“Management is doing things right;
leadership is doing the right thing.”

Meet Our Leaders

Mr. Sanjay Gupta

The Chairman

“Innovation at APL Apollo is not a deliberate strategy. It is our inner strength which gets reflected in everything – our priorities, products, processes, and performance.”

At APL Apollo, we are determined to stay at the cutting-edge of technology which will help us in developing and delivering innovative solutions that add value to  customers and grow the market size, as opposed to merely focusing on increasing our market share. Interestingly, this comes to us naturally. For innovation at APL Apollo, is not a deliberate strategy. It is in our DNA. It’s our inner strength that gets reflected in everything – our priorities, process, product, and performance.


The rising demand of steel in India indicates the significant opportunity for structural steel tube consumption in the years to come. Strong Government impetus, increasing purchasing power, improving lifestyle dynamics, among others, are likely to catalyze the demand for steel tubing products from the infrastructure, construction, and building materials sectors, energy, engineering, automobile, and agricultural segments. Moreover, steel tube manufacturing is among the fastest-growing industries across the globe.

Past performances aptly demonstrate our ability to grow the market. Having installed the DFT technology and acquired Apollo Tricoat Tubes, we increased our sales volume by 50% in last two years. Moreover, this is only the tip of the iceberg. We are excited with our latest innovative products which will help us maintain high growth momentum. When that happens, it will optimally utilize our existing manufacturing capacity.


Mr. Sanjay Gupta

Chairman & Managing Director

Ms. Neeru Abrol

Independent Director

Mr. Abhilash Lal

Independent Director

Mr. Ameet Kumar Gupta

Independent Director

Mr. Romi Sehgal


Mr. Vinay Gupta

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta

Vice Chairman (Non-Executive Director)

Mr. Anil Kumar Bansal

Independent Director

Mr. Vijendra Singh Jain

Independent Director

Mr. Rahul Gupta

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Vinay Gupta

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Arun Agarwal

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Deepak Goyal

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ravindra Tiwari

Vice President – Sales & Marketing

Mr. Anurag Mehrotra

Chief Human Resource Officer

Mr. Rahul Gupta

MD Apollo Tricoat

Mr. Anubhav Gupta

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. C.K. Singh

Vice President – Production

Mr. Ajay Garg

Vice President – Procurement