Apollo Octagon - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Octagon - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Octagon is a range of exclusively designed tubes that are widely used in furniture, railings, solar panels, and lighting poles. These tubes are designed for easy fabrication and are fancy in looks. Octagon pipes are available in sizes between 41mm to 127mm OD (Outer Diameter). The design has been registered making the product truly unique to the company.
Apollo Octagon - Structural Steel Tubes
Apollo octagon steel pipes for furniture, railings, solar panels, and lighting poles
Apollo Octagon - Structural Steel Tubes
Size: 41mm, 60.3mm, 74.5mm, 95.4mm and 127mm OD
Thickness: 0.8 – 2mm,1.2 – 3mm ,1.2 – 3mm, 1.2 – 3mm , 2.0 – 5mm
Weight (kg/m) -0.79 – 1.92, 1.75 – 4.24, 2.17 – 5.29, 2.78 – 6.38, 6.17-15.04
Widely used in furniture, Railings, Lighting Poles , Solar Panels


With high strength and longer life, Apollo Octagon tubes are unbeatable in durability. These tubes offer dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance.


Apollo Octagon steel tubes are unrivaled in terms of durability due to their high strength and longer life. These Structural Steel Tubes are dimensionally accurate, corrosion resistant, and simple to maintain.


  1. High Strength: Manufacturers usually treat steel tubes with elements such as nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum to enhance its corrosion resistance. Apollo Octagon steel tubes can withstand high temperatures, an attribute that makes it perfect for piping in areas with extreme heat.
    2. Durability: Apollo octagon steel tubes are much more durable than tubes made out of other materials. Even with all the other benefits attached to using them, the durability of steel tubes with ERW process makes it the best option for most projects. It is able to withstand vibrations, shock and high pressure. Unlike other metals, steel will bend rather than break under extreme conditions, helping to prevent spills or leaks.
    3. Corrosion Resistance: Corrosion is a common concern in construction projects as it compromises the project’s structural integrity. However, such worries are nonexistent with steel tube use. Octagon steel tubes are rust-proof and easily resist the chemical reactions that result in corrosion. This benefit makes steel tubes ideal for hospital applications, furniture, railings, solar panels, and lighting poles.
    4. - Unlike other materials like iron that easily deteriorate upon exposure to soil issues and UV light, steel tubes have a corrosion resistance layer that makes them safe for high-pressure applications.
    5. Easy Installation: Custom steel tubes can be created to any height, width and strength required to meet the unique specifications. They can also be easily modified on-site, making them easy to install. Any maintenance or modifications that are needed after installation can be done quickly and easily because steel is very easy to work.
    6. Aesthetic Appeal: The fact that Apollo Octagon steel tubes can be found in most furniture, railings, solar panels, and lighting poles demonstrates that they are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. These steel tube octagons are commonly used in homes because they provide a modern and sleek appearance.
    7. Environmental Friendly: Believe it or not, using these Structural Steel Tubes is a great way to look out for the local environment. Approximately over 60% of all the steel gets recycled each and every year. Steel tubes can be recycled frequently without losing its quality and strength, giving customers the best quality product at an affordable price.


  • Apollo Octagon steel tubes are sturdy, durable and highly customizable. Different steel alloys can be made by altering the content of carbon and adding other elements such as nickel, chromium, silicon, manganese, tungsten, molybdenum and vanadium.
    - They combine high strength with low weight, so they are ideal to use. With the ERW process, these steel tubes are capable of withstanding high heat and pressure, shock and vibrations. Under pressure, steel bends rather than break owing to its ductility, and this prevents spillage or leakage of materials inside the ERW steel tubes. Octagon as a material, is also preferred owing to its corrosion resistant nature. While iron corrodes easily, steel can last for years without corroding. It is also a highly chemical-resistant material.
    - Steel tubes are also easy to create, customize and install. Steel, as a material, is easy to work with and can be molded into any shape. The diameters of hollow steel sections range from a few millimeters to meters, and they can be several kilometers long! They can even be modified to an extent on-site. Thus, it is easy to create customized pipes and tubes according to one’s requirements.
    - Steel tubes are considerably stronger than other types of metal pipes. It can be made larger or thinner without compromising strength, quality or durability. This makes steel tubes more affordable and adaptable for specific needs or budgets.


1. Widely used in furniture: The steel furniture is fabricated mainly with the techniques of spot welding and argon welding, all parts are tightly connected with each other and become an inseparable whole part, this makes the steel furniture much stable and durable, and hardly become deformed.
2. Railings: While other materials can be suitable for specific locations, steel railings is one of the most versatile and durable materials to use in any space. These hollow steel sections don’t easily succumb to corrosion, require little maintenance, and can be cut and welded into various designs. Plus, steel’s sleek design pairs well with other materials—creating a unique aesthetic.
3. Lighting Poles: Lighting poles must be: reliable, durable, resistant to mechanical damage and the influence of the external environment. Therefore, when choosing poles, one should take into account steel poles. These structural steel tubes are less susceptible to damage from extreme weather or other events, and may also be more easily repaired when damage does occur. Because of their durability, steel poles can reduce the risk of these cascading events, even when a single pole fails. This makes these tubes ideal for hollow steel structures.
4. Solar Panels: Solar panels have become more widely used. Due to this, steel is proving to be the perfect material to accompany these high-tech projects. The natural properties of Apollo Octagon make them perfect for a number of applications in and around the power plant, properties such as: long lifespan, naturally hygienic, corrosion resistance

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.