Providing steel construction solutions in hospitals, airports,commercialstructures, high-rise buildings, etc.

Providing steel construction solutions in hospitals, airports, commercialstructures, high-rise buildings, etc.

At APL Apollo Tubes Limited, we believe in bringing out the best for our clients. We all know that the absence of structural steel will make the buildings look odd in today’s world. Moreover, there won’t be any skyscrapers that create distinctive patterns dotting the landscape. 

Without structural steel tubes, every building and skyscraper will look tall but won’t be efficient. The cities won’t be able to grow either. Steel building solutions are of great help in today’s time, and we are aiming at bringing the same to our customers. 

Structural Steel Building Solutions 

The structural steel tubes by APL Apollo Tubes Limited aim to provide all the necessary benefits. We aim at delivering high-quality steel pipes and tubes for the installation of high-rise buildings. 

Some common benefits of installing structural steel pipes in hospitals and high-rise buildings include the following: 

● Safety 

At APL Apollo Tubes Limited, our primary goal is safety. When high-rise buildings and hospitals are built, everyone expects safety. Steel is a non-combustible material that does not spread flames. Furthermore, it is not easily prone to rust which prevents the risk of easy damage. With structural steel, the speed of construction is faster compared to wood, RCC, concrete, aluminium etc. The strength of the structure is enhanced when structural steel tubes are used in place of other materials like wood, aluminium RCC, concrete etc along with the aesthetics component. 

Our engineers ensure to use products like steel pipe and tube that protects the building against winds and fire. Steel contributes to determining safety, and our engineers collaborate with our workers to provide safety. 

● Lower construction cost 

Options for high-quality steel pipe often play an essential role in cutting construction costs. At APL Apollo Tubes Limited, we have professional engineers who will help develop a proper frame and structure for the building. 

We will help to build the property effectively. At APL Apollo Tubes Limited, our professional engineers will facilitate fast construction and quick operational demands. As a result, we will help you meet your end goals regarding construction projects- whether it is a commercial space or a residential one. 

● High-quality Construction 

Steel pipe provides the benefit to engineers to meet the demands. Our professionals will take proper care of precision and accuracy. With our structural steel pipe, we will help cut down the need for manual processing. 

Steel pipe plays a critical role in meeting the dimension and strengths. Therefore, our engineers make sure to use these to ensure high-quality construction with proper precision across buildings. 

We build the structures within a controlled environment. Ranging from foundation to building, our engineers closely monitor the building structure and ensure welding and bolting. 

● Design Flexibility 

We can’t see any buildings in today’s time without the presence of structural steel tubes. Steel is one of the most reliable materials that contribute toward meeting the complex yet simple geometries. 

Steel pipe plays a key role in maintaining the design of the building, unlike concrete or wood. The steel buildings have reliable interiors. At the high-rise buildings, we ensure to include vanishing walls and floating walls. If it is a residential property, we create large windows that allow natural light. As a result, we help to reduce energy consumption and volume. 


At APL Apollo, we use high-quality structural steel tubes for building your property. Our steel building solutions help determine the efficient and durable performance of the building while helping with cost optimization. Furthermore, our steel tubes also meet the need for torsion resistance. 

If you need any comprehensive solutions for commercial and residential properties, get in touch with us.

Since 2013, the company has never looked back and achieved the highest volume ever each year. Using cutting-edge technology, the company has tasted another success and incorporated Shri Lakshmi Metal Udyog with Apollo Tricot. 

Stunning performance by APL Apollo Tubes Company in FY 2021-22. 

Now, let us check the company’s portfolio in FY 2021-22. APL Apollo Company saw growth in sales by 27% in the fourth quarter of the last financial year. From Jan to March 2020-21, the company had sold 4,35,348 tonnes of products. In Jan-March 2022, the recorded sale was 5,51,723 tonnes showing exponential growth in sales. 

The value-added products contributed 65% to last year’s sales. Structural steel tubes and Apollo Z product segments are more in demand, which results in growing the company’s profits margins. For the entire 2021-22 fiscal, APL Apollo registered a sales of 17,54,963 tonnes compared to 16,40,353 tonnes in FY 2020-21. 

APL Apollo stunned the market with its outstanding performance. There is no doubt that the company will achieve 75% growth in sales in the upcoming years. The value-added products will expand the company’s geographical reach and strengthen its presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. 

Effective and cost-efficient solutions result in strong sales. Along with 10 active manufacturing plants, the company is expanding its production process with its upcoming state of the art unit being constructed in Raipur. It will be a 400-acre wide plant with a production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes. So the total current capacity of 2.6 million tonnes will go up to 4.1 million tonnes. 

Summing Up! 

APL Apollo’s multi-product offerings include over 1,500 construction and building materials varieties. They serve a wide spectrum of products and cater to industrial applications such as urban infrastructure, real estate, rural housing, commercial construction, greenhouse structures, and engineering applications. A vast 3-tier distribution network of over 800 Distributors is spread across India, with a presence in over 300 towns and cities. The stock price of Apollo is pushing the sky.