Apollo Narrow - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Narrow - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Narrow hollow steel sections are a range of uniform tubes that are lighter in weight compared to Solid Steel Flats. They are made utilizing cutting-edge technology and the latest manufacturing techniques. These steel sections are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, are lightweight, irreplaceable, and have a variety of uses. They are also eco-friendly and reusable, making them highly sustainable as compared to the competition.
Apollo Narrow - Structural Steel Tubes
Apollo narrow sections steel tubes solutions for railings, fencing grills, etc.
Apollo Narrow - Structural Steel Tubes
Size: 40X10mm, 50X15mm, 60X10mm, 95X25mm
Thickness: 1.0 mm – 2.5 mm
weight (kg/m) -0.73 – 1.64, 0.97 – 2.23, 1.05 – 2.42, 1.83 – 4.39
Outdoor decor
Indoor decor


Apollo Narrow steel sections are designed to maximize strength and achieve supreme load-bearing capacity. The uniform length and thickness of the tubes give them a naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing pattern. Compared to solid steel flats from the competition, Apollo Narrow steel sections are more cost-effective and durable.


1. Decks: As they have superior durability and increased load-bearing capacity, Apollo Narrow steel sections make an ideal choice for use in decks. Furthermore, the unique and futuristic design allows these steel sections to add a sense of style to the exterior of your house.
2. Balconies: Apollo Narrow steel sections can also be used in balconies. Their reliable performance and unique look will allow your balcony to receive a significant upgrade.
3. Fences: Apollo Narrow steel sections are ideal for use in fencing applications. The enhanced durability and striking design add style and strength to fencing solutions.
4. Doors: The bright and attractive look of Apollo Narrow steel sections are perfect for doors to make a bold statement to anybody who approaches them. In addition to the striking appearance, the longevity of these sections ensure that doors stay in top condition.
5. Furniture: These steel sections can be used to make durable and attractive furniture like chairs, tables, stools, etc. for your homes.
6. Outdoor decor: Swings, garden benches, and decorative posts add a sense of style to public spaces and even the exterior of your house. Apollo Narrow steel sections are well-suited to be used in manufacturing all these decorative items.
7. Racks: Racks help to keep all of your belongings organised. From shoe racks to item racks, Apollo Narrow steel sections can be used to make beautiful-looking racks that can hold all your items thanks to the enhanced load-bearing capacity.
8. Indoor decor: Apollo Narrow decorative applications can be extended to indoor applications as well. Aesthetically pleasing decorative walls and stands add a modern and pleasing look to your home’s interior. Apollo Narrow steel sections can be used for these decorative items.



1. High Strength and Load Bearing Capacity: Apollo Narrow hollow steel sections are made using the finest structural steel available. This high-quality steel combined with the latest and most advanced manufacturing technology allows these ERW steel tubes to have superior strength and load-bearing capacity compared to the competition.
2. Longer Life: APL Apollo’s signature quality control and inspection along with the superior quality of these steel tubes give them a longer life span and increased durability.
3. Lightweight compared to Solid Steel Flats: Ordinary solid steel flats are very heavy which greatly reduces their ability to be moved around and transported easily. Apollo Narrow steel sections are made using the latest technology, allowing them to be significantly lighter than conventional solid steel flats.
4. Uniform Length and Thickness: APL Apollo’s quality control and superior manufacturing technology allow the hollow steel sections to have consistency and uniformity across their length and thickness.
5. Low Maintenance: The superior quality steel used in manufacturing the Apollo Narrow steel sections ensures that they require little to no maintenance for the entire life of the product.
6. Rust-proof: Apollo Narrow structural steel tubes are entirely rust-proof. This means that they have a longer life compared to most steel sections of the same type.
7. Termite-resistant: Apollo Narrow steel tubes are termite-resistant as they are made of pure steel, not wood. Steel is a metal that has the properties of being termite resistant due to the absence of cellulose.
8. Fire-resistance: These structural steel tubes are made with the highest quality steel. Steel is a metal which has the properties of being highly resistant to fires. The hollow steel structures made with these tubes offer more fire resistance and increased overall durability.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.