Apollo Navrang: All You Need to Know

APL Apollo Group is bringing innovation to India as one of the largest manufacturers of structural steel tubes and pipes. With a capacity of around 2.6 million tons, they are able to serve India as well as export to over 20 countries. 

APL Apollo has now introduced a new product called Apollo Navrang the narrow width and high thickness colour coated- coated coils and sheets with a new, innovative concept. Apollo aims at the initiative of bringing changes with the Go Green Concept to Save the Earth. With this concept, they want to replace Wood with Steel Sections in construction. 

These pre-galvanised /Alu Zinc, also known as Galvalume sheets can be used in diverse applications like rooftops of residential and commercial buildings, warehouse sheds, open door frames, PEB sheds, home appliances, automobile components, solar panels and so much more.

Continuous Galvanising

Navrang follows a galvanising technology with Aluminium and Zinc lines. It uses a hot-dip non-OX continuous galvanising. The thickness for the same ranges from 0.3 to 3.0 mm with a width of 300-750 mm. Furthermore, the galvanised line is integrated with an inline 4 Hi Wet Skin Pass Mill. A flex tension levelling is provided to ensure good surface finishing results for the same.The online tension leveller provides extra advantages through coating measurement and central automation control.

What is Alu Zinc?

Apollo Navrang is coated with an alloy of aluminium and zinc. The weightage of the same is divided in terms of 55% (aluminium), 43.5% (zinc) and 1.5% (silicon). Alu Zinc is formed using a hot-dripping technology that caters to a suitable match. The extra features of the same cater to heat reflectivity and high corrosion resistance. 

Apollo Navrang can help in various purposes such as agricultural equipment, construction, appliances and solar panels. It can also help in non-exposed automotive components. Apollo Navrang offers a uniform and shiny appearance. The aluminium-zinc coating contributes to the shine. As a user, you will not need to paint it as well. Furthermore, it can assist in the ventilation and heating process. Comparatively, the product has higher resistance in terms of oxidation and can withstand a temperature of around 315°C without undergoing discolouration.

Why use Apollo Navrang Alu Zinc?

Apollo Navrang is one of the most prominent, revolutionary technologies. Some of the common features of Apollo Navrang for Alu Zinc include the following

  • It has a smooth and uniform appearance.
  • Apollo Navrang has an anti-fingerprint coating which contributes to a beautiful look.
  • It is more durable and will last longer than usual.
  • It has heat reflectivity and high corrosion resistance.
  • Apollo Navrang has the right thickness that contributes to precision.

The paint type includes epoxy, SMP, Polyester, Teflon, SMP and more. Furthermore, the strip thickness and width such as 0.30 to 2.8 and 250-750. There are three levels of thickness such as primer and paint.

Continuous Colour Coating Line

YOGIJI DIGI’s continuous colour coating line has a catenary type which is integrated in four zones that contributes to prime and finish coat. These can be used for reliable inputs for various infrastructure industries such as bus roofing, roof panels, solar panel pedestals, solar panel frames, shutter, open-door frames and ducting. 

APL Apollo’s new Navrang range offers the scope to combine aesthetics with functionality as these colour-coated coils and sheets can last longer without rusting while providing a pleasing finish to your products. The applications of these sheets and coils can be varied and can be put to use in diverse industries. To know more, you can check out https://aplapollo.com/apollo-navrang/ .