27th January 2024Outcome of Board MeetingDownload
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30th October 2023Outcome Of Board MeetingDownload
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9th September 202338th AGM Voting ResultsDownload
9th September 202338th AGM Scrutiniser reportDownload
9th September 2023Call Recording of 38th AGMWatch Video
9th September 202338th AGMDownload
12th September 202237th AGM Scrutiniser ReportDownload
12th September 202237th AGM Voting ResultsDownload
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23rd July 2021Call Recording of 36th AGMWatch Video
23rd July 202136th AGM Scrutinizer ReportDownload
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29th September 202035th AGM Scrutinizer ReportDownload
29th September 202035th AGM - ResultsDownload
29th September 202035th AGM - TranscriptDownload
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28th September 201934th AGM Scrutinizer ReportDownload
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28th September 201934th AGMDownload
28th September 201934th AGM Voting ResultsDownload
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28th August 201530th AGM Voting ResultsDownload
14th October 2022Merger NCLT OrderDownload
09th February 2022Merger Meeting Voting Results Scrutiniser reportDownload
03rd January 2022Shrilakhsmi-Notice of NCLT convened Meeting of Unsecured CreditorsDownload
03rd January 2022Shrilakhsmi-Notice of NCLT convened Meeting of Secured CreditorsDownload
03rd January 2022Shrilakhsmi- Notice of NCLT convened Meeting of Equity ShareholdersDownload
03rd January 2022APL Apollo Notice of NCLT Convened Meeting of Unsecured CreditorsDownload
03rd January 2022APL Apollo Notice of NCLT Convened Meeting of Secured CreditorsDownload
03rd January 2022APL Apollo Notice of NCLT Convened Meeting of Equity ShareholdersDownload
30th November 2021Order of NCLTDownload
22nd July 2021Complaints Report NSEDownload
7th July 2021Complaints Report BSEDownload
2nd August 2021BSE Observation LetterDownload
2nd August 2021NSE Observation LetterDownload
27th February 2021Scheme of arrangement & amalgamationDownload
27th February 2021Valuation ReportDownload
27th February 2021Report of Audit CommitteeDownload
27th February 2021Fairness opinionDownload
Pre and post amalgamation shareholding pattern of unlisted entityDownload
1st April 2021Auditor’s CertificateDownload
1st April 2021Compliance ReportDownload
27th February 2021Report of Independent DirectorsDownload
27th February 2021Outcome of Board Meeting of MergerDownload
09.04.2024Compliance certificate under regulation 7(3) of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015Download
09.04.2024Compliance Certificate under regulation 74(5) of SEBI (Depositories and Participants) Regulations, 2018 for the quarter ended 31st March 2024Download
08.04.2024Company's rankings in S&P Global CSA 2023Download
06.04.2024Disclosure under Regulation 30Download
04.04.2024Disclosure under Regulation 30Download
01.04.2024Press ReleaseDownload
30.03.2024Disclosure under Regulation 30Download
27.03.2024Intimation for Closure of Trading Window
March 2024
02.03.2024Disclosure under regulation 30Download
01.03.2024Disclosure under reg 30Download
01.02.2024Transcript of investor meet on Jan 29, 2024Download
30.01.2024Outcome of investors call.Download
27.01.2024Press ReleaseDownload
20.01.2024Investor callDownload
01.01.2024Press releaseDownload
22.12.2023Allotment of ESOPDownload
28.11.2023Intimation regarding issuance of Letter Of Confirmation in lieu of Lost Share CertificatesDownload
28.11.2023Allotment of ESOPDownload
22.11.2023Intimation regarding loss of share certificatesDownload
02.11.2023Transcript of investor meet on Oct 30 2023Download
01.11.2023Appointment of CFODownload
30.10.2023Outcome of Investors MeetDownload
30.10.2023Outcome of Investors MeetDownload
30.10.2023Change In DirectorateDownload
25.10.2023Investor meetDownload
03.10.2023Press ReleaseDownload
10.08.2023Transcript of investors call on August 7, 2023Download
07.08.2023Outcome of investor meetDownload
05.08.2023Resignation of independent DirectorDownload
05.08.2023Press ReleaseDownload
31.07.2023Investor meetDownload
10.07.2023Grant of Incentives by State Investment Promotion Board(SIPB)Download
01.07.2023Press releaseDownload
22.05.2023Press releaseDownload
18.05.2023Transcript of Investor call on May 12, 2023Download
13.05.2023Outcome of Investor meetDownload
12.05.2023Press ReleaseDownload
12.05.2023Change in directorateDownload
08.05.2023Investor meetDownload
26.04.2023Intial Disclosure as Large CorporationDownload
26.04.2023Annual Disclosure by the Company identified as a large corporateDownload
01.04.2023Press releaseDownload
01.04.2023Intimation under regulation 30Download
06.02.2023Transcript of Investor call on February 2, 2023Download
03.02.2023Outcome of Investor meetDownload
25.01.2023Investor meetDownload
02.01.2023Press releaseDownload
28.11.2022Press releaseDownload
11.11.2022Transacript of Investor Call on November 9, 2022Download
10.11.2022Outcome of Investor meetDownload
07.11.2022Investor meetDownload
01.10.2022Press releaseDownload
23.08.2022Allotment of commercial PapersDownload
22.08.2022Allotment of commercial PapersDownload
17.11.2021ESOP AllotmentDownload
20.10.2021Electronic FilingDownload
20.09.2021Bonus allotmentDownload
18.08.2021Allotment Commercial paperDownload
23.08.2021Record Date for BonusDownload
28.07.2021Allotment of commercial PapersDownload
29.06.2021Commercial Paper AllotmentDownload
26.06.2021Commercial Paper AllotmentDownload
17.05.2021Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
10.05.2021Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
07.05.2021Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
06.05.2021Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
18.03.2021ESOP AllotmentDownload
02.03.2021ESOP AllotmentDownload
22.02.2021Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
10.02.2021Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
08.01.2021Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
06.01.2021Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
31.12.2020ESOP AllotmentDownload
29.12.2020Credit Rating CAREDownload
05.12.2020Intimation of Record Date for SplitDownload
27.11.2020Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
19.11.2020ESOP AllotmentDownload
22.10.2020ESOP AllotmentDownload
31.08.2020ESOP AllotmentDownload
25.06.2020Disclosure of SEBI Order to PromotersDownload
04.06.2020Impact of COVIDDownload
22.04.2020Resume Partial OperationDownload
30.03.2020ESOP AllotmentDownload
25.03.2020COVID Closure of PlantsDownload
27.01.2020Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
24.01.2020Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
17.01.2020Allotment of Commercial PapersDownload
04.12.2019Allotment of shares under ESOP Scheme 2015Download
09.11.2019Grant of Options under ESOP Scheme 2015Download
01.10.2019Resignation of CS & Appointment of Compliance OfficerDownload
28.09.2019Cessation of Independent DirectorDownload
28.09.2019Warrant ConversionDownload
18.06.2019Acquisition of Shares of Apollo Tricoat Tubes LimitedDownload
03.06.2019Acquisition of Unit of Taurus Value Steels & Pipes Pvt LtdDownload
27.12.2023NOTICE POSTAL BALLOTDownload
19.08.2023AGM NOTICEDownload
15.08.2023AGM PRE NOTICEDownload
26.07.2023IEPF NOTICEDownload
12.07.2023NOTICE POSTAL BALLOTDownload
20.08.2022AGM NoticeDownload
18.08.2022AGM Pre NoticeDownload
06.08.2021Notice Postal BallotDownload
02.07.2021AGM NoticeDownload
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03.11.2020Notice Postal BallotDownload
03.09.2020Notice AGMDownload
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