APOLLO SCAFF - Structural Steel Tubes

APOLLO SCAFF - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo steel Scaff is a range of triple-coated in-line galvanized round tubes that are used in scaffolding & greenhouse structures. The product is best suited for greenhouse manufacturers or farmers as they require a product that offers better corrosion resistance and strength.
APOLLO SCAFF - Structural Steel Tubes
Galvanized circular structural steel tubes for scaffolding
APOLLO SCAFF - Structural Steel Tubes


The three-layer coating of Scaff ERW steel tubes makes it a reliable and durable product in addition to the strength of steel. It is rust-resistant, corrosion-free, long-lasting, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.


The Apollo Scaff product line consists of triple-coated in-line galvanized round tubes used in scaffolding, under construction and greenhouse structures.

Scaff’s three-layer coating, in addition to its steel strength, makes it a dependable and long-lasting product. It is rustproof, corrosion-free, long-lasting, and resistant to extreme weather conditions.


Steel Wood
Steel is much more durable and is declared fit for the longest of time.In a short span of time, wood gets unfit and has a weak durability.
Steel has much greater weight and capacityUnlike steel, woods capacity is quite low
The process of erecting is is easier and less time consumingMore time-consuming because the different components have to be tied together
It is easily sustainable and is capable of being a recycling material.Wood has serious impact on environment and it contributes to the deforestation problem
These ERW steel tubes are widely used for the purpose of supporting man and materials, tools and tackles during construction,Wooden scaffoldings can not handle heavy weight


  1. Strength: Steel is a very strong material. Due to its improved strength compared to other materials, Apollo Scaff ERW tubes offer a higher carrying capacity. Apollo Scaff can easily bear heavier weights. For example, it could hold multiple people, plus their tools and building supplies, without shaking or swaying. Steel is also a material that can bear heavy weight comfortably, which helps it create a structurally sound platform. Even under duress, it is not likely to break or bend easily. It can also safely carry the weight of workers and equipment even in harsh environments, such as areas with heavy winds.
    2. Durable:In-line galvanized round steel tubes are the most durable tubes available. The toughness in Apollo Scaff means that it generally has a longer lifespan than other materials. Rest assured, our hollow steel section Scaff can last many jobs — and many years — without losing quality or functionality. Therefore, it is one of the safest and most sustainable options, which is why it is so widely used in the construction industry.
    3. Environmentally Friendly: Structural steel tube Scaff has an environmental impact. Compared to other metal and wood materials, it is incredibly sustainable. For example, timber scaff has a serious impact on the environment, as it contributes to the deforestation problem. On the other hand, the structural steel industry is capable of recycling old scaffolding material, saving non-renewable resources, and limiting the use of primary energy when creating their scaffolding products. This, plus steel’s long lifespan, means that structural steel tubes are an environmentally friendly material.
    4. Long Lasting: Steel tubes are some of the most steady and firm materials for construction projects — including Apollo Scaff. With steel tube scaff, you’re guaranteed a safe and steady platform for your construction project for a longer period of time. It is less likely to experience any problems that affect its longevity, such as rust, cracks, and the like. Thus, there is less danger of it falling apart, being poorly erected, or becoming loose — which prevents accidents with both workers and passers-by.
    5. Withstanding Extreme Weather Conditions: Compared to others, Apollo Scaff structural steel tubes have enhanced weather, fire, wear, and corrosion resistance. This means it can tough it out against adverse conditions like heavy rains, scorching sunlight, and high foot traffic. This toughness means that it generally has a longer lifespan than any other materials.
    6. These hollow steel sections can withstand movement, resist bounce and have a fall arrest system which makes them suitable for construction of high-rise buildings.


  1. Conventional wooden Scaff is today replaced by steel tube They prominently find their usage in the construction sector. These structural steel tubes can be used for complete steel tube scaffolding or used as main poles in bamboo scaffolding.
    2. The temporary platforms built with the steel tube have the quality of anti-tiling, can withstand movement, resist bounce and have a fall arrest system which makes them suitable for construction of high-rise buildings.
    3. Apollo ERW tubes require simple assembling, are easy to lift upwards and downwards, have strength-to-weight ratio and suit different heights and building shapes.
    4. Apollo Scaff require simple assembling, are easy to lift upwards and downwards, have strength – to – weight ratio and suit different heights and building shapes. These advantages help them to be used as climbing scaffolds.
    5. Apollo steel tube Scaff is not only made of stable, high-quality material in order to be sustainable and beneficial for you for a long time, but is also protected against the effects of weather.
    6. Apollo Scaff hollow steel sections are triple coated in galvanization and have a protective layer of zinc in a melting bath, so it’s protected against environmental impacts from the inside and outside.
    7. Scaff's are made from a variety of materials, such as aluminum, timber, and bamboo. But, the most commonly used one is steel tube, due to its many features like corrosion resistance, strength, durability, rust-resistance, long lasting and withstanding extreme weather conditions.


  1. UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Buildings under construction require attention to each small detail as well as a bird’s eye view of the overall progress made. Access points need to be created to every part of the growing structure for further development and modification. APL Apollo Tubes’ durable metal scaffolding ensures safety and stability while also enduring against factors such as weather conditions, as well as the weight of heavy machinery and of the crew.

    APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.