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How Innovation is Changing the World Around Us?

“Innovation is the only way to win.” – Steve Jobs

In a constantly changing world, it is essential that we move forward in every aspect. Turnaround time for most things has drastically reduced and there has been a noticeable shift in designs, materials, durability etc. Growing concern for the conservation of resources has been one of the factors that has changed the way things were done in the past. At every step, the world is evolving and innovations are being embraced to fit into this ever-changing world. With every passing day, the needs evolve and one must keep innovating to keep up with the demands. The world today, needs enhanced structures and materials that are stronger, more aesthetic, more durable, technology-driven and something that doesn’t harm the environment.

As civilization came into existence, we were primarily dependent on natural resources for all our needs. Even with the advancement in our methods, we relied heavily on animal power and non-renewable sources for most of our work. Gradually with the growth in population and need for advanced systems, we switched to methods that were more efficient than the previous ones. While this sustained us for a long time, the ever-evolving world and the growing population again gave rise to a need for more innovation that would make our lives easier while conserving the environment.

Today, we are at a point, where innovation is needed more than ever. We are a nation, developing by leaps and bounds. From housing to machinery – every industry needs things at an instant. Like every developing nation, we too need infrastructure to support the growth and true development is when a nation develops across industries. To cater to the needs of so many industries, it was essential to develop a system that produced cost and time effective materials. These also need to be versatile so as to reduce manual efforts. At this juncture, the introduction of innovation in technology becomes more important than ever.

As a part of this developing nation, it was also our duty to introduce innovation that would accelerate the growth. This has led us to adapting innovative methods of production like DFT i.e. Direct Forming Technology, which saves materials and is more cost and time effective. This also allows customization, thus taking away the need for production of different raw material at different places. Today, our products are used in bridges, staircases, atriums, airports, stadiums, shopping malls etc. Innovation is building a world where your products can cater to multiple industries simultaneously. Along with producing steel tubes and pipes at a fast pace, we are also reducing the usage of wood in various industries. We achieved this by providing alternate products that are durable and eco-friendly. Today, we take pride in developing the nation in an innovating way along with creating a sustainable future.