Apollo Cost Guard - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Cost Guard - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Coastguard products are made of special hot dipped galvanized steel coil to cater to the need for galvanized steel tubes in the coastal regions. These pre-galvanized tubes have a rich interior as well as an exterior coating of Zinc. The Coastguard is primarily being used for the purpose of roofing structures providing protection from rains and sunlight that can last for generations. They are available in Square, Rectangular, and Circular pipe and tube sections.
Apollo Cost Guard - Structural Steel Tubes
Round, square & rectangular galvanized steel pipes & tubes for coastal region steel building solution
Apollo Cost Guard - Structural Steel Tubes
Pre-Galvanized Circular, Square, and Rectangular Tubes with a rich coating of Zinc that helps protect against interior rusting of tubes with 120GSM galvanized coating enhance the life of structural steel tubes.
Thickness: 0.6mm to 2.5mm (Higher thickness as per requirement)
Length: 4.0mm to 12.0mm


  • Coastguard is made of hot dipped galvanized coil that enhances the life of these tubes to provide better durability and strength. The interior coating of zinc helps in protecting the rusting of tubes from the inside. Built to last for generations, these tubes also provide excellent corrosion resistance against wind, water and road salts making them 100% rust proof.

    - Why to choose Apollo Coast Guard: APL Apollo Coast Guard has a longer lifespan than any other product and has the hardest coating, which provides exceptional resistance to mechanical damage during transit, erection, and servicing.


  1. Apollo Coastguard is highly durable.
    2. Sustainable with structural steel tubes.
    3. Coast Guard consists of rectangular tubes, square tubes, and structural steel tubes that can withstand atmospheric corrosion.
    4. The atmospheric and corrosive environment at each site determines the thickness of the coating provided.
    5. The complete look & finish is aesthetically controlled at APL Apollo’s in-house galvanizing facility.
    6. It is perfectly used for roofing structures that cover square tubes and rectangular tubes, and more.
    7. The main benefit of the Apollo coast guard is its corrosion resistance. The zinc coating serves as a barrier between the steel and the environment and will sacrifice itself in order to protect the underlying steel.
    8. Apollo Coast Guard structural steel tubes are self-maintaining, thicker, and because they last longer than other options, maintenance costs of these steel items are inevitably lower.
    9. Apollo coast guard is not only good for structural purposes, but they can also make a great addition to any contemporary space. If you’ve long been wondering how to incorporate metals in your house’s exteriors or interiors, then these hollow steel sections might just be the key.
    10. One can make these structural steel tubes a part of residential spaces or building structures, by using them as exposed structural steel, railings, beams, columns, furniture, and the like. With zinc coating, these steel materials are made infinitely more attractive and durable because of their decorative surface finish.


  1. Because of its unique metallurgical bond, Apollo Coast Guard galvanized steel is relatively robust, delivering excellent performance over many layers.
    2. The square tubes have high tensile strength and are therefore highly resistive to intense temperatures and pressures.
    3. Because zinc has a higher hardness value than steel, galvanized hollow steel structures and structural steel tubes offer stronger impact resistance and anti-wear capabilities than regular steel tubes.
    4. Owning to their durability and hardiness, they do not require a high level of maintenance or repair.
    5. Rusting due to the oxidation of metal parts, especially iron and steel metals is common. Apollo coast guard minimizes these situations by providing a coating with its zinc metal that can resist the rusting problem of the material. The zinc layer coating provided on the steel coil will serve as the protective layer of the product.
    6. Apollo coast guard square tubes and rectangular tubes have a high level of abrasion resistance and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain.
    7. The structural steel tubes in Apollo coast guard are welded with hot-dip galvanized on the outside. Galvanized square tubes can increase corrosion ability and extend service life. They have a wide range of uses.


  1. Group Housing: The Apollo coast guard structural steel tubes and hollow steel structures are constructed in such a way that corrosion and cracking are delayed. It performs well in carbonated concrete and can withstand greater amounts of chloride migration than uncoated steel. As a result, these sought-after dwellings may be assured of durability while still giving elegance and structure.
    2. Row House: Unlike others, the Apollo coast guard’s structural steel tubes and ERW tubes are rust-proof and resistant to other chemical processes that might cause corrosion. This allows them to be more maintenance-free while also providing basic patterns to more detailed and sophisticated varieties.
    3. Roofing Structure: These ERW steel tubes are commonly used for roofing structures, particularly in areas with high humidity or exposure to the elements. It provides a durable and long-lasting solution that can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist corrosion caused by exposure to moisture. Galvanized steel roofing sheets are also lightweight, which can reduce the load on the structure and lower the overall cost of the project.
    4. Coastal Regions: These hollow steel sections are frequently used in coastal regions due to its resistance to corrosion caused by exposure to saltwater and other environmental factors. It is commonly used for structures such as piers, bridges, and seawalls, as it can withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and provide a sturdy and long-lasting structure that can withstand high winds and waves.
    5. Fabrication Work: Hot-dipped galvanized steel is a popular choice for fabrication work due to its strength, durability, and ease of customization. It can be easily cut, welded, and shaped to fit the specific needs of a project, making it a versatile material for a wide range of fabrication applications. It is commonly used for structures such as industrial sheds, storage tanks, and transportation containers.

    APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.