“Never innovate to compete, innovate
to change the rules of the game”

David o Adeife
House of Innovation

At APL Apollo, innovation is embedded in our company’s culture to generate and encourage new ideas for product development and process improvement. We firmly believe that innovative products and groundbreaking processes are the keys to creating a successful business model. With the in-house development of new products and adoption of the latest technology, we have created a unique competitive advantage for ourselves in the industry.

Process of Innovation AT APL Apollo
Challenging The Norm

We innovate products with the idea of replacing
conventional construction methodologies.

Identification Of Unique Applications

We identify unique applications for structural steel tubes to replace products such as wood, aluminium profiles, steel angles, and RCC.

On-field Market Study

We conduct an on-field market study to evaluate the viability of products.

Consultation With Global Leaders

We consult leading global tube mill manufacturers to design innovative mills.

Product Launch

We finally launch the product and educate our channel partners about the benefits and usages of the newly launched product.

APL Apollo’s House Of Innovation

We keep challenging our R&D team to come up with innovative designs and applications ahead of our peers. Converting the financial year 2016-17 as our blockbuster year, we delivered as many as seven design patents. We currently own eight patents for our innovative products.

Apollo Octagon

A range of exclusively designed tubes that are widely used in furniture, railings, solar panels, and lighting poles.

Apollo Oval

Strong and durable, Apollo Oval is a range of highly versatile tubes that have an array of applications.

Apollo Elliptical

High quality tubes that are used in transformers, gates, railings, and steel furnitures.

Apollo Fence

A unique design H shaped tube which is used for fencing posts and replacing concrete boundary walls.

Apollo D section

Light-weight and sturdy, Apollo D Section tubes are used in making railings for balconies, roofs, etc.

Apollo Small Section

A unique range of products that is used in furniture, railings, grills and gates to enhance their aesthetics and strength.

Apollo Mechanical

Thick and strong tubes that are used as structural building materials for housing and infrastructure projects.

Apollo Taper

Apollo Taper is a product specifically built to be used as a stopper in parking areas and for heavy vehicle trailers.

Apollo Narrow

Lightweight and irreplaceable, Apollo Narrow sections is a range of uniform tubes that are lighter in weight compared to Solid Steel Flats.

Apollo Tricoat

Eco-friendly and free from cadmium, lead, and hexavalent chromium, these tubes have a perfect blend of coating consisting of paint, zinc, and polyester.


A new-age steel product in India that is conceived to completely replace wood with steel across the country.


A range of designer galvanized tubes; an upgrade to the conventional galvanized steel tubes by virtue of engraved designs.


With the durability of steel and marvellous carvings, these designer tubes feature an elegant black colour with uniquely carved designs.


India’s first closed steel door frames that are made of quality steel, and assure strength, durability, and quality.


A combination of PVC and In-line Galvanized tubes that are used for plumbing in the premium housing segment and borewell.


A range of hollow sections that are easy to weld and forge into various shapes and sizes to be used in making steel door frames and window frames.


A range of triple coated in-line galvanized round tubes that are used in scaffolding & greenhouse structures, best suited for greenhouse manufacturers.


A complete door solution with smooth finish and great strength to add on to the aesthetics of your house and grant resilience to it.


Enduring and lightweight, Apollo Handrails are widely employed in place of the wooden hand rails and steel flat combination.

Apollo Column

The heart of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) with its high weight bearing capacity and enhanced construction speed.