Apollo Column - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Column - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Column, an exclusive range of black hollow steel sections, is a game changer in the construction industry as it can be used to construct structures of any design and elevation. These column tubes have been created using cutting-edge futuristic technology to take innovation in building materials to the next level. They are available from 150x150mm to 500x500mm in size. APL Apollo is planning to make these hollow steel sections available in a larger size of 1000x1000mm.

Column Tubes have emerged as the best building materials for commercial and residential projects. It offers a range of black hollow sections to give a futuristic edge to buildings. APL Apollo launched structural steel sections to construct structures of any design. Moreover, steel column tubes are the most suitable steel products for constructions such as warehouses, commercial centers, bridges, multi-story buildings, etc.

Hollow Steel sections are one of the irreplaceable building blocks of structural buildings because they have high-tensile strength and excellent load-bearing capacity. APL Apollo Column provides superior compression performance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. These hollow steel sections also offer higher radii of gyration around both axes with a significant weight reduction.

It is available in rectangle and circular sizes also. It can also enhance construction speed by providing sturdiness and ease of bending, punching, and drilling. Several compelling reasons are available to make you choose APL Apollo tubes for your construction projects.

HSS or Hollow Structural Sections are now part of pre-Engineered buildings (PEB). Their popularity has increased dramatically over the last decade. The use of hollow steel sections can help in faster execution of projects with a significant reduction in material wastage leading to optimization of costs.
Apollo Column - Structural Steel Tubes
Hollow steel sections & rectangular steel tubes for building solution
Apollo Column - Structural Steel Tubes
Square Hollow Sections (SHS): 150mm x 150mm – 300mm x 300mm
Now available in 500mm x 500mm
Length: 4.0 m to 12 m
Thickness: 0.8 mm–12 mm
Household Construction
Commercial Buildings
Infrastructure Applications
Industrial Applications


Apollo Column is a game changer in the construction industry. In addition, it reduces steel consumption and waste while reducing project duration. Besides, these Hollow Steel Structures are manufactured using ERW technology, where tubes are formed by cold forming of steel coil into a round cylindrical shape. Longitudinal welding is also one of the technologies to produce ERW tubes.

Direct Forming Technology (DFT) is used to create Apollo Square Columns. This technology enables the possibility to produce custom size of structural steel tubes without roll changes, which further results in an extreme reduction in setup time (this promotes minimal welding, hence helps to cut cost and time significantly). This DFT method can modify tube dimensions automatically as the process is computerized.


Torsional strength makes these steel rectangular tubes an excellent choice for fire resistance and consistent. Other benefits of these rectangular tubes are as follows:
1. Flexibility in design: It allows engineers and architects to create tubes to meet the project requirements. Steel Columns Structures are hollow and lightweight, so it is easy to customize in unique sizes.
2. Uniform strength: ERW steel tubes offer uniform strength because of no weaker axis. Hollow tubes are manufactured with uniform distribution of material around their axis.
3. Easy to paint: Column tubes are square and have 30%-40% less surface area than equivalent built-up sections. Due to its uniform and smooth shape, it is easy to paint and transport.
4. Higher torsional strength: Compared to open sections, it offers 200 times more torsional resistance. Hollow Sections prevent the structures from failure and dangerous accidents.
5. Less material wastage: It has less surface area than other built-up sections. Its cut-to-length sizes are from 4 to 12 mm. So, Apollo Columns require less material and reduce application time. The use of Direct Forming Technology helps to create pieces in custom sizes with negligible wastage. This leads to a massive reduction in overall project costs.
6. Accurate weight: ERW square tubes are available in accurate weights consistent with the theoretical calculations. The weight of HSS is also low as compared to other built-up sections.
7. Less steel consumption: It reduces steel consumption while building the structure. So, it ultimately reduces the overall weight of the steel structure. Also, the use of HSS in structural buildings reduces steel consumption by 15-20%.
8. Lower project cost: The weight reduction and low steel consumption will not only prevent the wastage of steel, but also reduces the erection and transportation costs. As a result, it will show reduction in the overall project cost.
9. Easy to install: It doesn’t not require much effort and time to install these hollow sections in the construction structure. The bolting system simplifies the construction process for the contractors.
10. Ease of fabrication: Ease of welding, punching, bending, and drilling makes Apollo Column a perfect choice.
11. Environment Friendly: Structural Columns are eco-friendly products. It replaces conventional construction materials, such as wood and tin and prevents severe pollution.
12. Aesthetically Pleasing: have smooth surfaces that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structures. It is suitable for infrastructure, commercial as well as residential projects.
13. Lower Project Duration: The use of Hollow Steel Sections in Pre- engineered buildings reduces the time taken to complete the project. This improves the efficiency of project management.


- Household Construction: Structural steel tubes are the best building materials for constructing strong household structures. Mild steel tubes can support structures. Additionally, it also provides strength to reinforced concrete in most cases of abrasion and extreme weather. So, it is a perfect option for independent houses and group housing.
- Commercial Buildings: The strength-to-weight ratio of this material is excellent for commercial buildings. Additionally, it is available in a variety of shapes and grades. It can be the material of choice to build office towers, malls, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.
- Infrastructure Applications: Seamless Steel tubes are a great alternative to pre-engineered structures. Project contractors and consultants can use square tubes. Rural and urban infrastructure can be constructed with hollow steel sections. The columns can be used for factories, warehouses, airports, industrial sheds, etc. This is due to Direct Forming Technology (DFT) and Electric Resistance Welding (ERW).
- Industrial Applications: A wide range of industrial applications uses square steel tubing, for the transportation of water, gasses, and liquid wastes. Tubes are commonly used in conveyor belts, hydraulic lifts, mills, and other industrial machines. Steel tubes are used for the construction of several standard appliances in your home.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.