Find out how Apollo Column Tubes helps you in modern construction

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Find out how Apollo Column Tubes helps you in modern construction

APL Apollo is the leading manufacturer of electric resistance welded steel pipes and tubes in India with an annual capacity of over 2.6 million tonnes. The Apollo column range created with cutting edge technology offers great flexibility to the construction industry with a variety of hollow steel sections ranging from 12×12 mm to 300x300mm. 

In today’s steel construction industry, there has been a move towards high-performance materials, especially in the pre-built sections. Apollo Column Tubes improve the strength levels of the products while reducing the material and project costs. 

Once the advantage of Apollo column tubes became evident, the use of hollow steel sections in construction has increased tremendously. The AISC standards have included HSS connections and this could be one reason why its demand has increased. Apollo Column Tubes can be used in different ways to create aesthetically interesting structures 

When it comes to the modern construction of any design and elevation, the Apollo Column Tubes are a clear game-changer. They are suitable for a range of construction uses including infrastructure, commercial and residential housing projects because of the variety of options available. 

Apollo Column tubes have a high load-bearing capacity and strength to weight ratio which makes them suitable for structural buildings. It offers superior compression performance and creates tremendous weight savings. 

Benefits of using Apollo Column Tubes 

There are several advantages of using Apollo Column Tubes as they are a combination of beauty, strength and versatility. 

Design flexibility – Apollo Column Tubes offer sufficient flexibility to the architects and engineers to give wings to their imagination. 

Equal distribution of strength – The Apollo Column Tubes have an equal distribution of material around their axis which offers strength to the structure. 

Strength to weight ratio – The Apollo Column Tubes have a high strength to weight ratio that leads to lower steel consumption and effectively lower cost.

Beauty – The structures appear visually pleasing due to the smooth profile of Apollo Columns. Painting – Apollo Columns are amenable to painting because of their uniform and smooth contours. 

High torsion – Apollo Columns have excellent torsional resistance that is 200x compared to open sections. 

No wastage – Apollo Colum tubes are available in sizes from 4-12 mm so you can pick the exact size needed and avoid material wastage. 

Positive impact on the environment – Traditional construction methods cause pollution while the use of Apollo Column tubes is environment-friendly making it a sustainable solution. 

Savings in steel consumption – The hollow steel sections are designed in such a way that they can be fitted easily leading to lesser consumption of steel. 

Project cost savings – A combination of reduced steel consumption, faster construction and less transportation cost adds to the project cost savings. 

Convenient installation – Installation becomes easier due to the use of the installation system. 

Engineer’s choice – The convenience of welding, drilling, punching and bending makes the Apollo Column an ideal fabricating material choice for engineers. 

The increasing awareness about the advantage of steel tubes has led to the increased use of hollow steel sections in construction. Apollo Column tubes combine strength and versatility with aesthetics to become the choice building material for architects and engineers. 

The versatility of its use in high rise residential buildings, industrial structures, shopping malls, airports, bridges, warehouses, factories, overbridges, fuel stations etc adds to the popularity of the tubes. Apollo Column tubes have become the choice material in the pre-engineered building segment as it is amenable to the varying construction needs. 

When it comes to costs. Apollo Column tubes are 10-20% cheaper which decreases the overall cost of construction. The reduced weight of the material leads to a decrease in transportation costs. Hollow sections have a lower surface area for painting which results in material, cost and time savings.

You can embrace modern construction with Apollo Column Tubes and make a difference. The ease of use and its versatility combined with aesthetics makes these hollow steel sections and 

tubes a very popular choice among architects and engineers who can execute their futuristic project designs flawlessly. 

To know more about how Apollo Column Tubes can help you in modern construction you can visit and we will be happy to guide you.