Apollo Checkered - Steel Coil and sheets

Apollo Checkered - Steel Coil and sheets

APL Apollo Checkered plates and plain steel sheets are steel plates with diamond shapes on the surface. The plates are easy to form, durable and come with an aesthetic finish. The sturdy and durable checkered plates are manufactured by roll press processing.

With high strength & great durability, Apollo Checkered offers a long product life. Due to the rough surface and slip resistance, these steel plates are used for industrial and hospital flooring, factory stair boards, truck & bus bodies, and decorative sheets as wall guards.
Apollo Checkered - Steel Coil and sheets
Apollo checkered galvanized steel Plates used for steel structure building solutions
Apollo Checkered - Steel Coil and sheets
Width – Up to 1250mm
Length –Up to 8m
Thickness: 1.6 – 6.0mm
Industrial flooring
Truck/bus body
Hospital flooring
Factory stair boards
City flyover walkways/staircases


1. Easy to install: Apollo Checkered steel plates are designed using modern manufacturing techniques, including the state-of-the-art roll press processing method. This enables the steel plates to be installed easily on various surfaces.
2. Beautiful appearance: Apollo Checkered steel plates have a modern and striking diamond-shaped finish on their surface. This pattern adds to the sleek appearance of the product.
3. Slip resistance: The diamond-shaped pattern of the steel sheets also serves a practical purpose. This pattern enables the plates to be slip-resistant, adding an extra layer of security for people and goods.
4. Recyclable: A major advantage of Apollo Checkered is the fact that these steel plates are entirely recyclable and can be used in a variety of other applications. This is a benefit to the environment as there is no wastage involved.
5. Durable: APL Apollo prides itself on being an industry leader in quality steel products. Apollo Checkered is no exception. These steel coils are made with attention to detail and are tested for their durability using the company’s signature inspection process.
6. Termite resistant: Apollo Checkered steel plates are manufactured using pure steel. This makes them entirely resistant to termites.


- Industrial flooring: The rough surface and slip resistance of Apollo Checkered steel plates makes them the perfect choice for industrial flooring. Conventional flooring gets worn out and damaged due to the constant movement of heavy products. These steel coils are designed to mitigate these effects.
- Truck/bus body: Trucks have the task of carrying and transporting loads of bulk products in the cargo trunk. The flooring of this trunk needs to prevent the unnecessary movement of goods in order to prevent any kind of damage as they are transported to various locations. Buses transport thousands of people every day and many passengers drag their luggage which damages the floor. For both cases, Apollo Checkered steel plates and gp coils are a suitable choice due to their enhanced slip resistance and durability.
- Hospital flooring: Hospitals have a constant stream of patients on a regular basis. A lot of movement of people, wheelchairs, beds, and equipment is involved. Therefore, Apollo Checkered steel sheets are a good choice due to their high quality and purpose-built aesthetic design.
- Factory stair boards: Apollo Checkered galvanized sheets can be used for factory stair boards as they are able to withstand the constant pressure of heavy materials. The anti-slip pattern is designed to prevent materials from slipping and falling, avoiding accidental damage.
- City flyover walkways/staircases: Many surfaces in the city get worn out over time due to pedestrian use. Furthermore, many pedestrian accidents occur due to slippery pathways and staircases. Apollo Checkered steel sheets can drastically reduce the number of slip-related accidents on walkways and stairs while also maintaining their attractive appearance to beautify the city.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.