To be a high performing organisation, valuing social and environmental wellbeing. nurturing relationships and promoting innovation.


To supply high-quality building materials to a worldwide client base while utilizing innovative technologies within an environment of motivated employees, focusing on continuous improvement and adhering to highest business standards managing our impact on environment and society

Our ESG Approach

As a company committed to improving everyday life, ESG is an inextricable part of our business and that of our clients. ESG issues affect everyone at APL Apollo. That is why, guided by committed leadership, we operate through rigorous cross-functional governance. Our new ESG framework, targets and action plan reflect our focus on ESG issues that we believe are core to our business, and that are a part of evolving market expectations.

We recognize that we operate in an environment where many of the natural resources we depend on are scarce. Therefore, not only is it imperative for us to manage and measure our environmental impact for the sake of the world, but it is also essential for the financial viability of our supply chain and industry. And as a result, we have developed an ESG framework to integrate with our core businesses.

Materiality Assessment

ESG Framework

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FY 2022 ESG Report Download PDF
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