very easy to maintain and have reliable performance.


1. High strength to withstand pressure: Apollo Elliptical steel tubes are manufactured using high-quality steel. As a result, they have a very high tensile strength which will enable them to withstand high amounts of pressure.
2. Outstanding durability to endure severe conditions: As these structural steel tubes are made using cutting-edge technology, they have increased durability which allows them to withstand extreme weather conditions.
3. Superior quality that ensures longer life: APL Apollo’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process combined with strict inspection and quality standards ensures that Apollo Elliptical steel tubes are built to last for very long periods of time.
4. Economical with minimal maintenance cost: The strong steel used to manufacture Apollo Elliptical steel tubes is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. As a result, these steel tubes are more economical than conventional offerings.
5. Made using ERW method: Apollo Elliptical steel tubes are made using the state-of-the-art ERW (Electrical Resistance Welding) method. This method allows these steel tubes to be produced at high volumes in the least amount of time. This process is also economical and environmentally friendly while also ensuring that the quality and durability of the tubes remain top-notch.
6. Termite-resistant: Apollo Elliptical steel tubes are made using the finest quality steel. No wood is utilised in the production of this product. This enables the product to be entirely termite-resistant, adding to the durability and survivability of these steel tubes.
7. Superior to wooden frames: Wood has historically been used to produce frames for railings and gates. Wooden frames are prone to get damaged and worn out due to changing environmental conditions and are susceptible to getting attacked by termites. Furthermore, many trees are cut in order to make wooden frames, causing harm to our natural environment, Apollo Elliptical hollow steel sections have none of these disadvantages. Furthermore, they are priced lower than wooden frames which makes them the ideal replacement.


- Transformers: Apollo Elliptical ERW steel tubes are primarily used in transformers. Due to their reliable performance and industry-leading durability, they are designed to withstand the electrical current of transformers without getting worn out or damaged.
- Gates: Apollo Elliptical hollow steel tubes are not just used for transformers. They have a unique futuristic design which makes them perfect for designer pipes used in gates. This design adds a sense of modern style to villas and office gates while also being durable and low maintenance.
- Railings: Apollo Elliptical steel tubes can also be used for railings in homes, schools, offices, etc. The unique design and enhanced durability allow the railings in various hollow steel structures to look great and last long.
- Steel furniture: Apollo Elliptical structural steel tubes add a sense of modern style to your home and office. They can be used to manufacture a range of steel furniture, ranging from chairs and tables to wardrobes and shelves. These hollow steel sections are a wonderful replacement for wooden furniture, which sets the foundation for a sustainable future.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.