APL Apollo adds value to the Industrial Shed at Dujana

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APL Apollo adds value to the Industrial Shed at Dujana

APL Apollo has been a leader in promoting tubular steel technology in construction. The use of structural steel tubes offer multiple benefits including speed, quality and cost savings while being environmentally friendly. This has been practically proved in many projects. If you are interested in efficient solutions for your construction needs, read on.

The project –

Take the example of a greenfield project at Dujana, UP, where APL Apollo Steel Tube worked jointly with Cladding Project Pvt. Ltd to construct a  78,000 sq ft industrial shed. The dimensions specified were 146m x 49m x 11m and 15MT crane. It had to be designed to withstand Dead Load, Live Load, Wind Load, Earthquake Load and Crane Load. The shed was constructed using APL Apollo steel tubes.

The challenges –

Since this was a huge structure, the challenge faced by the engineers was to reduce the weight and cost of the industrial shed. Research work showed that HSS structures consumed less steel compared to built-up structures. The goal of the project was to build an optimised industrial shed in the fastest time possible with no onsite fabrication.

The Solution-

What happened was inspirational! APL Apollo Steel Tube worked jointly with Cladding Project Pvt. Ltd, brainstormed together, studied the results of the research and applied them to the real-time project at hand. The work was finished and the shed was handed over as planned. The entire structure was designed and constructed using APL Apollo Hollow Steel Sections.

The Outcome

The result was a fully completed project before the targeted deadline. The overall structural steel consumption for the entire project was 340 MT including the roofing. This was a reduction of 25% in structural steel consumption compared to pre-engineered buildings. The total project cost was lower by 15% owing to a reduction in erection cost, transportation cost and faster project completion. There was zero fabrication on site. The use of APL Apollo steel tubes helped to manage and execute the project flawlessly from start to finish.

APL Apollo is being extensively used in industrial projects and commercial structures due to its inherent superiority over similar products. APL Apollo uses the latest Italian Direct Forming Technology to provide stronger and more load-bearing steel tubes that can be used in industrial applications. They add strength, lower steel consumption, minimize wastage, expedite construction and reduce costs while remaining environmentally friendly. What more can you possibly ask for?

If you need more information about our products, feel free to visit our website  https://aplapollo.com/.