Setting New Benchmark With
Cutting Edge Technology

Apollo Tricoat

Apollo TriCoat is a unique product that uses the most advanced galvanizing technology, the ‘Tricoat Process’. Bringing the cutting-edge technology for the first time in India, Tricoat pushes existing benchmarks to set new standards. Manufactured using Galvant Technology Apollo Tricoat tubes and tubes ensure that the corrosion resistance offered is top of the line and provides maximum benefit to the user.


Apollo Tricoat pioneers the launch of following products in India
Triple coated In-line Galvanizing tubes
Designer Galvanized tubes (SIgnature and Elegant)
Hybrid tubes (ILG + PVC)
Narrow Sections


Designer tubes for Furniture (Used in cupboards, beds, shelves, sofa set and tables)
Planks for various uses as fencing, staircase, pergolas and truck bodies
Electrical Conduits
GreenHouse structural tubing
PVC coated tube for plumbing applications
Door frames & Window frames
Handrails and Handgrills
Stairs, Grills,Gates and Railing
Gate pillars, post and balconies
Roofing structures
Outdoor furniture and Swings

Tricoat in APOLLO World