APL Apollo helped to set up an Oxygen Plant in just 15 days- How did they do it?

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APL Apollo helped to set up an Oxygen Plant in just 15 days- How did they do it?

The Direct Forming Technology (DFT) used by APL Apollo helps it to deliver better value to customers faster and more efficiently. This has become an established fact if we take several recent projects into consideration.

Take the example of the 15000 sq feet Oxygen Plant in Siraspur set up by the Delhi Government with Apollo Column steel tubes. This was completed in an ambitious 15 days’ time, thanks to APL Apollo structural steel tubes. APL columns offer faster construction, optimised structure cost, minimal wastage and superior quality while remaining environmentally friendly. The project was completed under the supervision of PWD engineers. Since this project had an ambitious turnaround time, it had to be well planned and executed with precision.

The project was divided into four clear stages –

Excavation and foundation work carried out by civil contractor

Once PWD finalized the design the order was placed on Day 1. The next day saw the beginning of the excavation of the site. On the fifth day, foundation casting began and was completed in two days.

Tubes manufactured by APL Apollo

Once the order was received from PWD, APL Apollo started manufacturing the tubes cut to length at its Raipur Plant and started despatching on the fourth day.

Fabrication of structural steel tubes at the workshop

While the foundation work was being managed at the site, the structural parts were being fabricated in the workshop. It took around 5 days for the fabrication and finishing of the fabrication. Two days were used for sandblasting and paintwork on the structural parts.

Assembly and erection of fabricated structure at the site

The despatch of the fabricated structural tubes were completed on the eleventh day by which point the site was ready for the erection of the fabricated structure. The assembly and erection of the entire structure took only three days.

On Day 15 the finished shed was handed over to PWD and they were extremely satisfied with the outcome. The entire project was completed in 15 days with the consumption of 20% less steel and incurring a 10% lower project cost. There was no welding done onsite. The lower weight of the columns resulted in considerable cost savings while it added extreme sturdiness to the structure.

This project demonstrated that the structural steel tubes are best suited for steel buildings in terms of Speed, Quality, Cost Savings and Environment Safety. The structure looks aesthetically better compared to conventional structural products.

APL Apollo Tubes supplied tubular sections of 400x200mm with 12mm thickness for this project. This aided the designer to optimize the building design that complied with the stipulated safety standards. The sections were supplied in cut to length sizes to ensure minimum wastage for the fabricator. It helped in faster processing of steel tubes and on-time completion of the project. 

APL Apollo used Direct Forming Technology and produced the heavy sections using the Italian rolling mills which are capable of producing square and rectangular tube sections directly. This provides a sharper edge to the tubes with less weight for the same load-bearing capacity. APL Apollo adds value to every engineering project with its latest technology 

APL Apollo started using the Direct Forming Technology four years ago and are the pioneer in India. This technology is now being used in heavy structural steel applications with great success. To know more about APL Apollo and its range of products, do visit our website https://aplapollo.com/ and we will be happy to assist you.