Apollo Chaukhat - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Chaukhat - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), the first company to manufacture branded structural steel tubes, has introduced Apollo Chaukhat, a convenient ready-made closed steel door, and window frame. It is easy to install, termite-proof, fire resistant, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. Apollo Group uses imported Italian technology to manufacture these structural steel products.

In India, homes still use wooden frames for doors and windows. But, these frames will not live long. They are more prone to termites and swelling. Besides, it is not easy to install wooden frames. Apollo Chaukhat – India’s First Steel Door and Window Frames – solves all these issues. It is made of superior quality ERW steel tubes. This ensures durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal to the doors and windows.

Apollo has recently launched India’s first steel closed door frames. It is an innovative steel product for homes suffering from termites. Frames made from steel are the best replacements because they are manufactured using cutting-edge direct forming technology (DFT).

Did you know that for every 10 Apollo Chaukats we can save a tree? APL Apollo saves over 2.5 lakh trees annually with Apollo Chaukhat alone.
Apollo Chaukhat - Structural Steel Tubes
ERW Steel Structures for advanced chaukhat frames
Apollo Chaukhat - Structural Steel Tubes
Single Door Frames
Sizes: 100 mm X 50 mm
Thickness: 1.4 mm -2.5 mm

Double Door Frames
Sizes: 130 mm X 65 mm 75 mm X 65 mm
Thickness: 1.4 mm – 2.5 mm

Double-Side Door Frames
Sizes: 130 X 80 mm
Thickness: 1.4-2.5 mm
Doors and Windows


  1. Apollo Chaukhat has a wide range of easy-to-fit frames for doors and windows. This revolutionary product range is prepared using world-class direct forming technology, introduced in India by APL Apollo Group.

    2. To give a trendy and elegant look, Apollo uses Direct Forming Technology to produce rectangular and square hollow steel sections welded at high production speed without roll changes. It allows the products to be delivered faster without compromising on quality and durability of the frames.

    3. ERW ( Electrical Resistance Welding) steel structures are used to make Chaukhat frames to make it electro-resistance. Apollo Chaukhat product series has a longer lifespan than traditional door frames. Besides, it is loaded with so many advantages. The ERW tube has high concentricity and uniform thickness. These ERW tubes do not collapse during transit and can provide high resistance to all external forces.


APL Apollo Group has been revolutionizing the hollow steel pipes and tube manufacturing industry with the use of futuristic technology. One of the innovative and appealing products is Apollo Chaukhat. It is popular because of the top 10 features, which are:

1. Durable: Steel structures are more durable products. It doesn’t compromise with look and aesthetics. Unlike wood and concrete, ms closed steel frames provide more resistant flexing and warping. It offers straighter lines and finishes for doors and windows.
2. Cost-effective: Steel closed frames provide complete protection from rust and termites. It takes less time for the installation and further requires low maintenance. Hence, Apollo steel frames are the best way to save your money and time.
3. Termite proof: Termites don’t stand any chance against steel. ms door steel frame is completely safe from the attack of termites and borers. Therefore, it doesn’t require any chemical or physical treatment for protection.
4. Easy installation: Hollow steel tube frames are generally lightweight. It takes less money and people to install the steel frames on the doors and windows. Also, structural steel frames can easily fit faster than wooden frames. The quick process of steel frame installation is a two-step process. Moreover, it is available in customized sizes for an easy installation process.
5. Low Maintenance: It doesn’t get affected by termites and rust. Moreover, steel is durable, so maintenance and replacement costs are lower. The surface and finish are smooth, making it easy to clean.
6. Fire-resistant: Wooden frames are easy to catch fire. On the other hand, hollow steel structures can withstand high temperatures and are more resistant to fire. It makes them an ideal option for door and window fitting frames.
7. Recyclable: Apollo Chaukhat is made of recyclable steel It means that they can be recycled and molded into any shape. Using structural steel door frames can reduce the use of limited resources.
8. Eco-friendly: One of the biggest advantages of hollow steel sections is that they are environmentally friendly. They don’t just save money but can also save trees. Wooden frames can cause deforestation and make more trees fall.
9. Resale Value: Wood, open frames, and marble cannot be resold again. But, you can resell steel closed frames to generate value. Thus, ERW steel tubes are valuable because of their ability to be recycled and reused.
10. No Gaps: Open frames are installed using concrete and cement. Therefore, it can’t prevent bugs and dust inside the house. The appeal and shine of open metal frames fade over time. On the other hand, a closed-door frame doesn’t leave any gaps that allow bugs and dust. For ages, its beauty remains the same and also shields the house.
11. Wide Range: APL Apollo offers a wide range of doors and window frames for both single and double doors as well as window frames in L, T and Z sections.
12. Nationwide Presence: With 13 plants, 25 sales offices, 600 dealers, and 40,000 retailers spread across 2000 towns and cities in India, APL Apollo has ensured a nationwide presence. No matter where you are in India, you can enjoy the benefit of installing Apollo Chaukhat for your dream home.


FeaturesApollo Steel Door FramesWooden Frames
Eco-friendlyIt reduces the consumption of steel and deforestation of precious trees. They can also be recycled and molded into other forms.Wooden frames are made from trunks of trees. But, it doesn’t rust when exposed to moisture and humid weather.
 Cost-effectiveSteel doesn’t need much maintenance. It is also durable and flexible enough that reduce the cost of installation.Wooden frames need more maintenance which may cost you more money. It is quite expensive because of transportation and production.
InstallationIt is easy to install because they are lightweight compared to wooden frames.Need to hire carpenters to fix the wooden frames. It takes much more time to install than steel frames.
Low MaintenanceGalvanized Steel Door Frames are anti-corrosive and offer protection against wind, rain, and dust. Thus, it requires little to no maintenance.Wooden frames need proper treatment from pests and inflammation. Thus, it may raise the cost of the door frames.
Termite and Pest ProofProvide termite-free door frames.Mostly affected by termites and pests, timely chemical treatment is needed.
Fire-resistanceSteel can withstand high temperatures.Wooden frames are more prone to fire.
Resale ValueSteel can be recycled and reused for other purposes. You can also sell steel double door frames at the market price.Wood door frames are not recyclable and very likely to be reused for other applications.
Dampness ProofLong-lasting protection against dampness issues in your home.However, it can suffer from dampness and high humidity, which can lead to swelling, warping, or even decaying.


The APL Apollo Chaukhat range is perfect for use in PEB structures as it can blend perfectly and facilitate faster execution of the project. They add aesthetic appeal while providing a durable and corrosion resistant solution enhancing the entire structure.


APL Apollo offers a wide range of Chaukhat frames for doors. Steel door frames are the perfect choice to enhance the aesthetic elegance of your house. Cost-effectiveness and ease of installation are the main advantages of structural steel door frames. Furthermore, they can last a long time. The steel used is high-quality and comes in various sizes and thicknesses.

1.Single Door Frames:
Single Door Frames are commonly used for doors at homes, offices, shops, etc. In addition, this steel single-door frame is manufactured using sophisticated techniques with the guidance of skilled professionals.

Sizes: 100 mm X 50 mm
Thickness: 1.4 mm -2.5 mm

2.Double Door Frames
Double door frame pipes can be used for a pair of doors in which the doors can only swing in the opposite direction. Ms double door frame sections are usually used in the corridors of hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.

Sizes: 130 mm X 65 mm
75 mm X 65 mm
Thickness: 1.4 mm – 2.5 mm

3.Double-Side Door Frames
A four-door frame is best suited for applications with minimal wear and tear. Four steel door frames provide long-term value in the industry. Compared with frames with open ends, frames with closed ends last longer, require less maintenance and are more durable. The product offers protection, fire rating, smooth finish, corrosion-free properties, etc.

Sizes: 130 X 80 mm
Thickness:1.4-2.5 mm


Another advantage of choosing Apollo Chaukhat is the quick installation process. Wooden frames and other door frames need to be installed during the construction. On the other side, ERW steel frame doors can be installed in just two steps after construction:

Step 1: Take the measurements and note them down.

Step 2: Install the door frames by following plug and play method.

Check out the installation manual here if you want to install it yourself. Apollo Chaukhat Window and Door Sections are approved building materials by the Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council’s Board of Agreement (BMBA). These hollow steel sections are offered at a competitive price, which has changed the entire steel industry.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.