Apollo Hybrid - Steel Pipes

Apollo Hybrid - Steel Pipes

Made using the latest Galvant technology, Apollo Hybrid tubes are a combination of PVC and In-line Galvanized tubes that offer to be a better replacement for GI tubes. Given its superior quality and longevity, these tubes are used for Plumbing in the premium housing segment and Borewell.
Apollo Hybrid -  Steel Pipes
Circular apollo hybrid steel pipes & tubes with PVC & in-line galvanized tube for house hold plumbing
Apollo Hybrid -  Steel Pipes
Automotive Interiors


Apollo Hybrid tubes are highly durable and can stand up to the most severe fabrication processes without chipping. Lead free, smoke resistant, corrosion resistance and easy to handle the tubes are superior in quality and strength.


Galvant Process is a continuous process of hot dip galvanizing of steel pipes from outside. Galvant as the name suggests is galvanizing with gallant advantages and provides double life than any other galvanized product. This Process provides the advantage of putting paint , zinc and polymer top coat seamlessly on a continuous process.


  1. Pipes: Apollo Hybrid can be used to transport liquids, substances, and currents across different locations, steel pipes are placed in important components and machinery, ensuring they have a secure channel and network to operate effectively. Due to these substances being strong and volatile, it is important that these Hybrid steel pipes are made out of highly durable material.
    2. Automotive Interiors: Providing structural integrity to the body due to minimal corrosion attacks, Apollo hybrid gives a sense of safety to the owner. It also increases the resale value of the car for future purposes. These ERW steel pipes reduce the maintenance cost for the car body due to a decrease in chances of the body getting corroded.
    3. Ladders: With galvanized steel, ladders can have a longer life. There is no maintenance required. The increased durability of the steel’s finished product also increases the product’s reliability


  1. Corrosion Resistance: Escalating deterioration of water pipelines due to corrosion in old iron pipes threatens the ability to provide safe drinking water and is a complicated and costly problem across many regions of the world. Apollo hybrid PVC steel pipes are invulnerable to underground external corrosion as well as internal pipe corrosion. So while certain pipe manufacturers continue to explore “solutions” to corrosion – because their materials are affected by it – Hybrid remains indisputably resistant to it.
    2. Easy to Install: Along with having a strong protective surface that increases resistance to wear and tear, Apollo hybrid steel pipes are easy to install. This is due to the fact that these pipes are ready-made, which means that one would no longer need to prepare or paint the surface before installing these sections. This drastically lessens the construction time by a number of minutes or hours, making sure one would be able to finish projects at a much faster rate. If you have a tight project deadline for your construction project, using. Apollo hybrid steel pipes is the most efficient option.
    3. Superior Quality: These steel pipes are easy to handle during transportation and application and can be implemented in structures easily. They do need additional coats of paint. The material in the inner cavity of the hybrid has a high level of protection because zinc is very hard to penetrate. They do not need a high level of maintenance or repair.
    4. Longevity: With an extra protective layer of molten zinc present on the surface, Hybrid galvanized steel pipes have a longer lifespan compared to conventional piping. This means that they can last for a number of years before needing to be replaced, ensuring that various substances have a proper channel where they can be moved to different locations. Steel is designed to last for a long period of time, which is why using a combination of galvanized and PVC steel pipes would be the best option for a wide variety of industries.
    5. Lightweight: Because of the strength of the steel pipe, thinner wall thicknesses can be used, resulting in a lighter-weight tube. Custom wall thicknesses combined with powerful yield and tensile properties, steel grades, and processes, deliver a heavy-duty tube that is still lightweight.


  1. The in-line galvanization in Apollo hybrid offers superior flexibility and quality when compared to products made from pre-galvanized coil or post hot-dipped galvanized tube. Apollo hybrid steel pipes produces a bright, virtually lead-free coating that is exceptionally durable and can stand up to the most severe fabrication processes — all without flaking or chipping.
    2. The galvanized steel pipe is triple coated using a high-grade zinc alloy, followed by a conversion coating designed to reduce white rust and a clear polymer that seals the tube, adding a bright, long-lasting shine. These coatings in the hybrid steel pipe offer precision, toughness and long-lasting protection for our mechanical tubing.
    3. This led to the use of steel, which is one of the strongest materials used in various industries across the world. Known for being highly resistant against extreme temperatures and conditions, using steel ensures the pipes would not wear down or break during use.


APL Apollo Tubes is the largest structural steel pipe manufacturer in India. For Apollo Hybrid and other products we also reach out to steel pipe suppliers and steel pipe dealers.
Apollo Hybrid is a steel pipe which is a combination of In-line galvanized steel and PVC and it has become one of the most reliable types of industrial steel. With a strong and durable layer that can protect it from external elements and corrosive substances, using galvanized steel pipes is the best option for your industry

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.