Apollo Bheem - Structural Steel Tubes

Apollo Bheem - Structural Steel Tubes

APL Apollo, one of the leading structural steel pipe manufacturers in India, proudly presents its ultra-strong range of steel pipes carrying the name of Apollo Bheem. Apollo Bheem is a range of highly durable round Galvanized (GI) pipes having deeper and longer threading. The product finds usage in industrial and agricultural projects, particularly for water transportation for irrigation, industrial water lines, and plant piping. Bheem conforms to ISO 1239 – primarily for carrying water.
Apollo Bheem - Structural Steel Tubes
Round apollo bheem galvanized gi steel pipes & tubes used in industrial water lines & piping
Apollo Bheem - Structural Steel Tubes
GI Round tubes/pipes
Size: 15NB to 150NB
Thickness: 1.6mm – 3.2mm (Higher thickness as per requirement)
Length: 4.0mm to 12mm
Industrial water lines
Plant piping


Besides offering superior quality, Apollo Bheem ensures longevity and strength. These galvanized tubes have a higher GSM pure zinc coating which provides greater resistance to corrosion giving them a longer life.


1. Unmatched strength: Apollo Bheem steel pipes are manufactured with the highest quality structural steel. They are tested under strict quality control procedures and are thoroughly inspected. As a result, these steel pipes offer unmatched strength as compared to the competition.
2. Corrosion-resistant: Apollo Bheem steel pipes have a higher GSM pure zinc coating. This means that these steel pipes have a greater corrosion resistance compared to any of the competitors in the market.
3. Longer usage life: The pure zinc coating of Apollo Bheem steel pipes ensures that these pipes last much longer. The cutting-edge manufacturing technology used also contributes to their high quality and usage life. Across all applications, Apollo Bheem steel pipes will last longer than the competition.
4. Water-resistant: Apollo Bheem steel pipes are designed for the purpose of transporting water for various purposes. Naturally, they are water-resistant and allow water to pass through quickly and easily.
5. Weather-resistant: Many pipes burst and explode under pressure especially if the temperature gets too hot or too cold. Apollo Bheem steel pipes are designed to resist extreme temperatures on their exteriors and interiors, giving you peace of mind.
6. Crack-resistant: Water pressure causes cracks to develop on the pipe which increases over time. These cracks lead to leakages and they may also burst if not fixed on time. Apollo Bheem steel pipes are crack-resistant to avoid these inconveniences.


1. Irrigation: Apollo Bheem ERW pipes are built for all types of agricultural water transportation, particularly in transporting water for irrigation. The ability to withstand corrosion along with enhanced strength make these pipes ideal for transporting large amounts of water which is required for crop growing and cultivation for both residential and commercial structure.
2. Industrial water lines: Various industries, particularly factories, utilize massive amounts of water in order to achieve volumes in mass production. The requirement for reliable pipes in these industries is mandatory. Apollo Bheem steel pipes are ideal for industrial water lines. Their reliable performance along with industry-leading durability and corrosion resistance all contribute to pipe solution solutions that will perform exceedingly well every single time.
3. Plant piping: Water from plants is the main source of usable water for a majority of the Indian population living in urban areas. Large amounts of filtered water are pumped into households in order to be utilized in various different daily applications including cooking, cleaning, and drinking. Due to the growing population of the country, the demand for pumped water has monumentally increased. Apollo Bheem ERW steel pipes are able to meet the growing demand by being able to resist the increased water pressure that arises due to the need for more pumped water. They are future-ready and offer unmatched performance to meet the water needs of the Indian population.

APL Apollo is the right choice for all steel structures, PEB structures, structural steel buildings, and construction.