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Recycled Steel and Its Uses

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the whole world. Steel can be recycled continuously without any degradation in its quality and can be manufactured from one product to the other. Moreover, it’s easier to recycle scrap steel than to mine ore for the making of new steel. Steel does not degrade during recycling, and thus is the go-to choice for various applications.

There are 3 types of scrap steel:

  1. Home scrap or internal scrap: The discarded steel that’s generated within the mill while steel-making, is referred to as home scrap.
  2. Prompt scrap: The waste generated while manufacturing different kinds of steel products is known as prompt scrap.
  3. Obsolete scrap: The discarded consumer and industrial elements are known as obsolete scrap.

These are recycled to be used for numerous purposes like:

  1. Home furnishings: Recycled steel is utilized in the making of home furniture owing to its great strength even after recycling. Scrap steel is used in the making of beds, couches, tables, and chairs, etc. The steel provides these furniture pieces durability along with superior aesthetics to make the home stand apart.
  2. Food packaging: Recycled steel is also a preferred choice when it comes to food packaging. Steel cans are the most recycled steel product. A lot of canned goods are made from 100% recycled steel. Less energy is used in the making of steel cans from scrap steel as compared to manufacturing steel cans from raw material. Moreover, steel cans provide excellent resistance against humidity, gasses, and UV-light. Thus, the products do not get spoiled. Moreover, as recycled steel is as strong as the new steel, these cans have great strength and can be transported over long distances. Also, steel has a gloss that gives the food packaging a premium look.
  3. Construction material: Recycled steel is widely used in offices and homes because of its strength and durability. From the steel beams required for support inside the offices to ductwork for the cooling and heating system – all mostly made from recycled steel. Moreover, the stairs and the handrails too are manufactured from the same in most of the cases. Moreover, the lighting fixtures as well as the roofing too involve recycled steel. Also, the old and discarded buildings are dismantled and recycled to form steel that is used in the making of new buildings.
  4. Automobiles: An automobile consists of about 65% of steel. Out of this, around 25% is recycled steel. The old, discarded cars are dismantled and after removing the reusable parts like batteries, tyres, etc, the frames are sent for recycling.
  5. Creative uses: Scrapped steel is used for numerous other purposes like road signs, nameplates, sculptures, and steel art. Being made from recycled steel, outdoor signs and sculptures can withstand external factors and stand strong for years.