Apollo Tricoat Product -Steel Pipes

Apollo Tricoat Product -Steel Pipes

APL Apollo, one of the leading MS steel pipe manufacturers in India, proudly presents Apollo TriCoat Tubes. Apollo TriCoat steel pipes are steel products with a perfect blend of coating: paint, zinc and polyester coat. They are manufactured using Galvant Technology in order to ensure that the corrosion resistance offered is top-of-the-line and provides maximum benefit to the user. TriCoat steel tubes are widely used for electrical conduits, appliances and greenhouses.
Apollo Tricoat Product -Steel Pipes
Round apollo tricoat steel pipes for green house appliances
Apollo Tricoat Product -Steel Pipes
Outside Diameter: 20.40 mm - 74.50 mm
Thickness Range: 1.0 mm - 3.0 mm
Length: 3.0 meter - 12.0 meter
Range Size: 26.5 x 13.5 - 80 x 40 mm
Thickness Range: 1.6 mm - 3.0 mm
Length: 3.0 meter - 12.0 meter
Size: 15 x 15 - 60 x 60
Thickness Range: 1.6 mm - 3.0 mm
Length: 3.0 meter - 12.0 meter
Finishing Operations Plain End Cut Lengths
IS STANDARDS IS: 4923-1997 IS: 3601-v6

Construction and Infrastructure
Greenhouses and Agricultural Structures
Electrical Conduits
Fencing and Security
Water and Plumbing Systems
Manufacturing equipment, machinery frames, and support structures
Automotive and Transportation


TriCoat steel pipes have a zinc-rich polymer resin paint on the interior surface of the tubes which protects them from interior corrosion. They are eco-friendly and free from cadmium, lead, and hexavalent chromium. As a result, they bring down the cost of the greenhouses drastically while offering longer usage life. What makes Apollo TriCoat pipes different?
Apollo TriCoat steel pipes are manufactured using a single-line process. The unique technology to manufacture pipes ensures it is corrosion resistant and provides double life to the pipe. The process allows the application of paint, zinc and the top coat seamlessly in a continuous process, providing maximum structural utility to the pipes, thereby benefitting users.
Our triple-coat process starts with a high-grade 99.99% pure zinc coating. This is followed by an organic coating on the zinc surface which seals it and provides extra protection against corrosion. A coating of zinc-rich silicon-based paint is sprayed on the interior part as well to protect the interior steel surface.
In conventional pipes, the thickness of the pure zinc layer is less and the alloyed layer is more which can easily erode over time. In TriCoat, zinc is uniformly coated with a special technique resulting in a better top coating with a pure zinc layer and a minimal alloy layer. Hence
TriCoat becomes more corrosion-resistant than normally galvanised pipes. Compared to Hot Dip, the pure zinc outer layer is thicker and thus it is slower in the development of red rust. Furthermore, the interior is coated uniformly with zinc-rich paint having 400 hours of salt spray resistance.


AttributeApollo TriCoatHot-Dipped PipesPre-Galvanized Pipes
Strength50 ksi30 ksi40 ksi
Coatings3 Layers1 Layer1 Layer
Wall ThicknessExcellentLimitedGood
Custom Mill LengthsAny LengthLimitedAny Length
Weld FriendlinessExcellentPoorFair
Zinc Thickness ControlGoodLimitedLimited
Mechanical SuitabilityExcellentPoorGood
I.D. Weld Seam CoatingExcellentGoodPoor


  1. Corrosion resistance: The TriCoat steel pipes are 100% coated internally and externally post-welding to eliminate any exposure to raw steel. The top coat not only protects the underlying zinc but comes pre-primed for additional surface coatings. As a result, Apollo TriCoat offers unmatched corrosion resistance compared to the competition.
    2. Durability and strength: TriCoat steel pipes can provide a minimum 350 MPa yield and 380 MPa tensile in order to meet your toughest design challenges. They offer class-leading durability and are built to be tough using our best technology.
    3. Superior quality: As TriCoat steel pipes are stronger, a thinner wall thickness is used which makes the pipes lighter in weight. These pipes are offered in a range of wall thicknesses combined with powerful yield strength and tensile properties which deliver a heavy-duty pipe being still light in weight. They are also tested and inspected using meticulous attention to detail, giving them a quality that is difficult to replicate.
    4. No white rust: The top coat ensures a smooth finish and acts as a protective layer on the finished steel pipes. This prevents the formation of any white rust on the pipes which allows them to maintain their appearance.
    5. Pure and thick zinc coating: The triple coat process has a pure 99.99% high-grade zinc coating and no other metals are found within the product. Therefore, TriCoat steel pipes have more pure zinc layers than any other galvanised tubes. This adds to their corrosive-resistant properties and overall durability.
    6. Ease of welding: The highly uniform coating of 99.9% zinc gives a faster and more dependable weld without needing to remove the coating, thus making it easy to weld for fabrication.
    7. Eco-friendly: TriCoat pipes are free of life-threatening elements such as hexavalent chrome, lead and cadmium. These elements are harmful to the environment. Apollo TriCoat steel pipes are designed in an environmentally conscious manner, making them completely eco-friendly.


  1. Rooftop shed: TriCoat steel pipes have a superior load-bearing capacity that leads to an overall lighter structure. This attribute makes these pipes ideal for use in rooftop sheds which require strength while also not putting too much load on the entire structure.
    2. Greenhouse: TriCoat steel pipes provide greater strength, reducing the amount of steel used in the greenhouse structure resulting in an overall lighter and more economical structure.
    3. Electrical conduit: TriCoat ERW steel pipes are used in superior electrical conduits which makes working with electrical wires safer. The two protective coatings of paint and polymer act as insulators and the inner coating of paint makes pulling pipes 20% easier as compared to conventional steel conduits.
    General fabrication: TriCoat steel pipes are best suited for handrails, large tents, lamp posts for supporting road/track signs, bed frames, automotive parts, machine manufacturing, support structures, etc. Their cutting-edge design and class-leading strength make them perfect for any general fabrication purpose.
    4. Scaffolding: TriCoat pipes can be used at construction sites for high-altitude scaffolding as it provides great strength and load-bearing capacity. As they are resistant to corrosion and weather resistant, they will remain strong even in adverse weather conditions.

    APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.