Apollo Fabritech- Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Fabritech- Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Fabritech is a high-tensile strength hollow section that is used widely in various industries including infrastructure and construction. These sections come in various shapes, sizes and finishes. Most common among them include Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) and Square Hollow Sections (SHS)

Apollo Fabritech- Structural Steel Tubes
Rectangular and Square hollow section tubes and pipes with DFT technology for different applications
Apollo Fabritech- Structural Steel Tubes
Square Hollow Section :
Product Range: 20mm x 20mm to 300mm x 300mm
Thickness: 1mm to 12mm
Length: 4 meters to 12 meters

Rectangular Hollow Section:
Product Range: 25mm x 20mm to 400mm x 200mm
Thickness: 1mm to 12mm
Length: 4 meters to 12 meters
Architectural Applications
Industrial Applications
Infrastructural Applications
General Engineering
Agricultural Applications
Agricultural Implements


  • Fabritech provides high-strength structural support and is used as a structural material in large residential and commercial projects. It has Square and Rectangular Black hollow sections with steel grade YST 310 and YST 355 as it is used in large projects.


  • Apollo Fabritech rectangular hollow section and square hollow section are produced with help of Direct Forming Technology (DFT). They are lesser in weight compared to the conventional method of tube manufacturing and provide better strength.
    - Apollo Fabritech comes in a wide product range, however, beyond the standard requirements of the industry, the production units are equipped to customize and deliver any special requirement in terms of size, quantity, or surface finish as per the needs of customers
    Apollo Fabritech is available in the following surface finishing:

    1. Black (Self-Coloured Uncoated)
    2. Varnished / Oil Coated
    3. Galvanized
    4. Pre-Galvanised

    - To build a piece of equipment or for any structural design, customers may require the product in different ways like rectangular tubes, ERW steel tubes, hollow steel sections, and more. With Apollo Fabritech the customer’s needs can be fulfilled.
    - The use of structural steel tube and rectangular tube fabritech has the potential for significantly reducing the material costs and the self-weight of structures. There is a high strength in these hollow steel structures. Fabritech structural steel tubes are designed to increase not just its durability, but its malleability and ductility too.

    - Fabritech steel tubes can be treated and quenched (which is a quick cooling process) to achieve a new hardness, which is stronger than other steels on the market.


  • Fabritech has great flexibility and possibility because ERW tubes, hollow steel structures, and structural steel tubes.
    These structural steel tubes have dimensions without roll change for customized sizes.
    - Because of high tensile strength, there is a reduction in a mill set-up time thus resulting in fast delivery of material.
    - The corner radius in the rectangular stee l and hollow steel section can be varied as per requirement.
    - Because of tensile steel, fabritech has a direct material cost saving of 2% to 10% depending upon specifications, size, and thickness
    - Apollo Fabritech provides high-strength structural support and come in various shapes, sizes and finishes like rectangular steel tubes, square steel tubes and circular steel tube with Electric Resistance Welded (ERW).


Apollo Fabritech have various application in different industries due to its sheer versatility

1. Architectural Applications:
- Shopping Malls
- Canopies/ Atrium
- Partition Frames
- Space Frames
- Guard Rails and Staircases

2. Industrial Applications:
- Industrial Sheds
- Columns and Trusses
- Material Storage Racks
- Roof Support Systems
- Pallets
- Steel & Power Plants

3. Infrastructural Applications:
- Airport Terminals
- Bridges
- Bus Stands
- Sign Supporting Structures
- Sports Stadiums
- Railway Platforms
- Yellow Goods (Construction Equipment)

4. General Engineering
- Automotive Industry's
- Green houses
- Truck & Bus Body Manufacturing's
- Amusement Parks
- Solar Power Plant Structures

5. Agricultural Applications
- Harvester Combines
- Tractors
- Agricultural Implements (eg: Harrows)


  • Apollo Fabritech is based on Direct Forming Technology (DFT). This technology opens a new era in steel tube production with Structural Steel Tubes. The use of Direct Forming Technology (DFT) is pioneered by APL Apollo in India and is the only company using this high-tech production methodology in the most elaborate manner.

    - The DFT system is the result of many years of experience and knowledge in the tube field. This method brings Undisputed advantages in terms of flexibility, production capability, and cost reduction. This innovation enables the possibility to produce any size of hollow steel structures, ERW steel tubes, etc. With the introduction of Direct Forming Technology in the manufacturing of Apollo Fabritech, square and rectangular section pipes are produced through welding at high production speed and without any roll change thus consuming much lesser time in production. This gives us an advantage of Just-in-time (JIT) delivery of high-quality material to our customers.


  • This versatile material with hollow steel sections, structural steel tubes, and ERW tubes is appreciable for railings, staircases, canopies, and home and business features.
    - Apollo Fabritech contributes to PEB constructions with a design that is fabricated using various materials like rectangular tubes, structural steel tubes, and more to satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements.
    - (SHS) Square Hollow Sections size chart: Any size in between can be rolled subject to minimum order quality. For example – 43 mm x 43mm, 104mm x 104mm and 195mm x 195mm
    - (RHS) Rectangular Hollow Section size chart: Any size in between can be rolled subject to minimum order quality. For example – 55mm x 20mm, 75mm x 70mm and 198mm x 170mm
    - The properties of high tensile steel are present even when the material is exposed to elevated temperature levels, which makes it a very versatile material suitable for use in a myriad of situations.


- Schools: With technological innovation, schools are always changing. APL Apollo Fabritech structural steel tubes are a component of the skeleton that aids in the diverse needs of all parts, with care given to longevity, durability, endurance, and design.
- Office towers: These skyscrapers need innovative and creative designs and the fundamental and key element they have in common is the tensile strength, endurance, and durability of hollow steel sections and structural steel tubes provided to them by APL Apollo Tubes.
- Group Housing: A residential project built for a group rather than just a unit needs extra effort as it requires attention to detail for both the private as well as public areas. APL Apollo Tubes is instrumental in providing both style and structure to these sought-after residences as we cover (ERW) Electrical Resistance Welding tubes, Structural Steel tubes, Hollow Steel Section, and more.
- Why Apollo Fabritech is required?: APL Apollo is India’s largest structural steel pipe and tube maker with a pan-India operation, having 11 manufacturing plants scattered across the country. Apollo Fabritech has unparalleled weldability and machinability, which has led to an exponential increase in its usage and growth over time.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.