Ideal For Industrial & Agricultural

Apollo Galv

Apollo Galv is a range of Galvanized Iron (GI) products suitable for industrial and agricultural usage. Crack-resistant and sturdy, it is made of round, square, and rectangular GI tubes that are used for structural applications in high humid regions. Galv works well for the Greenhouse structure and agricultural system for pumping water and irrigation.


GI Round tubes
Size: 15NB to 150NB
Thickness: 1.6mm – 3.2mm (Higher thickness as per requirement)
Length: 4.0mm to 12mm

GI Square and Rectangular Sections
Size: As per requirement
Length: 4.0mm to 12mm
Thickness: 1.6mm – 2.2mm and above


Household Structural Application in Coastal Regions
Structural applications (Solar power plant & windmills)
Plumbing and Agricultural (Water & irrigation transport)
Greenhouse Structures
Electric poles
Automotive tubes

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