Apollo Signature - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Signature - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Tricoat, part of Sudesh Group of Companies, India’s leading structural steel pipes and structural steel tubes manufacturer, expertly crafted the all-new rust-free galvanized designer tubes – Apollo Signature. Apollo Signature will redefine conventional steel design to make hollow steel structures look more premium and classy. Apollo Signature is ideal for use in Rooftops, Handrails, Gates, Furniture, Pillars and Interior Designs.
Apollo Signature - Structural Steel Tubes
Galvanized square structural steel tubes solution used in rooftop & furniture
Apollo Signature - Structural Steel Tubes
Size: 15X15mm to 100X100mm
Thickness: 0.8mm – 2.5mm
Other thickness on request
Gate Pillars/Post


The Apollo Signature structural steel tube has special embossing which makes it aesthetically superior compared to other products in the market. By using designer steel, not only is there zero maintenance after installation, but these ERW steel tubes also eliminate the use of wood with superior quality material for an environmentally friendly solution.


  1. Before the galvanization process, the steel pipes have to undergo rigorous surface preparation. Following this, there is a sequence of steps to be followed so that the steel comes out properly galvanized. Normally, the process of surface preparation of galvanized steel pipes follows the below sequence:

    2. Firstly, the steel is thoroughly cleaned with the use of a caustic solution. This corrosive substance is very powerful and will completely remove all grease, dirt, and oil, present on the surface.

    3. After rinsing off the caustic solution, the steel pipe is then pickled. Pickling is a surface treatment which completely eradicates contaminants, rust, scales, stains, and impurities from the steel surface. An acidic solution is used to pickle the tube to eliminate mill scales or the remnants of the hot-rolled steel in the form of flakes.

    4. After this is done, the solution is removed and zinc ammonium chloride is applied to the tube in order to prevent oxidation of the surface.

    5. The steel pipes are now ready for galvanization. They are immersed in a bath of molten zinc at a very high temperature of around 449 degrees celsius or 840 degrees Fahrenheit. This forms a thick layer on the steel surface which stops oxygen and water from coming into contact with the steel underneath. As a result, it prevents rust formation and aids in corrosion resistance. The zinc plays the role of a sacrificial anode, protecting the inner steel layers.

    6. Some manufacturers also add lead to the molten zinc to make the substance have a more liquidy texture and prevent any excess zinc from coating the pipe. Most importantly, lead prevents the formation of dross.

    7. A few manufacturers utilize cold-dipped galvanizing where the pipes are coated in paint with high zinc content. However, the most common method that is used these days is hot-dipped galvanizing.

    8. After the steel pipe is dipped in zinc, a certain amount of time needs to elapse before the newly galvanized pipes completely cool down. A quench tank is used so that the galvanized steel pipes are cooled quickly and kept away from any unwanted exposure to substances in the environment that reduce their life.

    9. The final step is inspection. At APL Apollo, we ensure that all galvanized steel tubes are carefully inspected for any cracks or crevices that affect the overall quality and appearance of the tubes. They pass through multiple safety and quality checks to ensure that all pipes are ready to be used immediately after dispatch.


  1. Enhanced durability and strength – Apollo Signature structural steel tubes are rated 400 YST. This means that these hollow steel sections are the most superior products in the market, giving customers their money’s worth with their improved durability and strength.

    2. Corrosion resistance – Corrosion spoils the look of steel tubes and drastically reduces structural integrity. Apollo Signature structural steel tubes have a 150 GSM zinc coating, making them corrosion-resistant and elegant.

    3. Superior design for superior strength – For the first time in India, Apollo is introducing designer galvanized tubes – Signature Tubes. Along with an attractive premium surface, Apollo structural steel tubes also boast unmatched strength and longevity. As a substitute for wood, Apollo Signature provides reliable performance and outperforms wood with extraordinary quality and aesthetics.

    4. Aesthetics that are pleasing to the eye – Welding in the corners gives a smooth and even finish to Apollo Signature steel tubes and ensures that the welding does not take away from the aesthetics of the product. This gives the Apollo Signature steel tubes a very futuristic design with corrugated strength.

    5. Stunning design pattern on every tube – The exquisite designs on Apollo Signature ERW steel tubes not only beautifies their look but also serve a special purpose to improve their strength and sturdiness.

    6. Faster erection time – These attractive galvanized steel pipes are ready for use immediately after dispatch. The time spent for on-site surface preparation and painting is drastically reduced, allowing for faster completion and installation of structures.

    7. Less maintenance and low long-term cost – Galvanized steel tubes offer the lowest long-term costs compared to any other type of coating due to the enhanced durability, quality, and the less frequent need for maintenance.

    8. Complete Protection – The zinc coating on these galvanized steel pipes provides a beautiful and smooth finish. Furthermore, this coating protects the steel tubes from imperfections such as white deposits, flux, ash inclusions, dross inclusions, black spots, and rust, allowing for complete all-around protection.

    9. Eco-friendly – As Apollo Signature steel tubes are made from steel, it is a more eco-friendly alternative to wood as no trees have been cut to manufacture these tubes. While conventional building materials like RCC concrete, and aluminium are proven to have detrimental consequences on the environment, these ERW tubes can be recycled and does not pollute the environment. Steel is the future for our green planet!


  1. Gate Pillars/Post: Apollo Signature ERW steel tubes are used to create beautifully-crafted door pillars that elevate the luxuriousness of your home. These gate pillars are elegant and are precisely designed and decorated to match your aesthetic tastes.
    2. Gate: The reinvented structural steel in the Apollo Signature steel tubes adds an elegant touch to home gates. These ERW steel tubes are specifically designed to suit all types of design preferences.
    3. Balcony: Having a beautiful balcony makes a house more appealing to visitors and is a perfect place to get some fresh air. The Apollo Signature structural steel tubes are aesthetically designed so that home balconies look more elegant and attractive.
    4. Rooftops: The Apollo Signature structural steel tubes are precisely designed to be eye-catching. By redefining the conventional steel design, rooftops will look more classy and elegant.
    5. Furniture: These ERW steel tubes are perfect for all types of furniture because of their beautiful design and unmatched structural strength.

    APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.