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Structural Steel Tubes

Structural Steel Tubes in PEB

Structural steel tube is amongst the most preferred construction material for engineers, architects, contractors and fabricators since it is highly durable, tensile and corrosion resistant. Around the world, there is a shift toward high-performance materials in structural engineering. In the steel construction sector, this has been more evident with built-up sections, but hollow sections are now in the process of raising the strength levels of their products.

The use of steel tube has the potential to reduce material costs and project cost. The popularity of steel tube in construction has increased dramatically over the years as engineers have become aware of the advantages of steel tubes. The incorporation of steel tube connections in the construction standard have simplified connection design and contributed to the rise in use of hollow structural steel.

Steel tubes are very efficient sections and their major benefits are inherent in their shape and engineering properties. The closed shape and relatively large moment of inertia about the weak axis make them highly resistant against the torsional effects. PEB has seen tremendous growth in the last decade over the conventional steel building. Currently PEB manufacturers are using built-up sections manufactured by welded plates. Use of structural steel sections in PEB reduces the steel consumption & overall project cost by 10-15%. This also saves the transportation & erection cost as compared to built-up sections.  

How to make an efficient PEB using Structural Steel Tube

Use of High Diameter High Thickness Tubes in primary members

High diameter high thickness tubes are used as primary member for Pre-Engineered Building. Apollo Column offers India’s largest hollow steel sections up to 300x300mm in size with 12 mm thickness

Bringing New Tube Making Technology

Earlier there was constraint on using steel tubes in PEB due to availability of standard sizes only. But now this constraints totally eliminated by Direct Forming Technology, an Italian invention. APL Apollo is the first company to introduce this technology in India.

Factory Controlled Fabrication

Fabrication work using structural steel tube can be carried out in small factory set-up. Prefabrication is the singled out approach to build steel buildings using steel tube. This allows the considerable part of the process to happen on the workshop floor

Erection using Bolted Connection

Steel tube sections are fabricated at the factory to the exact size, transported to site and assembled at site using bolted connections