From inspiring products, impressive designs to meaningful events, APL Apollo exploits you with choices that will keep you ahead in the game. With our design guides and instruction booklets we have created a knowledge hub to ease your life with a click of a button. Get ready to redefine your fabrication journey with us!


APL Apollo brings to you a world of distinctive designs that are readily available and easy to use. Designed with precision, each of our offerings will add value and vogue that will help you stand out from the crowd.

We Don’t Just Make Links, We Build Relationships

We at APL Apollo understand the power of collaborative effort that has resulted in the long term relationship of trust with our partners. We have come a long way in building a meaningful relationship with our fabricators. We reach out to them by regularly organizing Fabricator Meets, an event that focuses on networking, problem-solving, and knowledge building.

Out Fabricator meets are held at large scale across India, resulting in an emotional and rational connect. Our business does not merely entail delivering products required by our customers; we are equally dedicated to assisting our fabricator community and solving their problems by understanding the needs deeply. We welcome you to be a part of our network, connect with us in our upcoming Meet.
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Hollow square steel sections & sheets used for bench & table

To ace the golden era of design that we currently live in, every week, we bring one chosen design for you from our inspiring collection.


APL Apollo’s product portfolio is the widest in the industry. It consists of numerous shapes that vary from round tubes to hollow sections to unique frames. Our products like Chaukhat (door frame), Alpha (window frame), Handrail, D Section, Steel Plank, Designer Pipes (Signature, Elegant), and Small Section provide cost savings and are a boon for low-cost housing requirements.

Apollo steel sheet & rectangular tubes used in outdoor gates


Solid, Dexterous, & Immaculate Design

Galvanized circular structural steel pipes handrails

Outdoor Furniture

Sturdy, Beautiful, and Robust

Rectangualr, circular structural steel tubes & pipes solution in handrail.

Outdoor Furniture

Sturdy, Beautiful, and Robust



About Us Image
About Us Image

Building your dream structure using construction materials from Apollo Tubes Limited has become so easy. APL Apollo is the biggest steel tubes producer in India, with a capacity to produce 3.6 million tonnes per annum. It has extended the distribution network across the world. APL Apollo Steel Company offers over 1500+ structural steel and building products, including Galvanized Tubes, MS Black Pipes, Structural Steel Tubes, Hollow Sections and more. 

APL Apollo has introduced the first-ever platform for both fabricators and customers – Aalishaan mobile app. It is a one-stop solution for end-users to contact fabricators,directly to fulfill all your home decor and building related needs. 

APL Apollo Aalishaan is one of a kind revolutionary B2C app in the world of construction and infrastructure. The app is designed to help fabricators to access APL Apollo's range of steel pipes and tubes. It is a user-friendly app that offers a seamless experience to its users. The app is a platform where any customer can view & get details with their nearest fabricators and can connect with them with a single click. 

Benefits to customers:

Access to design library: Customers will be able to access a comprehensive library of steel designs and get inspired. They will be able to pick and choose from a variety of steel designs, leaving them spoilt for choice.

Direct contact with fabricators: Customers can directly contact a fabricator of their choice based on their location. This provides ultimate convenience and flexibility as customers can interact with the fabricators directly without any intermediaries.

Ratings & Reviews : The Aalishaan app emphasizes quality assurance by connecting you with trusted fabricators who adhere to strict quality standards. On the app customers can easily view the ratings and reviews given by others and decide by themselves which fabricator best suits their project requirement. 

Trusted brand: APL Apollo, one of the most renowned names in steel, is known for quality and innovation, and its Aalishaan app connects customers directly to fabricators without any involvement from third parties. As a result, reliable and high-quality solutions will be provided directly to customers.

User-friendly Interface: The app is designed with a clean and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. Users can also access the app from any device, making it convenient to use even while on the go.

Reliable Customer Support: TATA Aashiyana provides reliable customer support services, assisting customers with queries, concerns, and after-sales services, ensuring a satisfying experience.

Benefits to fabricators:

Extensive Design library: Fabricators will be able to view an entire library of steel designs. This helps fabricators understand what customers want and provide solutions that match the needs of customers.

Simplifying the process: Aalishaan allows fabricators to build their brand and connect directly with the customer. They can also find out the details of the nearest distributor. All of these features are available to fabricators at no additional cost or commission.

Strong Brand Reputation: The strong brand value of APL Apollo empowers fabricators to win the trust of more customers. The association with a reputable brand helps them generate convertible leads and grow their business, enhancing their credibility in the market.

Multilingual : Aalishaan allows fabricators to communicate with customers in any language thus decreasing the friction amongst the buyer and seller. Making it easier for all small to big fabricators and focusing more towards the quality.

Material Quantity Calculator: The Aalishaan app includes a convenient material quantity calculator. Fabricators can quickly and accurately calculate the amount of material required based on the selected design. This feature aids in efficient planning, budgeting, and placing orders with dealers.

On-shop branding: The Aalishaan app assists fabricators in their on-shop branding efforts. They can showcase their brand identity, promote their services, and differentiate themselves from competitors, thereby enhancing their visibility and attracting more customers.

Schemes & Rewards: The app offers fabricators access to various schemes, such as the Saaathi scheme and other material purchase schemes. By participating in these schemes, fabricators have the opportunity to win rewards, contributing to their overall growth and profitability.

Customer Support: In case of any inquiries, concerns, or the need for assistance during the fabrication process, experienced support staff will be available to guide and help you, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for both you and your customers.

In conclusion, APL Apollo Aalishaan is a game-changer in the world of construction and infrastructure. It provides an easy-to-use platform for accessing APL Apollo's range of steel pipes and tubes, making it easier for engineers, architects, contractors, and builders to get the products they need for their projects. With its real-time pricing, delivery, and installation services, the app offers a complete solution for all your construction needs. APL Apollo helps you build stunning homes and makes it easier for fabricators to reach a larger audience. The idea behind this mobile app is to combine the world of customers and fabricators. It is a responsive and user-friendly application to access structural and building materials. APL Apollo understands the needs of customers and this app is an attempt to improve their overall experience. It will help to raise brand recognition and engage with the target audience


Project Credentials

We at APL Apollo believe in the continuous growth of all the people around us. Our architects and engineers have given us a strong foundation to build upon our originality & creativity and have successfully helped us to make a mark in the structural steel tube business. To acknowledge their efforts and strengthen our bond, we regularly organize various events.


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