Apollo Reflector - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Reflector - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Reflector is a unique oval H-shaped steel tube which, due to its reflective oval shape, is used for road safety and fencing applications. One of APL Apollo’s exclusive products, Apollo Reflector is manufactured using the latest technology and is aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, durable, and reusable. This design is trademarked and has received a registration certificate from the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks.

With reliable performance and greater durability to withstand even severe conditions, Apollo Reflector is high in strength, termite free, reusable and can easily replace bollards & road delineators made from conventional building materials. It can also be used for parking fences, signage bollards or even to support various types of wire or wire mesh.
Apollo Reflector - Structural Steel Tubes
H shaped apollo reflector steel tubes
Apollo Reflector - Structural Steel Tubes
H-shaped steel tubes
Size: 100 x 30mm
Thickness: 1.4 – 2mm
Tubes for Road Delineators
Apollo Reflector steel tubes
Parking Barriers/Fences
Safety Road Steel Bollards
Steel Light and Signage Bollards
Bike lane separators
Indicating and protecting construction sites and vulnerable building components
Pedestrian bollards

What are reflectors?

  1. A reflector is a short post used primarily as a protective or architectural perimeter. When installed on roadsides, they act as visual guides to control traffic and mark boundaries. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to accentuate or visually stand out depending on their placement.
    2. They can also be constructed to physically block vehicle incursion, protecting people and property. These posts may have design elements or be chosen to complement the landscape, but their primary purpose of installation is resistance to impact forces. Reflectors can be made from almost any material depending on the purpose of installation, but the most common materials are metal, stone, cement, or plastic.

How are reflectors normally produced?

  1. The manufacturing process for reflectors varies depending on the type of material used. Iron and aluminium reflectors are often manufactured using a process known as sand-casting. On the other hand, fabricated reflectors require a high level of finish which requires the product to undergo machining during the manufacturing process.
    2. These stainless steel reflectors are then polished to achieve their cutting-edge and sleek design. Stainless steel grade 304 is the most commonly used steel in the production of reflectors around the world. A better alternative is steel grade 316 which provides drastically superior resistance to corrosion, chlorides and acids. Both variants use nickel to keep an austenitic composition at decreased temperatures. Stainless steel is long-lasting and sustainable as products made from this material can be recycled indefinitely.

Benefits of Apollo Reflector

Greater durability to endure severe conditions: Apollo Reflectors are made of the best quality H-shaped structural steel. This means that Apollo Reflectors have increased durability across various weather conditions. Whether in hot, cold, or stormy weather, Apollo Reflectors can withstand them all.

Aesthetics that are pleasing to the eye: Apollo Reflectors have been designed keeping in mind the 21st-century design aesthetic. Therefore, they have a futuristic, eye-catching look.

High strength: Apollo Reflectors are made using the best ERW steel from the company. This means that these H-shaped steel tubes have unmatched strength across all of their applications.

Easily recyclable and eco-friendly: These structural steel tubes are manufactured with very high-quality standards using the best structural steel. This means that they can be recycled and cause little to no harm to the environment.

Termite-proof: The ERW steel tubes are made from pure steel. Steel is completely resistant to termites so you do not need to spray termite-resistant chemicals on these Apollo Reflectors.

Reusable: Average reflectors spoil over time and cannot be reused. The Apollo Reflector ERW tubes are completely reusable due to the cutting-edge manufacturing technology that we use. Their reliable performance allows them to be consistently reused.

Applications of Apollo Reflector

Tubes for Road Delineators: Visibility is heavily reduced when driving, especially at night Apollo Reflectors provide much-needed illumination to roads by being strategically placed near curves, bends, and intersections, to effectively guide drivers.

Apollo Reflector steel tubes are used to prevent accidents in dangerous road curves, tunnels, and bridges. These steel tubes can also be used in parking lots where the chances of hitting a curb or another stationary car are high. Apollo Reflectors have a futuristic design which is oval-shaped to makes them more reflective.

Parking Barriers/Fences: The futuristic design of Apollo Reflectors makes these H-shaped structural steel tubes an ideal choice for parking barriers and fences to improve the safety of drivers in these enclosed areas and also on the road.

Safety Road Steel Bollards: Bollards are very important for controlling pedestrian and vehicle traffic on roads. The Apollo Reflector steel tubes do a wonderful job at making sure that vehicles and pedestrians are kept safe while also enhancing the overall attractiveness of the roads.

Steel Light and Signage Bollards: For modern shopping malls, lighting plays a huge role in the attractiveness of the structure. Apollo Reflector steel tubes are perfect for emphasizing the lighting while also adding to the aesthetic beauty of these structures. They also reflect the light off signages to increase the visibility of billboards for companies.

Bike lane separators: Apollo Reflectors can be used to create indicators and separators for bike lanes. As more cities are implementing dedicated bike lanes to promote the safety of cyclists and encourage more people to use more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, Apollo Reflector steel tubes will play an important role in setting up fixed boundaries to protect cyclists and pedestrians by clearly demarking bike lanes.

Indicating and protecting construction sites and vulnerable building components: Apollo Reflector steel tubes can be installed at construction sites to separate them from roads and parking spaces and warn bystanders to keep suitable distance from these sites. Furthermore, they can also be used to protect entrances of important structures like embassies, historical buildings, and government offices.

Pedestrian bollards: Apollo Reflector steel tubes have a wide variety of pedestrian uses. In a majority of landscapes and properties, decorative bollards are used to demarcate distinct pedestrian areas. Modern-day architectural developers usually install a line of them around buildings in order to define its perimeter and add architectural flair and attractiveness. Perimeters can also be made around playgrounds and parks, allowing easy access but discouraging its use as a throughway. When linked with chains, bollards can encourage pedestrians to stay on defined marked paths, without forming a closed barrier that prevents all crossing. Lighted versions illuminate pedestrian pathways at night which aids in pedestrian visibility and adds visual beauty.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.