Apollo D Section - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo D Section - Structural Steel Tubes

A marvel in engineering and technology, lightweight and sturdy, Apollo D Section steel tubes are used in making railings for balconies, roofs, etc. With enhanced durability, Apollo D Section structural steel tubes are a reliable choice even in extreme weather conditions. Made from the finest high-quality steel, D Section steel tubes are aesthetically appealing and long-lasting. APL Apollo also possesses a registration for this product design, proving its uniqueness.
Apollo D Section - Structural Steel Tubes
D sections ERW steel pipes & tubes used in railings for balconies & roofs
Apollo D Section - Structural Steel Tubes
Size : 60 mm X 30 mm
Thickness : 1 mm – 2 mm
Weight: 1.17 - 2.29 kg/m

Staircase railings


Apollo D Section tubes are known for their enhanced strength, uniformity, and durability. The tubes are designed with cutting-edge technology to be lightweight, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. In addition to being corrosion and rust-resistant, these structural steel tubes easily outperform the competition.


- Balconies: Balcony railings are prone to corrosion and rusting as they are exposed to the environment all the time. Apollo D Section ERW steel tubes are perfect for balconies as they are completely corrosion and rust-proof. They also have a simplistic design to add style to your balcony.
- Roofs: Just like balcony railings, roof railings are consistently exposed to harsh weather conditions. Ordinary railings need constant maintenance to prevent long-term damage. Apollo D Section steel tubes require less maintenance and are designed to be durable, making them the best choice for rooftop railings.
- Staircase railings: Staircase railings need to be durable and sturdy. Apollo D section steel tubes are ideal for use in the railings for staircases as they are made with very strict quality control and the latest technology.


1. Lightweight: Apollo D Section steel tubes are designed to be lightweight. In doing so, the mobility of the tubes greatly increases which eliminates the hassle of making arrangements for specialized heavy industrial transportation vehicles.
2. Uniformity: These steel tubes are crafted with precision and attention to detail. Using the latest manufacturing technology, Apollo D Section steel tubes are designed to have uniform dimensions.
3. Enhanced strength: Using the highest quality steel available, Apollo D Section steel tubes have superior strength compared to the competition.
4. Durability: Modern manufacturing techniques have made the Apollo D Section steel tubes extremely durable. These hollow steel sections are designed to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions and are completely corrosion and rust-resistant. All of these factors make Apollo D Section tubes the most durable in the market.
5. Cost-effective: The high quality of the Apollo D Section steel tubes reduces makes maintenance a very straightforward and easy process. As a result, they are used in making hollow steel structures that are very cost-effective compared to the competition.
6. Resistant to termites: Apollo D Section steel tubes are made using pure steel which is naturally resistant to termite attacks. This termite resistance adds to the durability of the tubes across all of their use cases and applications.
7. Rust resistance: Apollo D Section steel tubes are designed to be used for long-term applications. Therefore, they are built with rust-resistance capabilities which enhance durability and longevity.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.


CharacteristicApollo D SectionWood
Environment Friendly YesNo
Corrosion ResistanceYesYes
Fire ResistantYesNo
Termite & Pest Proof YesNo
Cost-Effective YesNo
Low MaintenanceYesNo
Easy Installation YesNo
Resale ValueYesNo
Recyclable YesNo
Damp ProofYesNo