Apollo Oval - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Oval - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Oval is an exclusive range of highly versatile tubes that have an array of applications. Oval Tube can be put to a variety of usage such as Cattle Rails, balustrade, wall rail products, buffer rails, card reader bollards, parapet coping rails and among others. The product design has been registered making the product truly unique to the company.
Apollo Oval - Structural Steel Tubes
Galvanized apollo oval steel tubes used in steel buildings solutions as cattle Rails, balustrade, wall rail products, buffer rails, etc
Apollo Oval - Structural Steel Tubes
Size: 35X15 mm, 70X40 mm, 115X42 mm, 107X57 mm
Thickness:1.0 - 2 mm, 1.2 - 2mm, 1.2 - 3mm, 1.2 - 3mm
Weight (Kg/m) -0.67 – 1.28, 1.71 – 2.82, 2.58 – 6.33, 2.63 – 6.45
Steel furniture
Gym equipment


Apollo Oval tubes are strong, durable and comparatively more cost effective when compared to the wooden counterparts. These tubes are easy to install, durable and also come with an aesthetic finish.


- Safety: Apollo Oval steel tubes have the function of fireproofing, waterproofing and guard against theft, which make it a highly secured product.
- High strength to withstand pressure: Apollo Oval steel has a stronger bearing capacity. The Apollo Oval ERW tubes can be used for gym equipment, house furniture, cattle rails etc are all made with optimized construction, such as the stiffener and strengthening. These constructions optimize and innovation making the loading capacity of steel tubes extremely high.
- Great durability, able to endure severe conditions: This might be the main advantage of said material, as steel tubes alone have the capacity to withstand a lot of pressure and, therefore, big weights. Also, this kind of metal is water-resistant and UV-proof. It won’t get any damage even after being wet for a long time.
- Longevity: The life of the steel tubes is longer(almost up to 10-20 years) if you are using it in a correct way and in a good environment
- Multifunctional: Think about places where you might have Apollo Oval steel tubes Gym, kitchen, living rooms, diners, offices. These items are everywhere, taking some space to create a comfortable environment.
- Aesthetic Finish: The steel furniture is modern and fashionable. They can not only be made with different colors and suitable for different environments, but also could make a harmonious and multiple business space with different elements.


  • Steel Tubes are available in different shapes, ranging from rectangular and round to oval and flat bars. Different steel tubes have variable measurement protocols.
    - Apollo Oval steel tubes are appropriate for hollow steel structures and applications where corrosion resistance is the greatest requirement.
    - Apollo Oval does not tarnish. This hollow steel section possesses high corrosion resistance, and can be easily kept clean, it is suitable for gym equipment, wall rail products, etc.
    - When safety, security and durability is top of mind, steel tubes with ERW technology stand the test of time, and provide the best value option, day in and day out – year after year.
    - Compared to the chopped wood used to make furniture, steel tubes treat the environment with kindness, saving the trees and being easy to transport, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
    - Apollo Oval material has no pores, leaving bacteria and dirt no chance to be stuck on the surface. You can clean any hollow steel section with a few swipes, and sanitize it if needed.
    - These steel tubes look cool, is environmentally friendly, and helps you organize your space in the most efficient ways.
    - These hollow steel structures are naturally strong, especially against longitudinal stress.


- Steel furniture: Steel furniture is not only strong, but it is also attractive, safe, and environmentally friendly. Steel furniture is primarily fabricated using spot welding and argon welding techniques. All parts are tightly connected with each other and become an inseparable whole, making the steel furniture much more stable and durable, and it is rarely deformed. Steel furniture allows easier clean up and tolerates pest fighting chemicals better than wood due to its less absorbent surface. Because Apollo Oval is manufactured with structural steel tubes rather than any form of wood, it eventually promotes a sustainable future.
- Gym equipment: Fitness centers are outfitted with an increasing number of machines and devices designed to exercise every part of the body, with increasingly sophisticated electronics to track calories burned, distance traveled, time spent, and so on. Equipment can be used at home as well. Steel tubes are likely to be used more frequently in the future to eliminate the problem of toxic plating waste, allow for better disinfection of equipment, and provide more aesthetically pleasing designs.
- Park: Parks and recreation are an integral part of daily life and all major builders understand the importance of investing in durable playground equipment and infrastructure for the same. From strong weather-proof fencing, railings and benches that form the main foundation of the space, to amenities like swings, slides and other play structures that can endure daily wear-and-tear, these ERW steel tubes offer materials for all.
- Unlike wood, these structural steel tubes are able to withstand high-grade winds: Steel in parks is perfect as there are more apt to experience natural disasters/harsh weather

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.